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ok basically to sum myself up people think i'm psyco,i love to scareing people,i have a hard time trusting,i listen to too many bands to name,i hate the color pink (no offense to the people who like it),i'm currently 14 and living in California,i love roses(not for love),i'm 5'4" i think, i have brown hair,brown eyes,i'm irish/mexican, and i love to draw and write.that's me what about you?

Thursday, February 17, 2005

at school
well i'm in my 2nd computer class that i don't want to be in.i just finished my power point about music^^.music is everything o yes!!!.as you can all see,i have a new look for my site,i think i may keep it like this for a long time except for the avi i might change.well i'm gonna try to get to all your sites so ttyl.



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Monday, February 14, 2005

   happy hate day
as you can see i hate this day...a lot.well saturday i got to see my friends again,and now i miss them even more becuase they're not here with me.i got updated on events that have been going on so i don't feel as left out as much.just found out my friend hates slipknot,they like the music but they believe the music "possesses" people.o well it has no effect on me.sorry i havn't been here in forever i've just been under a lot of stress,when i finally do come back i'll attempt to get to your sites,i'm just been so tired lately,i slept from6pm to 10:11 am today so feel slightly better.well talk to you all later^^


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Friday, January 28, 2005

   hahaha i got it to work
hahahahaha i'm at school right now and i finally got the school computer to let me in,WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.so i'll be going through your sites for the next few minutes^^

and to amuze you all with cheat pictures... WOOOOOOOO LIGHTSABER!!!

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

basically my title sums it up.okyday i got invited to go to my friends winter formal next month...grr i hate formal damnces...i hate dresses.i'm sitting here playing with a little magnet thing which is suprisingly amuzing^^.today i turned in my transfer forms to get out of my explore super highway class,so i'm going to foods since my Dad wants me to learn how to cook since my sister will be graduating soon.well since none of my friends are awsering their IM's i'm going to sit here downloading music and going through all your sites,bye!
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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

my scedule
ok for some odd reason i can't make the picture bigger so i'll just type out what it says.
1 Comp Essentials Rund
2 PE 1B Wolter
3 Global science B Cheek
4 Explore Highway(interenet,i'm transefering out) Roberts
5 English 9B Lafontaine
6 Algebra 1D Pereira

well that's my scedule,since i have computer essencials i can probably get to all your sites while i'm at school if i don't get caught.i'm gonna change my explore highway thing to Art or something.well that's about it,bye!

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just testing to see if pic is big enough

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