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Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Aren't they just so cute together? o^.^o *starry eyes*

Well, sorry for not posting yesterday. I was enjoying my day off. ^^

My family went to vote yesterday. I got my mum's "I'm a Georgia Voter" sticker! Yes, I live in sucky GA. T_T But that's beside the point. So far, Bush has 254 electoral votes and Kerry has 242. I'm really hoping Kerry wins. ^___^

Other topic...

Um, well, Bakura made me mad yesterday, so-

Jou: He was sent to the hospital!

Devil: I was rational! *innocent look*

Kaiba: You call that "rational"? Ten what's "rage"?

Jou: Don't ask, Kaiba. SHe just may be crazy enough to show what "rage" is. *scared look*

Kaiba: o-O

Devil: ^-^ Hehe... Oh, that's all. Nothing more, nothing less. Except...


Boys: o-O O-o ... *run away to safety*

Devil: Well, he does! o^.^o *bounces off*

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Monday, November 1, 2004


Yessss... *hiss* Touya x Yukito rocks my socks! Why? Cause I said so!! XD


Ah, Kayago, you're a very sweet person. Thanks for signing WT's guestbook!! o^.^o

Devil: YES!! I don't have to go to school tomorrow! It's the Election 2004.

Jou: You seem happy.

Devil: -_- Jou, some moments you are smart and some you aren't. I try to ignore the times you aren't. But this is one of the moments that I can't ignore.

Kaiba: Oh, now she notices. *rolls eyes*

Devil: But that doesn't give you the right to be mean to him!*whacks Kaiba* You know that!!

Bakura: *snicker* Yeah, Kaiba. You know that. XP

Devil: And you can't be mean to Seto-kun. *whacks Bakura*

Kaiba: ^____________^ HAHA! YOU GOT HIT!!

Jou: And you- *watches Devil whack Kaiba again*- did too.

Devil: ^_^ Now that that's taken care of, I have something to ask about.

Bakura: Good gravy, we'll be here all year!!

Devil: *chucks shoe at Bakura* As I was saying- ahem - Does anyone know of any search engines? Other than Google, MSN Search, and Yahoo Search.

Jou: There's an engine in the car. *point*

Devil: -_-" Jou. Please- just don't say anything. Anything.

Jou: *pout*

Devil: Anywho... That will be all!

Bakura: Would you like fries with that?

Devil: -_- Bakura-kun, sometimes you are funny and others you are demented. This is one of those moments that you are... demented.

Bakura: *glare*

Kaiba: Awe, how sad.

Devil: -_-'' And Seto-kun, sometimes you are sarcastic and others you are just plain lost in a past moment. This is one of those 'lost in a past moment' moments.

Boys: *glare at Devil*

Bakura: I wish I could do something that would actually effect her.

Kaiba: We all do.

Jou: *pout* She called me not smart!!

Both: You aren't.

Jou: *glare* I'm smarter than you!

Trio: No, you aren't.

Jou: Great, my own fangirl turned on me.

Devil: ^__^ *pats Jou on head* You'll live.

Bakura: You sure? *pulls out chainsaw*

Devil: I'm positive. *glares at Bakura* If I get blood on these walls again, it's another month in the basement.

Bakura: *pout*

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Sunday, October 31, 2004


^-^ I FINALLY OPENED WICKED TEMPTATION!! *dancing* Isn't it great?! Go visit, please! *innocent puppy dog look*

Wicked Temptation

And just in time for Halloween, ne?

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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   *mood:: Ready to scare the pants off some bishounen*

I know it's not a Halloween pic. I just like it! *glomps pic* >w<

Devil: HAPPY HALLOWEEN, MYOTAKU!! ^o^ Well, I'm just sitting here at my comp, listening to my Soul for Real CD and making some more animations and stuff.

Bakura: o-O Do you ever get up from that computer?

Devil: ... Yes. For breaks. ^-^

Bakura: Weird.

Devil: But special!

Kaiba: Real special.

Devil: I'm taking that as compliment whether it's supposed to be or not.

Kaiba: Dangit. -_-

Devil: Anyway, I have made myself a full fledged Touya/Yukito fan! *holds up 'T+Y' sign with little heart border* ^___________^

Jou: Great. Another 'scary thing about Devil' to add to the 'scary things about Devil' list. *adds to list*

Devil: ^-^ Awe, abother thing to add! That's the ... 2,046th thing on the list! *evil cackle* It just keeps getting longer ad longer.

Jou: Yes, it does. o-O I never knew a person could be so scary.

Devil: *runs off in mad scientest costume with needle and mallet in hand*

Bakura: *adds to list* You can make that the 2,047th thing.

