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Monday, September 13, 2004

MUWHAHAHAHA! Pre-K Madness!!>p

Devil: Like my new avi? ^-^ Miroku's so cute as a child! *glomps Miroku* ... *quickly lets go*


Yami: Oh! That's gonna leave a mark!

Devil: >-< Anyway, I've been thinking about doing this story about Bakura losing a bet with Yami- and NO! It is not a Yami/Bakura. ^-^ I have a better idea.

Maiko: Better idea? What could be better than yaoi!?!?

Devil: I never said it wouldn't be yaoi, Maiko- you have nothing to worry about.

Maiko: YAY! ^___^

Marik: What is she? A copy of you?

Devil: No. She's my closely related cousin.

Malik: Oh, Ra, that's even WORSE!! *runs for safety*

Devil: Hey! I like my relatives. *glomps Maiko*

Maiko: Are we really related?

Devil: No, but it would be nice! So, Bakura has to face the music and go through with the consequences.

Maiko: Get ready to fear us, Baku-kun. >P

Bakura: I already am.

Devil: ^-^ Someone else will also be fearing us- but probably already is.

Maiko: Right. *glances at person*

Ryou: You two should get some mental help. Seriously.

Maiko: Ya know, Ryou-kun, that's the 10th time someone's told me that since I arrived here.

Devil: Really? Well, if you ahng with me, get ready to hear it A LOT MORE. ^-^ I have a question for you all- well, it's really two, but...-

Maiko: I know it! Devil's Random Question:

What's your favorite Yaoi/Yuri pairing?

Devil: Of course that's just for the fans, here's the question for the rest of you! My Random Question V.2:

What's your favorite pairing?

Maiko: Do include the anime please!! ^-^ I'm keeping track. I'll give out the results tomorrow!!

Yugi: Of course you are.

Maiko: ^___^ You're so adorable, Yugi! *glomps Yugi*

Yugi: Death grip! Death grip!

Ryou: >-> Do I know these people?

Seto: ... Why did Maiko and Devil glance at me a minute ago? I don't think it's good.

Bakura: GAH!! *runs away*

Yami: O-O You all confuse me.

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Sunday, September 12, 2004


Devil: *yawn* Well, I am uber bored today. I made a quiz:


Devil: I ate, I slept, I glomped Jou and Marik, I annoyed Aaliyah, I am listening to my radio, I've done everything! -____- I am sooooooo bored!!! Ah! I'M MELTING!!! *pretends to melt*

Jou: Devil, you are not in drama class.

Malik: And from the looks of it, you never were.

Devil: Oh, how sweet of you two. Well, I made my own character who'll be joining us! ^-^ The guys suggested I name her "Maiko". -___-

Guys: What?! She dances a lot!

Maiko: *dances into room*

Devil: Gee, your right. @-@

Maiko: *waves* *hugs Jou*

Devil: Now hold it just a darn pickin' minute. BACK OFF THE JOU!!

Maiko: *sticks out tongue*

Devil: >-<

Ryou: I think it's about to get messy in here.

Yami: Very.

Yugi: Oh, dear. I think the microwave stopped.

Ryou: I think the refridgerator's running- better go check!

Malik: Don't leave me here.

Marik: Who knows what Devil'll do.

*four leave room*

Seto: I'm not staying- I've got work to do.

*everyone comes up with excuses and leaves- except Yami*

Yami: And I can't even come up with a good excuse. >-< O-O Devil, do NOT pull out her hair! Oh! Maiko, watch Devil's fist- that thing hurts!! Oh, ouch! That's gonna leave a mark.

Aaliyah: And he's actually watching that. *scoff*

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Saturday, September 11, 2004


^-^ Cheer up, inukid!

Later: Ya know, I hate it when links don't work. Let's give another try!


And if that doesn't work... Here's the URL:


~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Devil: *sigh* I hate it when Jou eats all the food. I love him, but I hate it when he eats all the food. Now I'll have to starve. T__T

Jou: *loses battle with guilty side* Yea, yea. *hands Devil pizza*

Devil: ^_____^ *nearly bites off Jou's arm*

Jou: Hey!! I like my arm, ya know!

Devil: Love ya too! Here's something I made today. I was so bored earlier, that I made a dool of my best friend, Devin! *glomps Devin*

Devil: Well, I'll just spend the rest of today eating and chattin' with inukid- who you should go visit! ^_^ *waves* Hi, inukid!! Yami says "hi", Alisha!

Jou: *runs away with pizza box*

Devil: Hey! We ALL have to eat, Jou!! *sigh* Okay, before I go, guess what day it is. Yup, its September 11th. I want to pay tribute to all the people over in Iraq and all the people who were injured, who died, and who ost some family. T__T Makes me wanna cry.

PS- I'll be shortening my friends list, kay? ^-^ You have nothing to worry about if you update atleast one or twice a week and/or visit me!

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Friday, September 10, 2004

Devil: *sigh* Well, as much as I do NOT want to go, my friends are dragging me off to the Back To School dance the 17th. I would MUCH RATHER just sit here and starer at pictures of Jou and Sesshoumaru, but nooo.. I HAVE to go.

