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Sunday, August 22, 2004


Devil: Lookie at what I found!!

Yugi: *currently not in room*

Yami: *currently not very happy*

Seto: *currently not in conciousness*

Bakura: That was an interesting series of events.

Seto Fangirls: NO!! *attack Yami*

Aaliyah: -_- I fear for you people.

Ryou: o.o Somebody do something!!

Devil: ^^ I WILL! *clings to Jou*

Ryou: *sweat* Not what I meant.

Devil: ^_______________________^ I submitted two fanarts today!! I hope you all like them- they're crappy, I'll tell you that. -.- I'm working on a Sailor Senshi wallpaper, I just can't get the sizing right!! *frustrated* So, to ease my frustration, I'll show ANOTHER piccy!!

Yugi: *walks in room* *notices giant posters on wall* O-O ...

Devil: *snickers at Yugi*


Seto: *now revived* *smirk* They're MY fangirls, mind you.

Seto Fangirls: *stop beating up Yami and begin staring at Seto with starry eyes and drool running down the sides of their faces*

Yami: ... help!

Devil: *helps up Yami* ^^

Jou: So then how many fangirls do I have? If Kaiba has this many, I must have a lot.

Devil: As a matter of fact- *drops Yami*- You do!

Yami: My ribs!! >.<

Seto: *snicker*

Seto Fangirls: *swoon*

Aaliyah: I think I'm gonna be sick! *gag*

Seto Fangirls: *glare at Aaliyah* YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS!!!

Aaliyah: Jealous? That's got to be the most unbelievable thing I've ever heard- and over Kaiba? *double gag*

Kaiba: You know you can't resist me. *smirk*

Aaliyah: *rolling over in grave (figure of speech)*

Devil: ^.~

Yami: *glares* You can't even come close to as many fangirls I have. *sticks out tongue*

Seto: How much you wanna bet?

Devil: PIC TIME!!

Talk about a beatdown. Xp

Aaliyah: Thank goodness.

Seto: Still can't resist me.

Aaliyah: >O< STOP BEING SO CONCEITED!!! JERK!!!!!!!!!!!

Seto Fangirls: O-O She yelled at Seto! *attack Aaliyah*

Aaliyah: If one more person says anything to the likes of me liking Kaiba, I'l rip their head off!!!!

Bakura: Ya know, maybe if you weren't so made about it, we'd probably believe you.

Yami: But, you keep getting so mad about it, that we believe you. You don't like Kaiba...

Marik: You just love him.

Aaliyah: *rolling in grave (literally)*

Seto: Sorry, I don't think it would work out.

Jou: *gag*

Malik: XD!


~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Saturday, August 21, 2004


Well, I submitted my fanart to MediaMiner.org. I have one of Myoga from Inuyasha and another of Gema from Di Gi Charat. Um... That's all? ^^; I can't think of anything else to say.

*smoke begins entering room*


~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Devil: ^^ I made my button!! All by myself!!!!!!!

Bakura: *was standing too close to Devil* Owe.

Aaliyah: I told you so.

Bakura: Don't start.

Devil: ^.~ Go check it out!

On to other less important news...

Devil: Has anyone played the "Inuyasha: Demon Tournament" Game at Adult Swim.com? I BEAT IT!! I was going to beat it with Sesshoumaru, but then we kinda lost. T.T So I had to switch to Kagura. And we won! *cheering* ^.~ Of course I celebrated with Sesshoumaru by my side!

Ryou: And she left us here. Wht type of friend are you?

Devil: A multiple.

Ryou: <.< Even though that's not what I meant.

Devil: I've also posted my fanfic, "Not Everyday", at MediaMiner.org. Just so you know, it's a Jou/Bakura shounen-ai/yaoi. Linkie, please, Kaiba-kun!

Seto: *laptop* Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm coming. *processes link hologram* Happy?

"Not Everyday"

Devil: ^^ Thanks, Kaiba-kun! Well, that's all for now. I have to go to McDonald's with my crazy sister so we can get some food.

Yugi: YAY! ^^ A car concert!!! I wanna go!

Yami: That may not be in your best health status, Hikari. Her sister can NOT sing. Trust me- I know. >.> I was there.

*creepy music*

Malik: Stop that.

Marik: No, don't stop. It's better than a car concert.

Malik: You've got a point there.

Devil: ^-^ Bai! *waves*

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Friday, August 20, 2004

Why Aaliyah-chan is so important.

^^ I changed- again. But I plan to let this one stay for atleast 2 months. Why? Because I LOVE Yu-Gi-Oh!

Jou: ^^ *point* I'm in the background. Teehee!

