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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Happy Halloween!!! Eh . . .All Souls day . . . or is it all Saints day . .

Well guyís I was hoping to post a Halloween-ish picture before the day was out, but Iím been working on all sorts of other things. Sadly it takes a while to make a Halloween picture and even longer to format good one. I mean it took me an hour to do the back ground I have now, but that was just me using a whole bunch of stuff I had already prepped for use.

On the bright side I managed to pull out a Christmas wallpaper that I think is kinda cute.

Um . . . Sadly my Halloween was pretty dull I didnít do anything for it. I didnít even take the time to put a school girl uniform on or anything. I mean shesh.

Todayís Topic: Alien Invasion

I know that technically we will probably not get invaded my aliens ever . . . But lets pretend that we are about to get taken over. What do you think the Aliens would do? Would they try to salvage our planet for swag? Or would they allow us to join their exploration of the universe. Would they be kind and teach us to travel in the stars? Or will become food, a form of Soylent green for the green people?

Who knows?

I hope that if we were to encounter a space fairing race they would be kind enough to either kill us quickly, let us live on in our ignorance, or help up become a space fairing race to one day stand by their side. This is purely from a selfish wish to one day travel into space to actually go to other planets and such.

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

   I've changed my background again!!!

This time I'm sure it is less noticeable, but I still re-did the picture. I hope that now it looks much better.

Today's Subject is:

You can put Ďem in símores, you can drink it with hot chocolate, you can eat Ďem whole. Whatís not to like about this soft sugarific treat! And since Halloween is coming up candy is top priority. I have to have my October sugar rush. Without it, how am I to stay awake after thanks giving turkey!

I love turkey.

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   Wah! I've changed the background again!!

This took me a while to do. It still looks kinda grainy but I was just playing around and the one that I was going to post got messed up because I forgot to save it. I could have cried because I spent forever on it. And it's like one now so I should really go to bed.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Picture to lighten the mood

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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   Harvest Moon!

As I sit in my wizard robe and kitty ears, I would like to continue with yesterdays subject. I feel that I really didn't take the time to fully express my view on the subject.

I believe that religion is both a beautiful and a Ugly thing.

It is beautiful because in many ways with out it life would be a much duller place. It at times causes people to expand their imaginations and reach for a goal that is beyond human. It allows for mythologies that you can learn a great deal from and also always expand upon.

The thing that makes religion ugly is that in the same way it may expand what you may have once thought so many also constrain what those same thoughts. You could be forbidden to experience things that would be helpful to your life. It also brings about so much hate between people, because there are so many different things to believe that many people just get washed up in the mix.

Any who, religion is just to big for me to take seriously. It like the MAN but on the whole cosmic scale and if Iím not careful I could fall off into a black hole.

Oh, Iím sure youíre wondering about the wizard robe and kitty ears . . . well I guess youíll have to keep on wondering, because Iím off the Harvest Moon Fest.

Happy Harvest!!!

Of your soul that is! Nah, Just kidding.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

   Ah, another day another dollar.

Considering that at this point no one would in their free time, actually take the time to spend and look at my site especially considering at this point I really don't have anything to show.

Anyway, my point was that I would like to start off my site with topics - and today's topic is . . .

Honestly, for me, Gandhi has me pegged; I am a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist and a Jew.

So what about you guys.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

More Anime I really like

This is a continuation of my list before 'cept that now I won't number them because after my top five I really don't fell the need to number them anymore. So here they are: FMP, FMA, King of bandits Jing, Gunslinger Girls, Full Metal Famufu(Sp?), Cowboy Bebop, Samaria Champloo, X, Tokyo Babylon, Chobits, and Samurai 7.

Oh and on a non - related topic I really like Batman the animated series, Daria, Reboot, Roccoís Modern Life, and Invader Zim.

But those are real cartoons so I guess they wouldn't count here . .

I also really liked the Clone Wars and Samurai Jack.


Now, it's not normal for me to chat about the word of the day, but since today's word happened to be so interesting I felt the need to share with everyone . . . even though at the moment everyone is me . . . Anywho, the WOTD is mawkish . . . it means excessively sentimental. So everyone please take a moment in your day to be excessively sentimental. I know that most people find it to be a bit mawkish . . . but I beleive that at times everyone likes to be mawkish every now and then.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

   My first post.

I feel that the first post should be a continuation of my profile. .
My profile simply said what my top anime's were here's why. . .
Here are my top 5 Anime Series:

1. Sailor Moon - I know that many believe that Sailor Moon was lame . . . but then I don't think you really watched it with an open mind . .. because Sailor Moon captured the heart of the world.

2.Crest of the Stars - Which is a combation between Star War and Enemy Mine.

3. Card Captor Sakura - This anime defines all that I love about Clamp, while revolving around kids. It is still able to have very interesting personal issues between characters that (many of the relationships could only be describes as Clamp) and breaks free of being just another magic girl anime. In many ways it defines what a magic girl anime should be.

4. Dot.Hack//Sign Ė Another of my favorite animes. I just thing the concept for this Anime is really interesting and has a beautiful what if sort of feel to it.

5. Tenchi Ė Who can not love Tenchi . . . I mean hey whatís not to love.

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