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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

   a quiz from myspace....^^
1. Do you like strawberries?
i love them

2. What is your full name?
caitlin brooke nelson

3. Have you ever watched "Bring It On"?
ummm i think

4. Where do you go to school?
bout to be high school

5. Have you seen "The Notebook" over a million times?
i bet not

6. Are you always online?

8. Did you ever see "The Sound of Music"?
umm no

9. Have you ever played the flute?
umm once i played nicoles

10. Do you play basketball?
yeh not on a team but just for fun

11. Are you a Phillies fan?
uhhhhh no!!

13. Do you know someone named Emily?

14. Do you think your ugly?
idk.....more or less

15. Do you like rap or rock better?
rock ^_^

16. Do you enjoy eating ice cream?
mint chocolate chip

17. Would you ever like to get plastic surgery?

18. Do you have a xanga?

19. Do you have more than three screen names?

20. Do you believe in aliens?
hehe, they could be...u never no

21. Is the letter M in your name?

22. You ever laugh so hard milk came out of your nose?
yes, but it was flavored water

23. Are you a vegetarian?

24. What is your most overused phrase online?
haha or u dirty skank

25. Have you ever smashed your head against a pole and/or wall?
haha yes

26. Do you know who invented the refrigerator?
nope, cant say that i can

27. Is your favorite subject in school math?
hell no...the teacher was nice tho

28. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?
who knows for sure

29. Which comes first? the chicken or the egg?
chicken...duh!! ya no, the whole noahs ark story

30. Do you enjoy peanuts?
FRESH PEANUTS!!...lol olivia

31. Ever been on an airplane?
o yes

32. Do you like Ashlee or Jessica better?
um neither

33. Were you ever in a play?

34. Have you ever been camping?
yes, i love my camping trips

35. Have you ever used the phrase "huh"?

36. Do you have a crush on someone?

38. Do you believe in love at first sight?
um.. LIKE at first sight

39. Do you believe in fortune tellers?
i dont think so

40. Do you like Hilary or Haylie Duff better?
uh neither

41. Have you ever seen the entire Harry Potter series?
watched the movies? yes. read the books? no

42. Can you recite lines from the "Lord of the Rings"?
yes i can actually....

43. Are you normally labeled as a goth, prep, punk, etc.?
punk probably

42. Do you have the ambition to become a doctor?
not really

43. Did you ever eat rice krispies?

44. What time is it?

45. What is today's date?
may 30......last day of school*_*

46. What is/are the name(s) of your best friend(s)?
i dont have a best friend because most girls are biotches or hoes, especially the ones around here.....but i suppose heather

47. When was the last time you took a shower?
this morning

48. Have you ever seen "Stand By Me"?
i dont think so

49. Are you a Star Wars fanatic?
omgah, u cant express how much i love these movies...they are so darn awesome...my field day shirt was so the best one of mine yet

50. Are you a Celtics fan?
not really. the celtics are not at the top of my list

51. Have you ever seen the movie "Rent"?
yes, i liked it quite well actually

52. Do you listen to music regularly?
yes!! i so LOVE music

53. Do you have braces?

54. Did you ever have braces?

55. Do you eat breakfast daily?
no i dont like breakfast

56. Have you ever spent the entire day watching Animal Planet?

57. What kind of shirt do you have on presently?
a black one...on the front it says hello(in white) & on the back it says goodbye(in white also)

58. Did you ever ride a horse and/or donkey before?
yes.. i love horses

59. Do you believe in unicorns?
um idk.. they look pretty funny though

60. Do you have Aol, Msn, Comcast, NetZero, or PeoplePC?

61. Do you know a person named Kyle?

62. Do you like someone?
omgah....i SO DO

63. Do you have a friend with benefits?
um no

64. How many boys do you have on your buddy list?
53...i cant beleve i just counted that

65. How many girls do you have on your buddy list?
75..once again i cant beleve i counted that either

66. How many times have you seen "She's All That"?
um, 1 or 2 times maybe

67. Who was your first best friend?
Cole or Capri or prolly Taylor

68. Do scary movies scare you?
yes, but i love it

69. Is your favorite store Spencers?
i like it

70. Do you have more than 100 people on your buddy list?

71. What is your GPA?
prolly low

72. Do you know your IQ?

73. Are you intelligent?
no one thinks so, but really i would say that im not either. i try, but o well....ANYWHOO

74. Do you think social studies / history is a waste of time?
omgah.....some stuff could be important, but not the way coach netties teaches it

75. Have you ever participated in a Spelling Bee?
hahaha, that would be pointless for me to do

76. Do you have a pet?
yes - a dog

77. Have you ever been in a racecar?
naw but ive always wanted too

78. Have you ever gotten down on your knees and barked like a dog?
haha yup, for a dare of course

79. Do you have a cell phone?

80. Do you have friends?
i suppose

81. Have you been to another country before?

82. Have you been out of state before?

83. Do you like to doodle on your school books?
omgah, u wouldnt beleve it...i found my old math notebook from 7th grade & it had EVERYTHING except math in it

84. Do you watch the discovery channel?
i love myth busters & some murder mystery shows

85. Do you hate someone?

86. Were you ever in the boy/girl scouts?
o no

87. Do you have any siblings?

88. Have you ever been on a train?
when i was smaller

89. Are you getting annoyed with this survey?
not really

90. What is your favorite kind of font?
um it doesnt really matter.. as long as i can read it

91. What is your favorite TV station?
MTV or FUSE or something like that

92. What is your favorite radio station?
107. 5.....or KF 99 or 94.3

93. Do you like Frank Sinatra?
o yes *starts singing* start spredding the news, iim leaving to day. i wanna be a part of it, a great big part of it............NEW YORKKKKKKK*continues on*

94. Have you ever dialed 911 and then hung up?
umm i did once when i was like 5, but then i felt bad

95. Did you ever have detention before?
yea, so

96. Whats your favorite band?
P!ATD, hawthorne heights, taking back sunday, FOB,chamillionaire, guns-n-roses, sex pistols, o & SHINDOWN^_^.......many, many more
97. Did you ever play volleyball?
in p.e.

100. You've reached 100; you happy your done?
yeh i guess so..

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Friday, May 26, 2006

today is friday.... verry happy for this. monday will be memorial day. our pool is open, so i am also happy for this!! we are grilling at our house. tuesday is my last day of school. i cant wait for summer!! my sister graduates this summer on 6/6/06......i find this really funny! well hmmm i dont really no what to say so BYES!!
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Thursday, May 25, 2006

hey! well i used to be qwertykid, but then i just deleted my site..so now i have started over.

well today was field day at our school.it was way hot in the gym this morning. we had to sit there & watch people do the avents. then we went out side for the second halfe of the day. sarah, hunter, dustin, & i all got first place for the tennis ball relay. i have a feeling that our class so won the over all field day award. so anywhoo!!

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