Now, on to other news...

Devil: *waves* HI! ^^ I'm so happy that it's Friday! I've really gotten behind in my fanfics, greetings, etc and the likes.

Seto: -.- You barely update anyway, so what's the difference?

Devil: *twitch* Why the bad mood, Seto-kun?

Seto: o.O What's the maater with you? I always act like this!

Jou: She's dillusional. Too much school can do that to you. *nod*

Marik: Of course it can, you fools.

Malik: ^^ I think she looks funny. Her hair is all over her head and she's running around in biker shorts and a sweat shirt. *laugh*

Yami: She's not sleepy- that's for sure!

Yugi: WHEE! *riding on Bakura's back*

Bakura: GET OFF ME!!

Devil: ... Why is everyone in such a bad mood?

Bakura: I have the Pharaoh's hikari riding on my back- WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE, YOU ASK?!

Devil: *grin* ^^ *pets Bakura on head* Cutie.

Bakura: *growl* Don't call me that.

Devil: OKAY! *pets Jou on head* Cutie.

Jou: ^^ I get free rent JUST for letting her pet me and take care of me. How can you turn down an offer like that?

Seto: For your dignity. Wait, you don't have any.

Jou: *growl*

Devil: -.- Not again.

Aaliyah: *drags into room* That was the BEST nap I've had in ages. *yawn* *notices the chaos that's happened since she was asleep* >.< I can't go to sleep for 2 hours without something happening here. WHY?!!*notices change* o.O ... You changed? Again? ARGH! >O<

Devil: ^^ We love you too, Aaliyah-chan!! *glomps Aaliyah*

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Thursday, August 19, 2004

   Language of Marquee....

Here are all my funnies, and possible repeats, that I've made! ^^ Don't forget to check back if you can for more. I plan to make some more today- after I finish my evil dreaded homework. -.- Who ever invented homework needs a kick. *rasberry*

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

   WARNING! POSSIBLE Certain Character Bashing. (Just for fun!) ^^

Devil: ^.^ I can't help it- I'm a fool for Shounen-Ai. What can I say?

Jou: *pushes Bakura away* Stay AWAY from me!!

Bakura: *smirk* Scared?

Jou: *glare* Don't start.

Devil: ^^; Teehee...


Devil: ^^ MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I have the most craziest idea!

Jou: O-O I'm scared.

Devil: *glomps Jou* You have NOTHING to fear, Jou! ...I think. @_@ Um..........

Aaliyah: o.O Oh, dear.

Devil: ^.^ I'm going to create my OWN show! Like Jerry Springer!! I mean, nearly everyone else is, so what's stoppin' me?! *cackle*

Aaliyah: ... T.T Oh dear.

Devil: ^^ Let's get started!!

^^ Devil here! And welcome to my show!!! Here we take a close look at the cold, hard facts. Like Shizuka's brother issues. o.O; Everyone, welcome Shizuka!

Shizuka: *comes out* *sits down* Hello, Devil!

^^ Hello, Shizuka. I bet you're wondering why you're here.

Shizuka: Actually no... *turns to audience* I AM NOT OBBSESSED WITH MY BROTHER!! *ahem!*

o.O Um... Okay. Let's bring out...-

Shizuka: Jou?

Er, no. It's Honda and Otogi!

*Honda and Otogi come out and sit down*

Honda: *gets straight to point* Shizuka, everything you do is centered around Jounouchi.

Shizuka: *glare* Not true.

Otogi: First word that comes to your-

Shizuka: Jounouchi! ^^


Honda: We prove our point.

Lets bring out-*looks at Shizuka* No it is NOT Jou. Let's bring out- Mai!

Mai: *comes out and stands in front of Shizuka* You! You keep-

Sit down, Mai. You can bark all you want in a minute. -.- Shessh.

Mai: Umph.


Um.. Okay. I was going to bring out Jou, but....

Shizuka: ^^ JOU! *runs back stage*

M/O/H: ... Need we say more?

O.o Scary.

Shizuka: Jou's not back there! YOU LIED!! *attacks Devil*

>.< AHHH!!

Aaliyah here. This show has been cut short today because of Devil's lying skills. -.- Now... Go away!

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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School is really beginning to kick me in the butt. I forgot my math homework last night after Open House and my dad and me had to drive down there really quick before the school closed. And it was even worse that I had a locker which took me over 10 minutes to open. Bah! I wish school didn't exist!! >.< It's such a pain in the butt. My teachers aren't that bad and my classes are only like 20 minutes, so it seems. But its so BORIIIING!!!!! Eh, it's almost time for me to go to the dreaded place. I'll post something else later on, when I feel better. Bai!

