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Saturday, November 22, 2003

Who's Your Anime Boyfriend?

Kawaii! *blush* And I don't even know what anime he's from... If you do know... TELL ME!! I might wanna do some 'research'.... *giggles excitedly*

Guys just love...how vulnerable you are!

What Do Guys Love About You? (with pics :3)
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Joey Wheeler
Joey Wheeler is the one for you!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dating Game (Girls)
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Your anime hair color is blue.

What is your anime hair color?
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Aqua! Your eyes are Aqua! You're a very energetic
and fun-loving person, although at times you
can be mellow. Your friends love you! Try not
to let your need to have a fast heart rate ruin
your health.

What Color Are Your Anime Eyes?
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You are Red
What color are you? (Anime Pictures)

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World of Oceans
Waves, sand, seashells... you are an ocean dweller.
You are thoughtful and very sweet to your
friends, but unforgiving and imposing to those
you think little of.

Which Other World Are You Secretly From?
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eating people

what's YOUR deepest secret?
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*glare* I do NOT EAT people! Though, I wouldn't mind a little chicken... Yummy....chicken! ^^

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Friday, November 21, 2003

Sailor Uranus!
Sailor Uranus. You are the boyish one of the group
and always seem to be around sailor neptune 0.0
you also seem to act very calm and collected.

The Ultim8 Sailor Moon quiz: Which sailor senshi (soldier) R U?
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I'm Sailor Uranus!! I should make her a shrine... What do YOU think? Hmm......


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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Dreams..... Do YOU dream? Or do you nightmare....? I do both. Do fruit dream.....? Does...... Fluffy? Why do we dream? *thinking* Hm.... *suddenly screams* *smacks self* Must...Stop...THINKING!!

Himeko -

What would your Japanese name be? (female)
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Darkness Goddess
Goddess of Darkness. You hate others and isolate
yourself and your evil personality. You are
most comfortable by yourself at night.

What Goddess Are You? (Girls) (Pictures)
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B-B-But, I don't hate people. ALL peole that is. *glares at Michael* Shoo, evil fly!
Michael: *snicker* *disappears*
Grrr... If I could zap one- just ONE- person to oblivion, guess who'd it be.
*snickering is heard*

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Is it just me or does my imagination run wild ALL the time? Seriously, right now, I'm thinking of a crossdressing Inuyasha! No offence to you Inu-fans, but really! Now, I'm thinking of a sugar high Sessomaru. Somebody help me. ANYWAY!!! Guess what peeps! I got some results from test and guess what else. I'm WACKY!!!! YIPPIE!!! *runs into wall* Owies.... *pout*

you are DREAM ANGEL! you like to daydream of the
future, past, and even what's goin on now! you
hope for romance and love in your life and you
dream only the best for people... including
yourself! hey is that certain someone up there
in your dream?

What type of angel are you?
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Heero Yuy
Congratulations! Your Compatible with Heero. You
like to live a very dangerous life. This
proves to be so when you were very young.

(Girls) Who are you compatible with on Gundam Wing?
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HEE-CHAN!! *glomp!*

You are Christmas...

-| What holiday do you represent ? |-
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Lookie at all the snowiness! *taste snowflake* Yum... snow flavored!

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003


*looooooong squeal* I LOVE YOU, NELLY!!!! I EVEN HAVE PROOF! HA! SEE? NEEEEEELLLLLY!!!!!! *faints*
hes so hot
Nelly-he loves you and respects you

how's your perfect man (celebrity's)with pic.
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~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Oh, lookie. I'm the solitary rose. I feel so lonely! *sniff* Not really, cause I have my friend Devin! *huggle* My bestie best friend in the world! There's also Claudia. Anyway! I'm the solitary. Lonely and gary. *sniff*
Your soul is bound to the Solitary Rose: The

"When I wake up alone, the shades are still
drawn on the cold window pane so they cast
their lines on my bed and lines on my

The Solitary Rose is associated with loneliness,
melancholy, and patience. It is governed by
the goddess Merope and its sign is The Sword,
or Unrequited Love.

As a Solitary Rose, you may be summed up as a
hopeless romantic. You desire love and have so
much love to give, but thing just never seem to
work out the way you want them to. In life,
you can be very optomistic, even when things
are gray and nothing works out to your

What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To?
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~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003


Geez, am I sleepy! It's not like I did anything, though. Maybe I'm just bored. That gives me an idea! If any body has anything that might interest me, I'd gladly take the effort to try it! Just E(mail) me! -_- Don't....fall...a...sleep- ZzZzZz......

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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