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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Ah, the woes of left overs. I think they are going to kill me. I feel 40 pound heavier already.

Oh, DUDES, MR. and MRS. Smith is out! I've been wanting to see this movie for ages, and I still haven't managed to see it.

I'm such a loser.

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

   Yummy food


Letís see, it was pretty low key. It was only my grandparents, my mom, little sister, and me. On the upside when we got home my dad had all sorts of yummy dressing that we couldnít get at grandmaís because grandma only feeds us healthy food. ^_^.

We were held hostage there for three days.

Oh! I saw Harry Potter !! It was awesome. There was a dragon and flying and Voldemort was so cool. And it was the best Harry Potter movie so far!

I got some new clothes, a pretty skirt and a pretty shirt thatís pink. My little sister got a cool skirt to and shirt thing we can trade clothes now because sheís is adult size now. So, we are now two cool sisters. I canít were here shirt though . . . my chest is to big. She got a cool shirt too . . .I picked it.

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In news related to Japan things I have got the new XXXholic vol. 6. So cool, I love this manga it makes me so happy. ^-^

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Saturday, November 26, 2005


Wah, happy Thanks Giving afterness!!!!!!!!!!!!

^-^ I'll tell about all the happy, sad, and food related things later.

I need to flip the thing later. So, people can see the text.


AH. Stuff!!!!!!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005



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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I know I said that i was going to leave that background up for a while, but i was feeling as if I should move away from sailor moon for a little bit because the holliday's are coming and i'm giong to have a whole bunch of christmas posts.

I've been spending time with my family getting ready for christmas. I'm hoping that when christmas time comes along I'll be able to spend some time with my friends. I was talking to one of my good friends the other day and he said I should come visit for a week, because a day wouldn't be enough time to catch up. ^-^

OH! I also had alive chat with my old roomates. They are awesome I really wish i could be living with them again. We were using this niffy program called SKYPE. It's really neat.

It was really late and we were talking about Ranma and Drangon ball Z, and I said something about how both the Dragon Ball and Ranma Movies work by formaual. They were like no!!!!!!!! Ranma has boobies and can never be compaired to Drangon Ball. ^-^ I evenually convinced them. And somehow and for some reason I defended dragon ball. . . I don't know why . . . It Is able to defend itself . . . it's DRAGON BALL it can't die . . . It ran for 11 years!!!! I was amazed when I saw that.

Ok, I'll make the rest matching later.

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WAIT! I forgot the entire reason i posted. I wanted to talk about my new background. ^-^ Ok, so I felt the need to fit in. Everyone else has a naruto background I want one too! So look at me I'm cool!!!


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Monday, November 21, 2005

   100 HITS!

Wow! Iíve finally made it! 100 hits! I wanted to make something really special for this day but I just couldnít figure out what I wanted. So, this was what I was able to come up with. Not that much different from what I had before, but Iíll try to be a bit livelier this week and post pretty pictures. I would start putting original art up but I donít have a scanner so thatís not going to work at all. I need to work out a few things. And Iím going to Change the text in my profile I just donít know what to yet ^-^. It should come together sometime later today.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Just wait and check on it everynow and then.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

   A Very strange dream.

Strange dream

Alas, Iíve had another strange dream. This time it was some strange split between . . . well I think Iíll try describing it.

It starts off with me on a charter bus to some sort of convention. I happen to be incognito beceucse as I look around everyone else on the bus is a teacher that I have had in the past that was memorable. So, hear I am in the front of the bus with a whole bunch of teachers. Then the guy that was sitting next to me said, ďOk, Lets do it.Ē He gets up and he has a video camera, and starts to walk towards Dr. More. I having the microphone approach Dr. More and start asking him questions. (I would like to say at this point I have no idea what questions I am asking him. Just that they were interview like questions.)

Then the most extraordinary thing happens Ė turbulence. I could have sworn I was on a bus. The flight attendant comes to us and says that we should take our seats because we are coming in for a landing. Now, every signal person in the plane is staring at us as if we donít belong. Camera guy and I rush to our seats for fear of being eaten alive by these unruly educators. After having a small battle with the seats, we were finally able to slip out of sight from the very unhappy passenger area.

