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Saturday, July 31, 2004

=3 Teehee...

Devil: ^^ I am well rested now!!

Aaliyah: Yeah, right! Your eyes are still straining to stay open. You weren't in there sleeping- you were jumping around and drawing and writing and...

Marik: She was also singing.

Malik: Badly.

Devil: *pout* Snitches.

M&M: ;)

Devil: But some good-looking snitches none-the-less! =3

Jounouchi: ... Yes! I am outta da spotlight!

Devil: But not as good looking as Jounouchi-chan!! =3>>> *huggs*

Jounouchi: Gah!

Aaliyah: *rolls eyes* Good grief.

Seto: Really.

Devil: Nobody's as good looking as you, Jou! Although, Bakura and Yami and Seto and Marik are currently in a race for number 3!


Devil: Well.. yeah. It goes Jou, Malik, and... I can't choose who's next. And besides, that's just in the YGO gang! =3 My mind would blow up if I thought of ALL of 'em at once. Ah...

Aaliyah: No surprise there. *snort* -.-

Yugi: She just triggered the fight mode.

Ryou: *sarcastic* Didn't she?

Aaliyah: Who wants popcorn?

Malik: I do! This is gonna get interesting. I'm as a content as I am at 2.

Devil: o.O Why are they fighting?

Ryou: You triggered the 'Who's-got-the-most-fangirls?' mode. It's about to get a little dirty.

Devil: O.O All this for MY vote?! ^^ How sweet.

Aaliyah: Not YOUR vote. Every fangirls vote.

Devil: ;.; You just HAD to kill my little moment there, didn't you?

Aaliyah: *nods* I love seeing the expression on your face. It's hilarious! ^.~ Hah!

Devil: *sniff*

Aaliyah: *sigh* here. *hands Devil hankerchiff* o.O Wait! Then again. Last time I gave you my hankerchiff... It didn't come back in one piece.

Jounouchi: Don't give it ta her. It'll comeback in a kajillion peices...

Ryou: And we'll never find all the peices..

Yugi: Ever...

Malik: NEVER ever..

Aaliyah: O..kay then.

J/R/Y/M: *snickering* ^o~

Aaliyah: o.O Scary.

Devil: ^^ Well, I just watched Yu Yu Hakusho on CN! Ah... Kurama... Hiei... Yusuke...

Aaliyah: -.-

Jounouchi: *waves hand in front of Devil's face*

Ryou: Gone again?

Yugi: Yeah.

Bakura: *shakes Devil awake*

Devil: *awake* Hey! I was enjoying that daydream! =3 Although, I can't say what because then I'd get kicked off some of my fanlistings! =3 Heehee..

Everyone Else: o.O Don't tell us!!

Aaliyah: I know what it was.

Bakura: Anyway! Who's the best good-looking?

Devil: *opens mouth to say something* ^o^ ...

Bakura: That's evil!

Devil: Oh, that's a whole 'nother story! =3>>> Well, in the YGO gang? Or in the WHOLE anime list?

Jounouchi: When ya say it dat way, I don't wanna know anymore!!

Devil: ^^ Well... I'd say it was... either Marik or Bakura. Yami's not evil. And neither is Seto. Seto's a CEO. Yami's... well, he's a pharoah! ^^ Therefore neither one of those two can be evil.

S/Y: Arigato, Devil-chan!!

Devil: Seto called me Devil-chan! ;3

Seto: *rolls eyes*

M/B: Pick!

Devil: o.O Pick? Pick? How do you pick?

Everyone: *anime fall*

Devil: ... You don't mean to pick between Bakura and Marik, do you?

Everyone: *still on floor* *nod* Yes!

Devil: O.O Um... Um... Uh... Um... Uh... Uh...

Bakura: -.- PICK ALREADY!!

Devil: ;.; I can't!!

Marik: You... can't?

Aaliyah: Devil really can't pick. I don't know why, but when ever she's to pick between bishies, when Jounouchi isn't involed, she begins to stutter.

Jounouchi: What'd ya mean, when I'm not involed?

Aaliyah: Because, you'd automaticlly win.

Yami: Explain.

Aaliyah: Simple. Devil? Bakura or Jounouchi?

Devil *cheers up* Oh, that's easy!! Jounouchi-chan! Who else? ^.^

Aaliyah: See? Now, observe. Seto or Jounouchi?

