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Saturday, December 11, 2004


Well, so far I haven't been able to make any graphics for WT, but I will as soon as I finish posting here. Tho, I'm not rushing myself. ^^

Bakura: Procrastinator.

Kaiba: How much you wanna bet she won't make 1 graphic until next Friday?

Bakura: I'll bet-

Bet him a kiss that he can't refuse! >w< Pleasies? I'll stop whining about how bad of an alarm clock you are.

Bakura: Now that's something you can't pass. I bet you-

NO! Bet him pool table Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">sex!

Bakura: o-O No.

Kaiba: Good gravy, no!

Dangit. I thought my offer would get you for sure. >-< Oh, well, I bet if I do, you two HAVE to have pool table Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">Sex">sex- and Iget to watch! ^^ FUN FUN! WHEE!! *runs off*

Jou: o~O ...

Kaiba: -_-

Bakura: I'm scared... very scared.

*from other room* YOU SHOULD BE!! MUWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Friday, December 10, 2004


^^ Well, it's the weekend and that means a whole lot of updates are coming. That includes Starlit Rain, Wicked Temptation, etc. Puffshipping deffidently. T_T

Bakura: You bad webmistress.

Stop that. You'll make me feel even worse.

Kaiba: That's the idea.

>-< I mean it.

Jou: She means it. If you continue with that, she'll probably send you away in a box.

Bakura: And just where is she gonna send us off to?

Noa. He's very lonely now. *nods*

Kaiba: *shuts up*

Bakura: *shuts up and leaves room*

^^ Tanks, Jou. Now, anyway, a few updates later on when I get home. BAI!

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Wednesday, December 8, 2004


Well, so far in my Yu-Gi-Oh: The Sacred Cards game (takes place in Battle City) I've only lost 7 times! ^^;; So, yeah. But I did beat Ryou, Rex, Weevil, Ghost, Mai and other minor duelists. I also beat Jou! But I then tried to pet him on the head and glomp him- the game wouldn't let me. T_T *notices Jou* HEY, JOU!!

Bakura: Gah! The harmful sound.

Kaiba: You might want to shut up before she attacks you.

Bakura: *shuts up*

Jou: Why is the kitchen on lockdown?

Because, my mum says I eat too much. T_T I do not- it was just a snack! *sigh* Anyway, I have to go now, my neighbor's going to take me to school today. BAI! *glomps everyone before running off*

Guys: *rubbing arms* She glomps to much!

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Sunday, December 5, 2004


My mum is soooo nice! *glomps mum* She's taking my to the store so I can buy a Yu-Gi-Oh game or my GameBoy Advance. And then after that she's going to take me to the book store so I can buy Fruits Basket the 2nd Volume! And if I'm really good, I get to buy the 2nd and 3rd! ^________^

Bakura: Good? You better start wishing for Santa to get you some different colored coal instead.

*glare* Shut up Bakura.

Kaiba: Or you could just leave some of those deathy-tasting cookies out so you can kill him and have him for Christmas instead.

Jou: Hey, even Kaiba can come up with better ideas than you Bakura... HAHAHA!

Bakura: *hits Jou with boot* Now who's laughing?

Kaiba: Me! HAHAHA!

Whoa, Kaiba actually laughs... <-< Well, anyway, I gots ta go. BAI!!

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Saturday, December 4, 2004

Oh, Kaiba's looking really good in chains... XD

o-O Have any of you ever wondered what it would be like if you had 3 of your favorite bishounen- tied up and all yours? Currently, Kaiba is running around in Devin's and my mind... in spandex... and wet. XP We're such perverts.

Kaiba: o-O Keep me out of there.

Bakura: Poor you. *pause* HAHA!!

Jou: *joins laughter* HAHAHA!!

Kaiba: *glare*

Anyway, I'm going to extend Hakkyou just a little bit more. I'll have a page to all the myO clubs I've joined. If you haven't noticed, I'm overloaded with myO clubs! O-O

But onto other subjects, thanks for the encouragement about my science project. ^-^ I just want to get it over with.