Next thing I know Iím in this house with the same group of teachers, a few of my peers, and my Girlfriend?!?!!? She and I slip out and go for a drive together. Lets just say that this and that happens, and someone ends up knocking on the car window. We then have this bright idea of going to the forest. So she start driving the car and we pass by the most beautiful trees Iíve ever seen. They are big and warm feeling like the red wood forest or the Suqioa trees you see in pictures but their color is more vibrant, and the only way I could poisably define it is that it was dream color. Every tree seem to all most glow and vibrate with life. I asked my girlfriend if this was the place, and was disappointed to find out that it wasnít and then a few seconds later we had reached a residential area. There were still a few of these magical trees around though. I was mystified. Next, thing I know we are pulling up to what is like an amusement park admission area. Great, you have to pay to go the forest in my dreams Ė it is also impossible to find parking in my dreams.

We finally are able to get a parking space and the park closed that exact moment. (My subconscious hates me.) Well at that point I was like screw that so I went vigialanty and deside to see why their was a gate around the entire forest.

I the cover of darkness my girl friend and I snuck to the gate and found an opening that we could fit through. We started to explore and nothing seem out of place, and my lady friend felt that she would rather study me than the forest. . . . I was wishing I was somewhere else. Then, I heard footsteps. We werenít alone.

All of a sudden a short blond stubby girl walks out of the darkness with a jelous look on her face. (It seems that I also happen to be a player in my dreams. Oh, I really donít like this blond girl either she so isnít my type. I havenít described my lady friend yet! She is shorter than me with longish brown hair and a petite figure very cute and spunky.)

The short blond screams out saying that we should be here and that we could get in a lot of trouble that itís dangerous here.

A highly advanced futuristic military vessel is now between us.

My lady friend and I break for the fence. Somehow, in our adventures we have flame throwers and goop spitters to shoot at this thing that is chasing after us.

We manage to make it out of the forest and find cover still shooting at this crazy machine of terror. Of course, at this point there is a helicopter that is searching for us, and surprise it finds us! We are taken back to the house where a vast very yummy looking dinner was at the table.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005


;_; I HATE THE NEWS. I feel so very safe about living in a dorm now. Wow. NOT! Now Iím going to think that every moment that Iím going to get raped or burned to death.

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Well Hello everyone. Iím happy that people visit my site every now and again, and I will soon approaches 100 visits to my site. On that day if I actually make it. There will be a special uber theme ^-^ I will try my best to make it as pretty functional as possible. But my kung fu is still very weak in this area. Hopefully I will level it enough for me mangage something awesome.

But maybe not.

I think itís now time for the Adventureís in Babysitting Ė sadly I have none. I donít have a crazy to watch kid, so I donít have a crazy adventure. Just a sick kid who watches TV.

Iím so very lucky.

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Todayís Topic Ė Akira Toriyama

This dude is awesome; he is the creator of dragon ball, and has did the character design for games such as Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest. I think that he has some of the coolest designs for vehicles. ^-^ I really donít have much to say other wise.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

   Making Babies

Well Iím not sure how else I should modify the site. I know it needs a good bit work. I just have no idea what else I should do. Sigh, today was nice. I happened to join the ranks of zombies and stared mindlessness of space for several hours. Sadly thatís not really unusual.

I had the pleasant experience yesterday to meet one of my old friends, who I found had married and had a kid a few months ago. Wow, I feel kinda old and lame. She wasnít the only of my friends who are getting married. Another girl who was a year younger than me to my great surprise is getting married this spring or something.

I mean here I am same age as they are and I really havenít had a meaningful relationship in my entire life. And all of these people I know are getting married. Itís crazy. Itís just kinda strange to me. Ah, so very depressing and kinda of creepy.

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Topic of the Day Ė The Swiss Guard

You may be wondering. Wha? The Swiss guard what the frell? But Iím hear to tell you that the Swiss guard rocks. The Swiss Guard is a ďRocking Lama.Ē Or the hundred men or so who protect the pope with their lives, while in incredibly visible outfits that I think more army should ware. I mean it red, and blue, and yellow and they have a fun hat thing. Or they have the ceremonial one with the breast plate.

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