Devil: ... Can they be together?

S/J: *choke* WHAT?!

Devil: They can be friends!


Devil: *wink*

Aaliyah: Well, atleast she didn't say what her mind is saying.

Seto: What's her mind saying?

Jounocuhi: I'm too scared to ask.

Aaliyah: If I were you, Kaiba, I'd do what Jounouchi is doing- Not asking.

Seto: o.O Now I'm scared.

Bakura: I still can't believe she picked HIM over ME!

Devil: ^^ You would NEVER understand, Bakura-chan. It's a fangirl thing.

Ryou: You're right.

Yugi: If it's a fangirl thing...

Malik: We'll never understand.

Marik: So what about me?

Malik: You're a yami.

Marik: That's not what I meant.

Aaliyah: -.- *sigh* It's late, people.

Devil: ^^ AND?! It's time to par-tah!!

Everyone Else: ... *come upwith excuses*

J/Y: We'll stay with you, Devil.

Jounouchi: Since all the rest of ya's is too chicken!

Seto: What did you call me?!

*the two start fighting*

Yugi: ^^; Stay, Yami!

Yami: *pout*

Devil: *sniff* All this for me?!

Aaliyah: No, it's not for you.

Devil: ;.; That's the second moment you've killed today.

Aaliyah: *grin* Good. ^.~

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Devil: Last time it was too LATE to post, but this time it's too EARLY to post. -.- My timing is so unfair.

Aaliyah: You ahve a watch, why don't you use it?

Devil: *notices she's wearing her watch* Oh! I AM wearing my watch! ^^;; I keep forgetting I have it on.

Aaliyah: -.-;; O...kay.

Jounouchi: Really.

Devil: =3 Heehee.... I joined some more fanlistings today, and.. yesterday. I even joined one for Bishies!! =3>>> Heh!

Seto: *snickers*

Devil: *just now notices the giant plasma screen is back* When did you get here?

Everyone else: *anime fall* -.-;

Malik: You really DO need get some sleep.

Devil: What do you mean? I overslept today 'til 1:00 pm.

Ryou: o.O You can slep that long?

Devil: Well, I didn't go to bed until 4:30 am.

Ryou: You, my friend, are a living legend.

Devil: =3 Awe! Thanks, Ryou-chan! *hug*

Bakura: *covered in icky gooey stuff* Okay, WHO left the oven going?

Devil: =3 Hehehe, oh Bakura! Did you know that you look absolutely KAWAII like that?

Bakura: *growl* Why you! It was you! You left it going!! *running after Devil*

Marik: Is it just me or is it that everything looks cute to her today?

Yugi: I'd say it was all that missed sleep.

Yami: I agree with Hikari.

Aaliyah: *sly look* You ALWAYS agree with him.

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

   A little late to be posting, ne?

Devil: Yes, it IS late to be posting. I was so busy joining fanlistings today. *wide-mouthed yawn*

Aaliyah: Oh! Onion breath!! *gag* X.X

Devil: ^.^ Well, I FINALLY found the Jou-kun fanlisting. As you can see, I put THAT ONE at the top of the list. ^.~

Jou: -.- What am I? A-

Devil: Whatever you were gonna say- No. You are every fangirl's dream. *starry look*

Jou: o.O Meaning?

Aaliyah: You do NOT wanna know. Well, atleast on Devil's account. -.-'

Jou: O.O Meaning?

Aaliyah: *sigh* I am surrounded by idiots.

Devil: ^^ Time for... Shout Outs!!

Aaliyah: Oh, great.


Everyone: Cookies for everyone!! ^.^


Rayea Kagome chan: Hey to you too. You don't know how horrible it is- having to stay with Devil. The word angel is more like it. I'm the devil between us. -.- All the bright colors and cuteness and- It's just so... BRIGHT! o.O

Everyone Else: -.- ... Go Away.

Devil: Aaliyah! That wasn't very nice, telling everyone else to go away.

Aaliyah: See what I mean?

Devil: Were you talking about me!?

Aaliyah: ... Aaaaanyway. -x-

Devil: Meanie.

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Monday, July 26, 2004



Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

Devil: *pout* I am NOT schizotypal! Hmph! ... Okay, maybe I am! ^.~

Devil: ^^ Today's an Inuyasha comic!! Yay! Yami, Bakura, RYou and Yugi went on a skiing trip- even though it's summer. X.O

Sesshoumaru: Why did you drag me out here, Jaken?