Also in science class, we're doing a CSI Murder Mystery game. I'm the head prosecution. The funny thing, I'm up against Devin (my best friend in the entire world) who's the head defense. 4th period is now the most interesting. o-O

Bakura: Will you quit babbling on and on about your miserable non-existant life?

Okay! ^-^ BTW, I put up another poll. It's about Christmas. I think i misspelled 'misoltoes'. -_- Yes, I suck at spelling. But that's all. Just a rather big update. ^-^ BAI!

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Friday, December 3, 2004


Well, toldja I was gonna post again. ^-^

Monday- er.. Tuesday I'll be presenting my science project to my Science class. It's 'White Eggs vs Brown Eggs'. o-O I knew I liked eggs, but geez! Anyway, I'm looking forward to it.

Bakura: o-O Eggs? What's so frickin' special about some eggs? Why does everyone like 'em?!

Jou: *eating a painted egg* Because- they're eggs!

>-> How old is that egg, Jou?

Jou: *looks at egg* *shrug* I found it over there. *point*

Kaiba: o-< You idiot. That's the pile of 'never-to-be-seen/touched/eaten/etc.' How can you stand to eat it?!

Jou: I'm hungry.

Bakura: You do realize that things almost a year old? I remember that stupid design Kaiba painted anywhere.

>-> Anyway, I have nothing to do today. But my Uncle Cary is coming today! ^-^ He went over to Iraq, I think, last year and came back -IN ONE PIECE- this year!!

Bakura: Oh, great. More crazy pshycos.

Hey! Don't insult my Uncle Cary. I got my craziness from my mother's side. *nods*

Jou: >-> But you exeded the level of craziness your mother's at. That's got to be your OWN work chugging up in there. *pokes Hemiko in head*

I know! ^-^ *swats Jou's hand away* I took quite a while to get al of this in to a ponytail- SO DON'T MESS IT UP!!

Bakura: *whisper* Did her own hair today- without the mirror?

Kaiba: *whispers back* Yeah. Nearly missed her ride.

Jou: O-O ... *runs away*

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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I changed the theme to DMG. ^-^ Malik's tired of staring at himself. o-O Anyway, gotta go! BYE!

(I'll post again wehn i get home)

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Ain't he the cutest?!

Well, we got our moniter back. o-O That was quick. I must say this and say it loud:


You heard me. Jung-Woo of K2 Kill Me Kiss Me belongs to me!! *glomp* ^_^ Isn't he the most sweetest?

Jou: I've been kicked away like chopped liver.

No, you haven't! You're just... >-> <-< Okay, fine, It's competition. T_T I can't choose!!!

Jung-Woo: ... -_-

Bakura: *sarcastic* Who will win? o-O

Kaiba: The new boy.

Bakura: Yeah. *nod*

Jou: HEY!!

Jung-Woo: *still being glomped* -_- ... *thinking he would much rather have Ghoon-Hahm beat him up than be stuck here with the psycho glomping girl*

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Monday, November 29, 2004


T_T Our moniter has finally worn out. *tear* And to add to it, my sister's internet service has been cut off. *sigh* Bad times, bad times.

Bakura: Ah, good times, good times. *smile*

*glare* Baku, stop being a butthole.

Kaiba: I thought he was worse.

Well, he is. But he's just so bad- I can't even come up with a word for him.

Jou: HAHA!

Jou, stop that. 6-6 You're scaring me. Anyway, I'm afraid to say that you will only hear from me on the weekends until either we get a new moniter OR my siter reactivates her internet service. *sniff* I DON'T WANNA GO!! *glomps Bakura*

Bakura: GET OFF ME!!


~*Much luff, Hemiko

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Friday, November 26, 2004


I-am-bored-! >-< And to occupy myself I shall go write and create yaoi stuff. *glances at Kaiba and then Jou* *grin* FUN!! *runs off*

Bakura: >-> I feel no sympathy for you two. *turns on radio*

~*Much luff, Hemiko

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