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Monday, November 14, 2005

New Site Look in Progress

Ah, Iíve changed my site yet again. . . One day I may get tired of all the changes and the work that I do to make them, but that is in the future. I really enjoy playing around with this site and I learn so much doing it. I am like ten times better at a lot of things now that I take the time to play and tweak my site.

As always I have tried to add this background so that it can be downloaded but you should wait a day or two before trying to actually click on it. Although, as with my past experience it may not work at all.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Blue Octopus
Sigh, I feel like one of the most unloved people in the entire world, tisí very lonely in the middle of nowhere. Even the sky hates me today, itís glumy gray makes me wish for a prettier sky. Or at least let it ran with the pleasantness of a dark sky. That isnít anywhere near as depressing because the weathers so bad that you really canít do anything. The way the weather is now . . . . itís just looming. Looming . . . .
Looming. ..

Todayís Topic - Canceled TV Shows
Iíve come to the conclusion that television hates me. I start watching a show fall in love with all of the characters and then the network cancels my show! A show, that I would take special time in my day just to watch. It just makes me depressed.

It always happens to the shows that I get really involved with too. For example, Farscape, this show was the entire reason my parents and I wanted the sci-fi channel at all. It was unique and funny. It was to me at least just really neat. Then on at the end of the forth season, bam no more farscape the last episodes ends with a to be continued and then after that there is a thank you fans note. I cried. Well, I think that I was honestly screaming at the telly . . . but honestly that was just mean.

Oh, and it has happened to me many other times but I believe if I start thinking to hard about it that it would be very silly of me.

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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

OMG, Iíve just seen firefly. It is so good. I recommend it to you. *Waves Hand* You must watch Firefly. I feel so bad that I didnít watch it when it was on fox. I wish I did. I wanted too. I just didnít -_-. And now I feel terrible about it. So, please go here and discover Firefly. ^-^

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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

   Make it so!

Everyone must click on Picard! Iíve been listening to it for a while and Iím sure it is roting my brain but it is very very entertaining!!!

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   Happy Days

Yesterday started off lame, I was very sad and depressed for no reason. And I felt pretty lame all day. I was just a real sour puss to be around. But then I got the chance to talk to my good friend and it was the first time that we had really talked in a long time. We finally said the things that were bothering us and we had a good chat. And I felt much better ^-^ I missed talking to him.

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Todayís Topic Ė Green
According to my class in interior design green is the color of mold and decay. Iíve always found this hard to believe because green is my favorite color. Right after red, or maybe before red, anyway the point is that if green is the color of mold and decay. Then why are plants green . . .are all plants molding and decaying? I mean when I usually see mold itís a blue-ish gray color and tends to be fuzzy in nature. I would like to say that green is a very alive color and then teacher of that class had just put on to much hair spray that day.

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Monday, November 7, 2005

Gumbo . . .

Um . . . not much new in the world of Sam, I havenít really been feeling up to par. Oh well, Full Moon has really caught my eye. Tis, so cute and sad. Sigh . . .

Oh, Gahh! I tried posting my backgrounds but none of the others appeared. I'm really sorry about that. I don't know why. Maybe I just really suck. Ja n'ai.
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Todayís Subject !!!! Gumbo ! ! !

Mmmm. . . Itís Cajun. Itís yummy. And its what Iím having for dinner. Now before anyone gets any ideaís you may only have gumbo if it is made by someone from Louisiana other wise it is terrible and unfit for you to eat. Or worse it really isnít gumbo. Mmm. Gumbo. ^-^

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Sunday, November 6, 2005


Ah, you have to enjoy the news for being the news. I personally usually canít really take it that seriously because they just over dramatize everything. And I have a disturbing habit of finding many of the things they tell me funny. This is probably because Iím crazy, or that I just donít take life seriously. Realistically they simply run out of important things to say, and have to find some way to break the monotony of the political and current events. On the news, Iím really excited about the movie that came out the other called ďGood Night and Good Luck. Just watching clips of it brings chills up my spine.

I have a new love. I donít even know why I like it. ^-^ Itís just so cute. Full Moon wo Sagashite. I canít help liking all these girl animes. Sigh, I guess Iíll have to watch something uber hard core after I finish with this one. Maybe Iíll finally go and see Lain. ^-^ Or Battle Royal! Or Suicide Club . . . there is so much stuff that I really need to watch.