Devil: O.O *drops dead*

Aaliyah: -.-'' Why did you have to appear just NOW?

Jaken: Don't talk to Master Sesshoumaru like that!

Aaliyah: *steps on Jaken* >.< I can talk anyway I want, got it?!

Rin: ... Can I step on Jaken too?

Aaliyah: ^^ Help yourself!

Rin: *begins jumping on Jaken*

Jaken: Oh! Master Sesshoumaru! Help me!!

Devil: Fluffy!! *begins worshiping Sesshoumaru and the ground he's walking on*

Inuyasha: *gag* You've got to be kidding!

Kagome: I don't think so, Inuyasha. I think she really is puting her heart into worshipping Sesshoumaru.

Inuyasha: That's the point!! How come no one ever worships me?

Sango: A lot of otakus worship you, Inuyasha.

Miroku: You're just too busy looking for shards of the Shikon Jewel to even notice all the people surrounding you.

Devil: *swips Tetsuiga* *shows it to Sesshoumaru* What you've been looking for, ne? ^.^

Inuyasha: Hey!! Aw man. I don't even want to remember last time this happened. -.- You!! *attacks Devil*

Miroku: *eating calmly* *sigh*

Inu Gang: How can you just sit there?!

Miroku: It's easy. *hands up poster to Devil*

Aaliyah: ... I know what you're trying to do.

Miroku: *shh!*

Devil: *thinking* >.< I hate thinking! Poster... or the real Fluffy? Poster... Real Fluffy... ^.^ I choose the REAL Fluffy!! *throws poster and resumes worshipping Sesshoumaru*

Everyone: *glares at Miroku*

Miroku: Okay, maybe that didn't work.

Devil: Of course it didn't! ^.~ What do you take me for? A mental 4-year-old?!

Everyone: *exchanging glances*

Devil: -.-" I don't believe you people.

Sesshoumaru: *running claws along Tetsuiga* ...

Rin: *still stepping on Jaken* This is fun!! Come join me, Sesshoumaru-sama!

Devil: Fluffy-sama is a little busy right- Ow! She poked my eye!! >.O The pain!!!

Rin: *mischiveous grin* ^.^ Oh, Sesshouamru-sama...!

Devil: >.O You little!

Rin: *pokes other eye*

Devil: Ahh! My other eye! >.< I can't see!!

Everyone Else: O.o

Inuyasha: Ya know, Sesshoumaru, you could go and get your little girlfriend.

Sesshoumaru: *glare*

Aaliyah: Which one? Cuase there's Rin and then there's Devil.

Inuyasha: *smirk* Oh, yea.

Sesshoumaru: *growl* *glare*

Devil: *runs and jumps on Inuyasha* Don't be mean to Fluffy-sama!!

Inuyasha: What're you gonna do about it?

Devil: *pulls out voice box* *presses play*

Kagome's voice: Sit boy!

Inuyasha: >.< Not again. *plummets to ground*

Sango: Kagome?

(I couldn't find a confused Sango pic. -.-;)

Kagome: o.O But, I didn't say that!!

Devil: ^.~ I know. I projected your voice onto this video player. So, if I press repeat- guess what happens.

Inuyasha: Don't do it.

Devil: Don't? It's Opposite Day, ya know! *presses 'repeat'*

Kagome's voice: *repeated says 'Sit boy!'*

Inuyasha: GAH!!

Kagome: *watches Inu fall into well* *jumps in well* *pokes head out* He's okay!

Devil: *begins kissing Sesshoumaru's feet* ^.^ Anything I can do for you, Fluffy-sama?

Sesshoumaru: ... No.

Devil: All righty then! I'll just continue to worship you and the ground you walk on and the air you breath!!

Sango: Talk about a pshyco.

Miroku: Talk about addicted.

Rin: *thinking* She's taking my place!! >.< I'll just give a taste of cuteness.

Jaken: *relieved* *sigh* Gah! *Rin suddenly steps on him again*

Rin: *smile* Oh, Devil-chan? Can I worship Sesshoumaru-sama now??

Devil: *thinking* She's trying to trick me! Well, I'll never give up my Flufy!!

Rin: ^-^

Devil: *pats Rin on head* Maybe when you get older.