Kaiba: >->

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Saturday, October 30, 2004

   *mood:: Lost in a sea of bordom*

>-> Okay, I guess this is just a post of boredom. >-< Anyway, I do have some banners!


I plan to make this one an animation soon.


My 'inner pervert' was breaking loss. >____> Please excuse.

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Friday, October 29, 2004

   *mood:: Absolutely fine-alicious*

I sure am in a good mood today. First, a little shout-out(s):

brooke142004 (who I will now know as Brooke-chan as long as she doesn't mind)- No, I don't mind you using it- You can use just about any of the animations I make. ^-^

MiroChu- I used Unfreeze. It actually works too! But all the files have to be GIF. Anyway, clickie here.

Kayago- Yes, I know it's bad. But I can't help it! o.O

DeathT-2- Good. I like spagetti! ^___^

And I want to thank who ever made the 900 hit! *glomps person*

Bakura: You know, I'm sure that person values their life, so you might want to stop glomping whoever it was.

Good idea. *stops glomping* Anyway, there was a Halloween dance happening today, but I didn't go. >-> Why? Because. I had more important things to do. Well, not really, but it's a nice reason!! *defends self*

Another thing that happened today was Career day. I had to dress up as a lawyer. ^-^ Even though people said I was from the Matrix and I looked like Trinity. V-V;; I resent that...

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Thursday, October 28, 2004


BOO! I'M BAAAACK! Did ya miss me? Huh huh huh? *notices the crazy stares she gets* ^^; I'll calm down.

Anyway, my life isn't as bad as I thought it was. So now, I should be able to stay on myO like I used to!

Updates For You:

I've finally found a program where I can make my homemade animations! >-> They're a little crappy, I'll tell you that. But so far, here's my fave!

Pretty neat, huh? ^-^

End of Updates (I think.. >->;;)

As soon as I finish eating, since I'm technically not supposed to be eating at the computer... *suspicious ninja look* ... I will change my layout, because as we all know, or are supposed to know, Seto-kun's birthday has passed. It's like 3 days after. >___> I wonder where Seto-kun is now. *goes off to find Seto-kun, oblivious to the fact it's a trap*

*Bakura's evil laugh fills house as Devil screams for help*

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Thursday, October 21, 2004


*sigh* Well, I won't be on myO as much as I used too. This grading period is killing me and I haven't been able to get over it. My teachers yell, my friends aren't there (except Devin and Laurel), and the homework is murderous. -_-

Not only that, but my life is taking a dramatic change. And you mix that with prison (school), and you get a dead-beat Devil. *huff*

But I WILL post on the special birthdays. Such as Kaiba's- *glomps Kaiba* o^-^o *hug-hug*

I won't say I won't be on ANYMORE, because that's just a flat-out lie. ^_^ I can't leave myO! That's like leaving family! So, expect atleast one or two postings from me a week. The only thing you should be worried about is me turning my site off. O.<

You can find me at Gaia. Not that I like Gaia more than myO or anything, it's just that that's where you find me.

Kamikaze Mitsukai

*evil homework comes alive*

O-O I think I have to go now. *runs away*

And now, a picture for my departure... I think I'll shut up now. >__>

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Sunday, October 17, 2004


Devil: *sigh* I wasn't here yesterday because I was checking up on my granddaddy. Last week he was sick and sent to the hospital. But now he can even drive! :)

Bakura: The girl cried an ocean.

Kaiba: I wasted my money to get a boat so we could float away and we still got hit by the tide.

Jou: Really. We didn't even have enough life jackets.

Devil: I was worried! >-< You would have done the same.

Bakura: Who?

Devil: You uncaring, cold-hearted bishounen! *smacks Bakura*

Bakura: Owe!! >___<

Jou: Smack him again!

Devil: *continueously smacks Bakura* ^____^ WHEE!!

Kaiba: -_- I'm surrounded by brainless idiots. *leaves to go fire someone for no reason at all*

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Friday, October 15, 2004

   *mood:: Bored, and yet Amused*

Devil: ^^;; Yes, I am crazy. As if you don't know that now. Anyway, I'm bored again. But very amused!

Jou: That can't be good.

Kaiba: Get ready to take cover.

Bakura: *puts pot on head* I am ready!

Devil: -_- That was sooo not funny. Anyway, here's a little snippit I wrote a while ago. *swoosh*

Not a fan of Shounen-ai? Then scroll down to the end of the post. ^^ Simple, ne?

The sun's shining and the birds are chirping and everyone's outside, having fun. Except me. I don't know how I got here- in detention. All I remember is waking up in the nurse's office. Well, I'm not the only one. There's Him - in all his wonderful glory. Long, black hair, shining emerald eyes, lean figure, lots of attitude, fetish for dice. Yep, you know whom I'm talking about.

