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ola myotaku people! welcome to my site. my name is crazywhitegirl, but really im not crazy. i would appreciate it if you would sign my gb, & i would so do the same for you!

Your true anime Personality by Kanma-sama
Personality:Pitied by all, you just happen to be a clumsy dunce. You try your best to help out other but bungle up things even more.
Looks:Short flowing hair that is multicolored.
Clothing:Scotsmans kilt. (that is it)
Aquaintence:A possesed Tickle-me-Elmo.
Super Powers:The ability to breathe fire
Weapons:A baseball bat for hitting people
Origin of Super Powers:You bought your super powers on the Internet.
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Friday, July 28, 2006

ok, so hows it going? me, well i suppose i did survive band camp. it was totally hard, push ups and thinking combined. oh my word, lol, but i suppose that it wasnt too terrible. i saw my old friends and made some new friends so that was good. it rained the last two days of it, so that was kinda bad. but not to much new news. alrighty peace.
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Monday, July 17, 2006

word yo
haha, jk. um i know that i havent posted in a while, but i still dont know what to talk about! there is nothing interesting in this town!!!!!!!! eerrrrr, i just hate it. possibly the only half-way interesting thing is that we got a new chinese food place! it serves sushi. oh, and i really wish i could get together with some of my friend. so cross your fingers for me!
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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

oh my word
oh my word, its been almost a month since my last post.......

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so anywho, i bet that you all have just been dying to here about my cruise, yeah, i know you are...lol jk. but anyways here it is:
the best part of my cruise was the piano bar! it was a room & there was a guy who played the piano & sang songs like "Friends in low places" "Sweet Caroline" just kind of older songs. but it was way fun to hang out in! we went on shore excursions everytime we stopped like kayaking(sp?), snorkeling, beaches, swimming with sting rays, & one day we rented scooters & took a ride around belize. oh my hell it was fun! we were only one there for 1 week, but there were two parts of the day so it made it seem like it was 2 weeks.

o yeah, i drank for the first time this trip..but shhhhhh dont tell my mom. i didnt drink like budwieser or anything like that.... i had yegger bombs, amaretto & sour, strawberry daquiries....k well i will tell more later

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Monday, June 5, 2006

   tennessee or ten-i-see
hahaha...well i was hanging out with my sister last nite & we went to some early gratuation party at this guy named brock's house.well junior is a paulanesian(sp??? & last nite was the first time he ever drank..welll he got just a "bit" wasted.....so like my sis & 10 other people were just hanging out in this kids bck yard & junior asked where i went to school & im like "well i live in tennessee, so i dont go to school here" junior: "so u go to east"..(east is a school here in salt lake city) this other girl named nicole: "no junior, she lives in tennessee" junior: "so u live in tennessee?" me: "yep" junior: "really, cause, your the only ten-i-see"..............omgah it was sososososososo funny. everyone just busted out laughing, he was so wasted...he did so much funny stuff last nite..it was hilarious watching him ^^
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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

well lets see.....we are now officially on summer break. too bad we have homework over the summer -_- new news on my summer break tho. we are going on a cruise ^^ im so happy. i love cruises & i havent been on one for 2 years now, so it has been a while. we are leaving from miami & going through the bahamas & jamaca & those sorts of places. one thing we are doing, i no, for sure is swimming w/ dolphins. hehe. i cant wait. summer vacation, for me, also means not updating as much. i go to my dads house in montana & hardly ever get on the internet....

ok so we have to read this book over the summer, Great Expectations. it sounds so boring & we have to like write an essay about it & do some other stuff. im really not looking forward to reading it at all.

i am also getting a new panic! at the disco shirt....i have to wait four weeks for it tho. that is like the whole summer....i hope this pic works

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