Rin: >.< tackles Devil*

Everyone Else: O.O

Aaliyah: You do realize that if anything happens to eiher on of them, it's your fault, right?

Sesshoumaru: x.x

*[insert fight dust cloud]*

Aaliyah: Ouch! Oh, that's gotta hurt!

Miroku: That's gonna leave a mark!

Sango: *slap!* And so is that.

Miroku: Ow.

Kagome: Inuyasha, don't you think you should stop this? Inuyasha?!

Inuyasha: *eating ramen and sitting with Aaliyah* I think Devil might win.

Aaliyah: Yeah. She isn't effected by Rin's cuteness by the least!! That's gives her a huge upper hand.

Kagome: >.<

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

   Nyu! ^.^

You are Puchiko!

Which DiGi Charat Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Devil: ^.^ I changed around my site look so it can be more... Digi Charat- ish... nyu! I even changed the font nyu!

Aaliyah: -.-; You can come out now, guys.

Ryou: But, it looks so... different!

Yugi: *pokes menu bar* Ah! *gets halfway swollowed*

Yami: o.O Hikari?!

Bakura: Didn't we tell him not to touch anything until it dried? -.-Idiot.

Yami: *trying to pull Yugi out* My hikari is not an idiot!

Ryou: ^.^;; Yes, we did, didn't we?

Devil: ^^ I'm becoming even MORE active with my greeting cards nyu! Go see my new ones nyu.

Puchiko: Nyu?

Devil: Awe nyu!! *hug* ^.^ Isn't she cute nyu?!

Bakura: Bake her in the oven and she may look cute then, but not now.

Ryou: o.O Bakura! How could you say something like that?!

Puchiko: *begins shaking slightly* ... *laser eye beam!*

Bakura: -.- Please tell me those are not flowers. *steps on flower* AHH!! *flower explodes*

Devil: ... Exploded is not a good look for you, B-kun nyu.

Bakura: *glare* You! *runs after Puchiko*

Puchiko: ^x^ *running from Bakura*

Devil: ?.? I think Puchiko has a crush on Bakura nyu.

Ryou: X.X A 5-year-old girl?! Bakura! Stop evilling her mind!!

Aaliyah: I think that's already ben arranged. *watches Bakura swing from the ceiling before a pot of steaming liquid*

Puchiko: What have you to say now nyu?

Bakura: _._ She's trying to put a CURSE ON ME!! The least you all could do is get me down. Devil?

Devil: No, you should boil him a live nyu. That way we can preserve him nyu! ^^

Puchiko: Not a bad idea nyu.

Aaliyah: 0.o Uh.. Devil? Your comic?

Devil: Huh nyu? Oh, yea nyu! Here's my daily comic/captions nyu! It's Sailor Moon this time nyu! ^.^ This time, they're captions. Why? Because. I'm lazy. ^^; __________________________________

Usagi: Gee, Rei! This projecter really works!

Venus: Nobody is to look up THIS skirt! *crash* Owies.

Jupiter: Okay... Who turned on the lights?!

Rei: *thinking* Aim for the badguy... but Neptune is just sitting there-I outta wake her up! No! Aim for the bad guy!! ARGH!!

Mercury/Ami: I am going to knock you so far, you'll end up in Candy Land!! *smacks person with henshin* Strick!!

Devil: ^.^; Lame, aren't they nyu?

Aaliyah: Very.

Bakura: They're far beyond lame.

Devil: -.- Gee, how helpful and supportive you two are.

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Saturday, July 24, 2004

   Di Gi Charat!

Devil: ^.^ I am now a full fledged Di Gi Charat (Manga)otaku! YAY! I bought "Di Gi Charat Theater: Dejiko's Summer Vacation" yesterday. Puchiko-chan is now my fave DGC character! She's so cute-and sharp-minded too.

*Dejiko (middle), Puchiko (right), Rabi~en~Rose aka Usada (left)*

Ryou: This doesn't mean that Yu-Gi-Oh is out of the spotlight, does it?

Seto: You're STUCK there. They'd have to throw you away to the trash can to do that.

Aaliyah: *pets Ryou on the head* Don't worry Ryou. Devil has been a Yu-Gi-Oh otaku for as long as she CAN'T remember. Besides, she's one of Jounouchi's top fangirls. -.-;;

Devil: And here's Dejiko!

