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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

well lets see.....we are now officially on summer break. too bad we have homework over the summer -_- new news on my summer break tho. we are going on a cruise ^^ im so happy. i love cruises & i havent been on one for 2 years now, so it has been a while. we are leaving from miami & going through the bahamas & jamaca & those sorts of places. one thing we are doing, i no, for sure is swimming w/ dolphins. hehe. i cant wait. summer vacation, for me, also means not updating as much. i go to my dads house in montana & hardly ever get on the internet....

ok so we have to read this book over the summer, Great Expectations. it sounds so boring & we have to like write an essay about it & do some other stuff. im really not looking forward to reading it at all.

i am also getting a new panic! at the disco shirt....i have to wait four weeks for it tho. that is like the whole summer....i hope this pic works

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