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Monday, June 5, 2006

   tennessee or ten-i-see
hahaha...well i was hanging out with my sister last nite & we went to some early gratuation party at this guy named brock's house.well junior is a paulanesian(sp??? & last nite was the first time he ever drank..welll he got just a "bit" wasted.....so like my sis & 10 other people were just hanging out in this kids bck yard & junior asked where i went to school & im like "well i live in tennessee, so i dont go to school here" junior: "so u go to east"..(east is a school here in salt lake city) this other girl named nicole: "no junior, she lives in tennessee" junior: "so u live in tennessee?" me: "yep" junior: "really, cause, your the only ten-i-see"..............omgah it was sososososososo funny. everyone just busted out laughing, he was so wasted...he did so much funny stuff last nite..it was hilarious watching him ^^
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