Aaliyah: You mean the wanna-be idol? By the looks of it, she must be bickering with Usada.

Devil: A-chan! Stop being mean. Dejiko is not a wanna-be. She just has dreams to be one.

Aaliyah: *snort*

Devil: Not possible. As you can see, Usada-sama is as calm as-

Rabi~en~Rose: Don't call me Usada!! Wait.. did you say -sama?

Devil: Only because you're older than me. But that doesn't mean I'm going to listen to you.

Rabi~en~Rose: >.< Why won't you listen to me?

Puchiko: Because she's siding with me nyu.

Devil: ^.^ Puchiko-chan! I shall now end my sentences like Puchiko-chan! I mean nyu. ^^;

Devil: o.O She's a blonde nyu? I thought she was a brunette nyu. ^.^ My bad nyu!

Devil: ^^ Now I can submit my fanart nyu. I'll draw Gema nyu! He's so easy to draw it's almost not funny nyu! ^.^

Devil: ?.? How can you be a major of a gang and only be 13 nyu?

Aaliyah: -.- You slow idiot.

Devil: ;.; I am NOT an idiot nyu. If I am, then why am I in the gifted nyu?

Aaliyah: There are two deffenitions to "gifted". And- the probably felt sorry for you.

Devil: ;.; *sniff* You are so mean nyu!

Aaliyah: ?.? Didn't one of the Spice Girls have shoes like that?

Devil: Now that you think about it nyu... Yeah, I think Baby Spice did nyu.

Click here to see Baby Spice and those shoes that make me shudder. *shudder*

Aaliyah: o.O I never did like those. Spice Girls could sing, but Baby Spice's shoes... No-no.

Devil: Back to DGC nyu!

Devil: ?.? Isn't Dejiko a cat nyu?

Aaliyah: .. When you think about it, yeah.

Devil: So then how can he be a vetenarian if he's trying to help kidnap a cat nyu? @.@

Aaliyah: ... -.- I don't know, Devil. If it really bothers you that much, why not ask the original creator?

Devil: Oh nyu? I never thought of that nyu! ^.^

Aaliyah: -.-;;;;;;; Have we forgoten anyone?

Dejiko: Yes, you did nyo. You forgot the strange one that's always following Puchiko-chan nyo.

Devil: Well, we'll ge to him later nyu!

Dejiko: Why are you copying Puchiko-chan nyo?

Devil: Because nyu!

Rabi~en~Rose: I, being so much more mature, will not get into such... talk.

Dejiko: Usada, you dimwit nyo! You're the reason we're here nyo!

Devil: Is this what you go through nyu?

Puchiko: Sadly nyu.

Gema: VERY sadly gema.

Aaliyah: -.-' You all are getting annoying with all this 'nyo', 'nyu', and 'gema'.

Devil: ^.^ Okay nyu! Time to go nyu! *page vanishes*

Dejiko: It's all your fault nyo!

Rabi~en~Rose: It wasn't my fault!

Puchiko: As you can see, you may want to leave now nyu.

Devil: Not only for your safety nyu. But also for the safety of others nyu.

Aaliyah: -_-" I get the feeling it's about to get messy.

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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   *pout* Again?!

Devil: *sigh* This is so unfair. Do I have to go to the Waffle House? It's like that's the ONLY place we for breakfest!

Bakura: If you help take over the world...

Marik: ... the Waffle House will be...

Malik: ... gone forever!


Aaliyah: For the sake of humanity, don't listen to them, Devil.

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Friday, July 23, 2004


You are: Hamtaro

Which Hamtaro Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Ryou: *locked in clear plastic box-cage* Let me out!!

Bakura: *supporting Duke* Why do I have to help?

Yugi: Because it's YOUR fault that this happened.

Duke: It's really Devil's fault, but no changes are needed! ^.^ Ouch! My ribs! >.<

Bakura: Quit whining.

Duke: Anything for you, Bakura! *face twisted in pain*

Aaliyah: Tsk. -.- I pity you, Bakura.

Ryou: >.< NO! Stop touching my Bakura!! *rampage*

Jou: *grin* *waving a Bakura plushie at Ryou* Ryou want a plushie? Ryou want a plushie?

Ryou: *stops and watches plushie* ... GIMMEGIMMEGIMME!

Jou: *hides plushie behind back* Gee, I wonder where it went.

Seto: Should be you in there.