Aaliyah: Atleast it's not me going! ^_______________________^

Devil: On the contrary, Aaliyah-chan. You are going. You're ALL going. *points at gang*

Malik: What..? *drops toast*

Jou: *pokes head out of kitchen* Are you crazy?!

Seto: I am NOT going to a stupid dance. If I don't go to the ones at Domino, what makes you think I'm going to your stupid dance?

Devil: Glad you asked, Kaiba-kun! I'm planted little microchips in all of you. And if I press this button- *presses button*

Everyone: GAH!! MAKE IT STOP!! *running around holding head*

Devil: You will have visions of your worst nightmare coming true.

Seto: Mine's already come true.

Yami: Mine too.

Devil: *scoff* Your second biggest fear?

Both: Okay! GAH! *begin running around again*

Devil: *smirk* The layout story is to be posted TODAY! As a matter of fact, here's the link!! ^-^ Oh, Kaiba-kun!!!

Seto: *stops running* *grumble* *processes link* Happy? Good. *begins running again*


Devil: *grin* Thanks, Kaiba-kun! ^________________________________^ *presses other button*

Gang: *stops running* THANK YOU!!!

Devil: Oh, Bakura! Will you make me a sandwich?? Please?

Bakura: Ya know what?

Devil: Yes....? Wait, no.

Bakura: -.-; No.

Devil: No?

Bakura: No.

Devil: *presses button* No?

Bakura: GAH! YEAH!! *runs into kitchen*

Ryou: I thought you liked us.

Devil: I do like you all! And since I like you all SO MUCH, I'm going to take you to the dance with me!! ^___________^ Nice plan, ne?

Marik: No. Not a nice plan.

Devil: *frown* Then how about you bring me a nice stack of paper and a pencil so I can get finished with my layout story, ne?

Marik: As long as I don't have anything to do with it. *grumble*

Aaliyah: Good thing I don't have to do anything.

Devil: What makes you think that? I want you to kiss Kaiba-kun!!

Seto: WHAT?!!

Devil: Well, of course! >3333333


Seto: And what? You think I'm cheering?

DeviL: *giggle* C'mon! ME wants to see!!

Aaliyah: I hate the fact that she has that remote. I hate it even more that she's my hikari. *glances at Seto*

Seto: *glances at Aaliyah*

Aaliyah: ... DREAM ON, BOY!! I'd much rather watch someone get married.

Devil: What if it was your wedding?

Aaliyah: What ever makes you think I'm ever, EVER, EVER getting married?

Devil: Um.

Bakura: *throws sandwich at Devil*

Yugi: *laugh*

Yami: You're gonna get it now, Tomb Robber!! *joins laughing*

Devil: *glare* *wipes tomato off face* Oh, Bakura-kun. You want to keep those chocolate eyes? *chases after Bakura* I WAS HUNGRY, MIND YOU!!!!

Aaliyah: Never mess with Devil when she's hungry. *shakes head*

Yugi: *wave* BAII, NICE PEOPLE!!! ^____^

*LATER*: I just realized Kaiba-kun left out the link so you all wouldn't read the story Well, here's the link:

Desert Heat

Well, I'm going to do it again. I'm going to change. *changes* There, changed. Just so you know, I got the bg pic from Janime. ^__^

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Thursday, September 9, 2004

Devil: >=) The layout story's turned into a full lemon. MUWHAHAHAHA!!

Yami: *glare*

Seto: *stuffs face in newspaper*

Devil: Kaiba-kun, you're 17 and you read the newspaper? What type of teen are you?! O-O

Seto: The type that likes to stay knowledgeable.

Devil: Kaiba-kun, you know I'm not good with big words. English-please.

Seto: Oh, I forgot. It means educated.

Devil: *sigh* English for Dummies-Please.

Seto: *huff* Idiot. It means informed- knowing- UNDERSTANDING.

Devil: Oh! Okay! ^__^

Aaliyah: >.> Weren't you listening during English today?

Devil: No. Who was?! Were you?

Aaliyah: Yes, I was.

Devil: I have a weird yami. >________>

Aaliyah: She's not as weird as my hikari.

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Wednesday, September 8, 2004


From my personal archive of non-stop Jou! *glomps Jou*

Devil: Well, I joined some fanlistings today. I just got done with my homework, and I called my friend Devin an hour ago and left a message. But then again- her SISTER answered the phone and was on the phone. Poor Devin, she may never see the phone again. >.>;; Big sisters are such a pain. That is unless it's one of you all! *sweat*

Bakura: *snort*

Devil: ^^ The layout story is coming along better than I thought! Of course though, I AM listening to my collection of CD's. And you never know what songs you'll hear outta there. <.<;

Seto: *steps in room* *notices Devil* Oh, no, ya don't. *runs back out*

Devil: Gee, I wonder what that was about... *evil smirk*

Yami: *walks in room* *notices Devil* *walks by with suspicious glare* Oh, no, ya don't. *walks out*

Devil: ^___________^ I love it when they say the same thing in the same minute. It's so frickin' funny!! *bursts out in laughter*

*Seto & Yami open doors at same time*

Both: Don't you even THINK about it!!