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Sunday, August 15, 2004

   Yu-Gi-Oh: The Movie

Devil: ^^ I got to see the movie! Jou took me! Just as he promised!!! *glomps Jou* You sweetie-face!

Malik: Sweetie-face?

Devil: I have a name for you, too! Cream-skin!

Malik: *cough* Cream-skin?

Devil: ^.~ Teehee...

Marik: ~-~ I told you she as crazy.

Jou: You can let go now.

Devil: ^.~ NEVER! *tight glomp* I got two cards:

Blue Eyes Shining Dragon



Devil: ^^ And I was so impressed when Jou beat up all those mummies- ALL BY HIMSELF!

Honda: *cough-cough* Hello?

Devil: Who are you? @.@

Honda: Oh, I get it! It's all about Jou! Hmph!!!

Devil: I know who you are, Honda! I just think Jou's the best!! ^.~ That's all.

Honda: How come? Why can't I be the best?!

Everyone: *silence* ...

Honda: HEY!! >.<

Devil: Teehee...

Aaliyah: Oh, good grief.

Seto: You can say that again.

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Devil: I finally learned how to get PowerPoint to cooperate. *phew!* That thing is stubborn!! So, here some of my funnies- enjoy. Our (me, Aaliyah, & the gang) comments are in italics. ^^

Ryou: He really did forget to turn that light back on- And he STILL can't get it right! Idiot...

Yugi: Ryou! That wasn't nice!

Ryou: ^^; Sorry, I was mad.

Malik: ^^ And I did too. *sniff* That person was so mean!

Marik: ^.~ I have a really insane hikari... Don't I?

Jou: Hey! I ain't DAT small! *pout* >.<

Devil: ^-^ Teehee...

Yami: Your self-estemm is.

Jou: HEY!

Devil: ^^ Oh, don't worry, Spike! We still love your cooking, even if it could kill an alligator!

Aaliyah: Speak for yourself! >.> That stuff is killer poisen!

Devil: .... I still love him anyway! *glomps Spike*


Devil: ^^ Corny, I know. That's all for now. I'll make somemore, but in the meantime, you can visit my Photo Bucket Album! Until later, BAI!

Link: Hemiko's (Devil) Album

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Saturday, August 14, 2004


Devil: *.* AWE!! Isn't he the most adorable thing you've ever seen?! *glomps baby Pharaoh*

Yami: -.- Oh come on, now!

Yugi: ^-^ Devil-chan has a point!

Ryou: *making cute faces*

Jou: Why is it dat lil babies always get more fangirls? -.- Ain't fair.

Bakura: Did you just call my hikari a girl?

Jou: I was talkin' bout Devil.

Yami: -.- Can you all stop pinching my baby self's cheeks?! I'm also enduring this, you know. *rubs cheek*

Yugi: ^-^ *pinches Yami's cheeks*

Yami: Hikari!

Yugi: Teehee...

Malik: -.- *eating peach ice cream* I don't see what's so cute about him.

Marik: Me neither. The only thing that's cute about him is that Slifer.

Yami: *growl* Mine.

Aaliyah: Can we get this over with?! I have somewhere to be!

Devil: Date?

Aaliyah: ... No.

Malik: Liar.

Devil: ^-^ Rather it's a date or not-

Aaliyah: >.< IT'S NOT A DATE!!!

Devil: ^-^ Sure it isn't.

Seto: *rolls eyes* Give me a break. You all are really blind. *kicks closet door open, revealing a tied up, gagged Noah*

Aaliyah: ^.~ You all beat me to him. I was going to turn him into a frog and then someone would have to kiss him.

Everyone: -.- You EVIL!

Aaliyah: I know. *cackle*

Noah: *muffled speech*

Seto: Leave him there. The safer we'll all be.

Devil: You really care!

Seto: No, I don't. I was referring to Mokuba.

Mokuba: *helping Noah* You weren't really going to leave him here, were you, Big Brother?

M/M: Busted!

Seto: -.-; Of course not, Mokuba. I was going to throw him off a building.

Mokuba: Seto! He's your brother!

Seto: -.- He is NO brother of mine!!

Mokuba: Gr... Okay. *uses Puppy Dog Eyes*

Seto: >.< Must... Fight... It... ARGH! Alright. He's my... half-penny brother.

Mokuba: ^-^ Okay! Come on, new brother! *drags Noah out to arcade* We're going to have SO MUCH FUN!!

Everyone Else: ^.^; He gave in.

Yami: 0.0 He really did...

Devil: Mokuba has GOT to teach me how he does it.

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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