Jou: Atleast I'm not scared of blood.

Seto: What are you blabbing about?

Malik: This. *shows picture of Seto clinging to Jou with blood on the background wall*

Seto: *pale face* >.< Nobody is to know that!

Marik: What? That you were clinging to Jou? ^.^

Jou: >.> He was CLINGING to me?

Seto: That mutt?! NEVER!

Malik: *shows picture*

Seto: *mumbles something*

M&M: *evil grins* We have a favour to ask of you, Seto Kaiba.

Seto: I do NOT want to help you two.

Duke: Bakura, can you help me?

Bakura: *throws Duke into room*

*loud crash and yelp*

Duke: *from room* I'm okay! *shuffle* Ouch! My ankle!!

Everyone: *glares at Bakura*

Bakura: What..?

Devil: *notices Ryou smiling* Something's wrong with Ryou.

Ryou: Why, what ever do you mean? I'm just so happy! Is that a crime?

Seto: O.O NO! I don't wanna! *hides behind Aaliyah*

Aaliyah: o.o Seto, there is to be NO contact between us. Therefore... GET AWAY FROM ME!!

Seto: *runs and hides behind Devil*

Devil: Hehehe... *pets Seto on the head*

Yami: What's gotten into you, Kaiba?

Seto: *points*

Malik: I didn't do anything- Marik?

Marik: I didn't do anything to him either.

Seto: *growl* *snatches jacket back* Hands off the merchandise! And you! *points at Devil* Don't pet me on the head like I'm some animal!

Devil: *gets on tip-toes and pets Seto on head* ^.^ Hehehe... Those fangirls are going to be SO jealous!

Yugi: -.-;; They already are.

Fangirls: *screaming*

Seto: I've already lost some of my dignity. I'd like to hold onto the rest.

Yami: You STILL have some dignity? I respect you, Kaiba.

Person: *bust out of room* Oh, Bakura, honey!!

Bakura: o.O Honey?

Ryou: DUKE?! *eye twitches*

Everyone: X.X

Duke: *hugs Bakura* Hehehe...

Devil: *twitch*

Ryou: *scream* >.< Why you!

Duke: ^.^

Marik: This is even better than watching Kaiba!

Jou: You watch Kaiba?

Malik: Sure do!

Aaliyah: I am deeply disturbed by that. X~X

Devil: Funny... I thought Duke was a skirt person. Oh, well! ^^

Duke: *glomps Bakura* ^.^

Bakura: X-X

Devil: Ya know what? I wanna show that pic again! ^^ Hehehe...

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Thursday, July 22, 2004


What is Your Japanese Name? by ciambawildcat
First Name:
Last Name:
Japanese First Name:Hiroshi
Japanese Last Name Part One:Aka
Japanese Last Name Part Two:Saki
Quiz created with MemeGen!


Devil: *restraining Ryou* Meep! I HATE being weak!

Yugi: You? I'm the weak one!

Aaliyah: *glare* You aren't even trying! --'

Yugi: Oh, yeah! *helps*

Aaliyah: YAMI! Get over here!

Yami: ....

Ryou: Let me go!! *tries to hit Duke with rolled up poster*

Devil: *gasp* My poster!! *snatches poster* Mine!

Ryou: *attacks Duke*

*[insert fight cloud thingy]*

Everyone: *glare at Devil*

Devil: Oopsies. ^.^

Marik: *on screen* Talk about a tantrum.

Jou: That's not a tantrum; that's a rampage.

Seto: o.o Is that... blood? *refuses to look at wall*

Jou: Yes, it is blood.

Seto: *nearly gets hit in head with chair leg* Meep! *clings to Jou*

Jou: ...

[*insert blush on pic*]

Malik: *to Marik* Talk about out of character.

Marik: Really.

Yugi: Ryou! Now, Ryou, that was not necessary... I WAS TALKING ABOUT THE CHAIR! Ryou! Are you listening to me?!

Yami: Hikari, no one is listening to you.

Yugi: *sniff*

Aaliyah: Oh, great.

Duke: SAVE ME!!

Devil: ... *turns to veiwers* Did I mention I submitted a new greeting card?

Marik: You had might as well not try to change the subject-

Malik: But, while you're up... can get some popcorn?

Devil: >.<" GET IT YOURSELF!

M&M: Excuse us.