*both notcies each other; slam door at same time*

Malik: What reaccuring events!

Devil: *sweat* Well, I've gotta go! My daddy needs the computer. BAI!

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Tuesday, September 7, 2004

   Don't Do It, Kira-chan!!

I was just strolling through and visiting sites, when i came to InuYashaiscool. She wants to commite suicide! >-< I've already lost a family member this year, I don't want to lose a friend!!! I nearly lost my sis a few years year ago. T______________T Don't do it, Kira-chan.

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Jou: Mm. *munch* This is some good cereal. *munch*

Devil: Jou. Did you just pick that bowl up?

Jou: *shrug* Their loss.

Seto: HEY!! That's MINE!

Jou: *stops munching* I didn't know YOU ate cereal. *shrug* Still good! *munch*

Seto: Give me that!

*two get in fight*

Devil: -.-

On to more important news....


Bakura: Dammit.

Devil: ^-^ We had rough winds and hard rain down here last night. And the lights went out too. *flicks lights on and off*

Everyone: DEVIL! STOP!!

Devil: ^-^ Tehehe... Well, I sadly have to go back tommorrow. *sniff* T___T I hate school.

Malik: Don't we all?

Devil: *nod* My layout story WOULD have been finished yesterday, had the power not gone out. And while the power was out, I began... thinking.

Everyone: *pokes heads into room and stares at Devil*

Devil: What? I didn't do anything! So, anyway, I've changed it to be a lemon. *evil cackle* >;p

Yami: Oh-

Seto: -good-

Both: -grief!

Devil: ^-^ Oh, stop. It's not THAT bad.

Both: When it has to do with you- it IS that bad!

Devil: ... Anyway.

Jou: *snicker* Looks like Kaiba's diginity just got BUSTED! >;p Hey, Devil-chan, can I help?!

Devil: Of course, Jou! That means I get to glomp you even MORE! *glomp!*

Jou: Oh yea. I forgot 'bout that. -.- *sigh*

Devil: BAI!! *runs off with Jou in death-grip of a glomp*

Duke: That has GOT to hurt.

Jou: *from far off* WHAT'D YA THINK, DIMWIT!?

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Monday, September 6, 2004

Devil: *gasp!* YAY!!!!! *hyper* I GOT 100 ENTRIES & 600 VISITS!!! *glomps everyone* Couldn't have done it without you! I think I'm gonna cry... T.T

Bakura: Please don't.

*everyone remembers last time Devil cried; shudder*

Devil: ^-^ Well, as you can see, I changed BEFORe my deadline. *sigh* I was so happy about my 100 entries & 600 visits that I just.. well, yeah! ^-^;;;;;;; I even changed my music.

Ryou: *takes off headphones* You did?

Devil: Yup! I changed it from "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne to "You Make Me Wanna" by ...

*Devil adds dramatic drumrool effect*

Devil: .. USHER!! *glomps Usher* ^-^ Mine.

Jou: I wonder about you sometimes.

Seto: Really.

Yami: Did you two just agree on something?

Seto: I guess we did.

Jou: ... *shakes Seto's hand*

Seto: ... *flips Jou on back* Sucker!

Yugi: O-O Yami, Kaiba's scaring me.

Yami: That makes two of us.

Devil: ^^ I plan to write a story today, in honor of my new layout! I think you'll get the plot if you stare at the background long enough.

Malik: >->

Marik: *stares at background*

MaliK: Don't try Marik. She may be trying to brainwash us. >-> We're watching you, Devil.

Devil: And I'm watching you. <-<

Aaliyah: You forgot to add the part about when they take showers.

Guys: DEVIL!!

Devil: >-> Aaliyah, you snitch.

Aaliyah: I'm no snitch... >=p

Devil: Besides, I'm not the one watching you take showers. But I know who watches Kaiba-kun shower.

Seto: *raises eyebrow*

Devil: It's ... YOU! *points*

Aaliyah: What are you pointing at me for?

Seto: Keep your eyes off me.

Aaliyah: >-< I DO NOT WATCH YOU, YOU CONCEITED JERKOID!! *punches Seto*

Seto: ... That actually hurt. Owe!

Marik: Ya know, I thought women slapped and men punched, but... she changed my POV.

Malik: Let's just stay out of her way.

Jou: Aaliyah and Kaiba- *notices Devil* What?

Devil: ^-^ *glomps Jou* You have such a nice singing voice!!

Jou: Oh, good grief. -.-

Devil: ^^ Well, I go back to school tommorrow. Talk about a short Labour Day!! Geez!

Bakura: Atleast you don't have a weaker half following you around to and from school.

Ryou: ^^ *hugs Bakura* You know you'd miss me, Kura-chan!!

Bakura: *rolls eyes* Whatever.

Devil: =3 Well, see ya later!! *waves*

LATER: I put my Chatterbox down at the bottom of my page. ^-^

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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