Oh, the other day I was searching to see if the Crest of the stars novels were translated into English. I was very disappointed to find out that they had not been. I really had wanted to read them. I was even sadder when my friend said what did I expect its not like itís real literature and scholarís wouldnít translate something like that. I reply with that just another reason why scholarís are boring, because they never do anything for fun. Secretly I was praying for the Japanese factor . . . mainly that they will do just about anything to profit. But I guess in the long run the little economy graph of equivalent gains didnít balance out.
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Topic of the Day Ė Illustrator

Oh illustrator how you confound me. Yet, your smooth lines entice me so. But I canít figure out how to use you. -_- One day Iíll get the hang of this program, but as of now I have no idea what to do with it. Iím not even sure how to use it yet. Sigh Iíll guess Iíll just stick to Photoshop.

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Friday, November 4, 2005


Well now that I required the ability to think, and I have pretty much finished what Iím going to do the site for this month. I can start rambling about sweet nothings. Well, they arenít really sweet, and I really do have nothing to talk about. To put it simply my life is boring! I really have to find a purpose before my head explodes and brain goop goes everywhere. Brain goop is a real pain to get out of carpets. Oh, Iíve posted the wallpapers I have up now, and the one that was up last month, in wallpapers. You can go look at them and download them if you like. ^-^ I worked really hard to try and make them look nice.

Todayís Topic Ė Star Wars
-_- To truly talk about this subject I must bring in pictures and have a bit of a slide show. That I should have up hope fully later today. But I have to say star wars makes the little girl in me cry.

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Thursday, November 3, 2005

Jupiter Power!!!

Eventually, I will learn my lesson and just quit messing with the site. Working with it today almost convinced me that I was just meant to have a white back ground with black text. I was about to just give up on the background that I had just finished prepping. But I was stubborn and managed to get it to work eventually. Of course, all the problems I was having were my fault. I just wasnít paying attention. I think at that point I had already fried my brain surfing the internet and needed some fresh air and a Swiss massage. But I was stubborn and wanted to get my project finished before I didnít anything relaxing. . . I really need to get my priorities straight.

Oh well, one day Iíll learn.

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Todayís Topic -

Todayís Topic - Musicals

With Rent and the Producers coming out this winter, I thought that musicals would be a fitting topic for today. I love musicals. I think its one of the greatest forms of live entertainment. They are so much fun. I mean the characters dance, they sing, they make you laugh, and cry. I donít know I just think that itís plain cool. I mean dude!

. . . My brain has failed me and I can no longer chat about todayís topic. -_-

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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

   Freaking dream

I had such a strange dream last night. I was in some strange cohesion of suburbia and the rain forest. Between the two was this fast running river that ended in a waterfall going at least 50 meters down maybe more. Of course, there has to be some strange thing that that bridges the two, and its this rickety, badly put together, I donít know how the laws of physics actually allows to stand, and suicidal if you were to actually use pulley device. That was 20 feet above the river and maybe 20 feet away from the water fall. Does any of this sound crazy to you? Oh to top it off the people using this hazard was a group of anthropologist trying to save apes and monkeys from the rain forest.

Well, it seems that they had been doing it for awhile and I had just joined them during one of their attempts to save a group of apes and monkeys. So, they are pulling them selves across this very fast body of water, with a load of scared apes and monkeys. They fall. All of the cargo died, but somehow the two daring male anthropologists survive and as I discovered had already planed and prepared for a way for them to get back up if they were to fall.

At this point I was screaming asking them why they hadnít thought of a saver way to transport the apes and monkeys! They just surged and said that it was the only way, and told me that I have to use it to get across with the little girl.
Letís just say that the little girl and I managed to get across safely but once we did the river had morphed it to a uber six lane high way except it still feel to the drop were the water fall was. So there was in going and out going traffic go to and coming from . . . no where.

Todayís Topic . .Jazz .

Love it, hate it. Itís all that Jazz.

With its enchanting blues riffs and a history that starts in the heart of New Orleans. Jazz is one of my favorite types of music. You can dance to it, chill out, and act cool. Jazz is great. But my favorite type of jazz is Dixie Land it just reminds me of home and was the first from of Jazz.

So what about you peoples like it, hate it, never heard of it?

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