Aaliyah: ... Devil! Don't look at-

Malik: *(look at pic)*

Devil: *change of mood* ^.^ You want butter with that?

Aaliyah: >.< Does she ever listen to me?!

Ryou: DIE!! *smacks Duke with laptop*

Everyone: *stops at gunshot*

*some person walks in*

Person: WHO took MY laptop?!

Ryou: Meep... o.o

Devil: *squint* *gasp* It's- HEERO! *runs to Heero*

Heero: *shots gun*

Devil: >.< Too young to... get wet? *looks at shirt* Since when did you use a water gun?!

Heero: >.<"""" Just give me the laptop!

Ryou: Catch! *throws laptop*

Heero: O.o Why you- *attacks Ryou*

Ryou: Meep!! *ducks*

Bakura: ... *frustrated sigh* Give me that! *snatches MR from Marik* *akes over Heero's mind*

Heero: *talking to himself* Who are you? What are you doing in my mind? I'm not leaving until- I'm leaving. *walks out with beaten up laptop in hand*

Ryou: *pats Duke on back* I'm sorry, Duke.

Duke: .... Scary.

Devil: Yay! You finally got-

Ryou: *flips Duke on his back and begins to step on him*

Devil: ... Along?

Jou: That's not good.

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

   ...... I Don't Think So!

Devil: ^^ I have a question for you Bakura!

Bakura: -.-' Oh, great.

Devil: ... Can I braid your hair?!

Aaliyah: o.O That's a silly request.

Yugi: Only from the way you're looking at it.

Aaliyah: You mean I should look at it this way? *climbs on ceiling*

Ryou: How'd she do that? I wanna try!

*sudden RIINNNNGG and giant screen appears in thin air (>.< I'm bored here; pare me)*


Everyone: What light?

Devil: That light. *points in random direction*

Seto: *on screen* You mean THAT? *points at Jou whos eating* You idiot!

Devil: *peeks* Oh, it's Jou? ... JOU! *tight hug*

Jou: *cough*

Bakura: What's the matter with you?

Jou: You try eatin' Marik's cookin'! Ptooey!

Bakura: I ain't eating THAT!

Devil: *snatches spoon and taste* Hm... *gag* *falls over*

Everyone: O.O Marik! What'd you do!?

Marik: *innocent look* Oppsies.

Jou: *shaking Devil* Devil! Wake up!

Devil: *opens eye* Hi, Jounouchi-kun! *hug*

Seto: ... Aren't you supposed to be dead?

Devil: Nope! .. Wait, dead? *blink* Why would I be dead?

Everyone: *points at Marik*

Devil: Marik... why are you wearing a pink aproon?

Marik: >.< It was th eonly thing there was and I didn't want to get my cloths dirty!! Therefore, I am NOT a sissy so don't call me one!!

Everyone: ... Psycho...

Devil: ^^ Jou was really concerned for me! *sniff* I hearby make it my duty that Jounouchi-kun is NEVER to be messed with!! *glares at Seto* And that includes you!

Seto: Talking to the wrong person. *not listening*

Devil: *growl* Well... I have this! *shows picture*

Ryou: >.< Grr... ^^ Oh, Duke?

Duke: *pushes Seto out of screen sight* Yeah?

Ryou: ^^... DIE! >.< *attacks Duke*

Aaliyah: O.O Isn't he supposed to be innocent?

Yami: And how'd he attack him if Duke was on the screen? It's just not possible.

Aaliyah: I guess us, sensible people, will never know.

Yami: *shrug*

Ryou: *pulling Duke's hair* STAY AWAY FROM MY BAKURA!

Seto: *back on scren* Isn't he supposed to like Puppy's sister?

Jou: >.< My name is NOT PUPPY! So call me by my REAL name!

Seto: *closes in on Jou's face* Katsuya.

Jou: ~///~ I just remembered I left my monkeys in the 'fridge! *runs away*

Seto: *snicker* Always makes me laugh.


Bakura: *snatches Ryou by the back of his collar*

Duke: *starry look* You saved me!

Bakura: Now will you shut up?!

Duke: *attacked to Bakura's leg*

Ryou: *whining* Let me go! Let me rip 'im to PIECES! To SHREDS!!

Everyone: O.O Ryou...?

Duke: *sigh*

Ryou: GET AWAY!!!

Devil: And this is why that gym teacher never says anything anymore?

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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