Otogi Ryuuji- The gorgeous bad boy.

Again, in all his glory. I'm sitting in my desk as he leans against the wall next to me, throwing and catching a pair of dice, slowly losing interest. I look back down at the paper on my desk, tracing my pencil along the lines of my drawing. What am I drawing, you ask? What do you think? A soft yawning sound draws my attention as Duke looks over my shoulder.

"Hey, nice drawing." He mutters, eyes Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">moving slowly along the drawing.

I nod and suddenly I ask the question that's been bothering me, "Why are we here?"

"That doofus Honda is to blame. He was throwing your books around with that mutt, Jonouchi. One of the books went flying and hit someone and another hit you in the head. While I was trying to help pick up the books, some teacher came and said she saw us throwing the books around. We get blamed." He scoffed lightly.

"Honda's not a doofus and Jounouchi's not a mutt. You shouldn't be so mean."

"I shouldn't be so mean? How about you shouldn't be so nice and trusting and defending." He replies, crossing his arms.

I quickly stand up from my desk and stand stiff, "You shouldn't talk about them!"

My eyes widen as he leans forward towards my face, "You shouldn't be defending them. They're the ones who're mean. They're mean to you! So why are you defending them?"

"B-B-Because! I don't believe in the good and bad! Everyone has some good in them!" I reply, unhappy with my stutter.

He raises an eyebrow and then, just as I diswanted, there's silence. Thoughts pry though my mind. Ones of good and ones of bad. And others of what might happen.

"Gee, you should be lawyer." He snickers.

"What's that supposed to mean, Dicey?" I ask.

There's another silence as my words sink in and suddenly a little thunder and lightning storm appears above our heads as he presses his forehead against mine.

"Nobody calls me that." He mutters.


"Now, if you'll excuse my tardiness, let's move... right....." Our teacher's voice trails off and I can feel her eyes burning a hole through us.

But, despite the interruption, the kiss hasn't been broken. His tongue running along the roof of my mouth, sending chills down my spine. Speaking of spines, my hands are running down his back, painfully slow. Painfully because I'm desperate to explore the rest of his body, but I just can't move fast enough. The sudden and unwanted need for air pulls us apart, leaving us panting heavily for breath.

I look over Otogi's shoulder and groan. It's the Merciless. I don't think I need to explain her. But, she honsetly doesn't like shounen and/or shoujo. Man, are we in trouble now. I just HAD to kiss the trouble maker!

" Do you know why I dislike shounen? Maybe I should explain!" She growls, dragging us to our seats.

With Otogi sitting in front of me, I have the sudden urge to... pull his hair; I don't really know why, but I feel like lacing my fingers into his hair and yanking it, hopefully not pulling any out. Lacing my fingers into his hair, I lightly pull, though I still want to yank . He winces softly and while I really don't like seeing people in pain, this is something different. I pull again, watching Otogi's hand grab onto mine and try and pry my fingers away. Instead, he ends up letting his hair out of it's ponytail. My eyes widen as it falls free, swishing from side to side, in slow motion. (Matrix!) From the side, I see Otogi's face flush and he quickly tries to tie his hair back up, delayed by my hand taking hold of his.

"Are you listening to me!?" Merciless nearly screams. She stomps over, taking Otogi by his collar and dragging him to the other side of the room.

I watch as Otogi continues to tie his hair back up. I think I'm obsessed with him! But, already? I mean it was just a kiss. Wasn't it? I know that many other people are obsessed with him, girls and boys. I think I'm being added to the list. I also know that Otogi would kiss anyone. His kisses can be tricky; you may think they're serious when they're not or you may think they're just cliches when they're serious. You have to be careful with him. Though I think I may be a little late learning that.

"NOW! Have I made myself clear? If so, then we can move along to your detention."

My head drops onto my desk with a hollow 'thunk' and my arms drop to my sides. Can this get any worse? No. At least I PRAY it can't!

....I wonder what Yami's doing. Hm.

Devil: Hm. Maybe it wasn't a snippit. *shrug* Oh, well! ^w^

Bakura: I thought she was going to do something worse.

Devil: Bakura, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Bakura: I don't like the sound of that.

Jou: That means that instead of torturing me or Kaiba, you're next.

Bakura: NANI?! [What]

Kaiba: Yep.

Devil: Aren't I an angel? *cutesy look*

Kaiba: Cutesy just doesn't fit you.

Bakura: More like evil.

Devil: if you add a 'D' to that, you get my name! ^____________^ Teehee...

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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