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Mastahbetahs (04/22/06)

hey isnt that princess mononoke or somthin...ohwell just to let you know your art kicks ass

areo (04/21/06)

Hey I like your site. I hope you don'tmind me adding you to my friends. LOL! :P Where did you get that cool background? Well talk to you later . :P ^_^

HakuUchihaSama (03/26/06)

Hey lord um whats your name......uh... Your 17 now right!!! oh sorry i forgot to tell you i'm your old friend serenia!!!! Did you see princess mononoke???? It was kewl!! with all the blood and the wolves and the arc!!!!!YA!um well come by my site again my NEW SITE!!! HakuUchihaSama!!!! Lot's of love Serenia

luicifers wife (03/19/06)

Ello,Chaos Eidolon
i must say your art kicks ass!! :D

i was randomly going thu and saw your iconand discided to drop by and say hi soo um

HI!! =^-^=

love your theme...

it seems i ran out of things to say ^^;;

hope to see you around

~take care~

Haru-Chan (03/18/06)

hay just came to see your site are you omyasakas fried.

Hazaa54 (03/15/06)

this is a cool site. i basicly just came herre to ask if i could join your big weapons club. so ummm ill add you as a friend, and plz tell me weather or not i can join


Par-Fait (03/13/06)

And I quote!

"Greetings person of similar age whom i happened to run accross from a friends site! how are you doing on this fine, sunshiny day? quite superb i hope! 000ooo000 lindus is right she is! your art style is undeniably cAyuhuteee! very much so, keep that up! *gaspp* A fellow lurker! what would the world be without us underworld creepers? e.e not much not much. sooo...Kiraa, is that your real name? :P i wonders. *ponders* PIRATES AND NINJAS Wh000t! YES! everyone loves pirates and ninjas! you can call me Cap'n Chaos if ye like cuz everyone knows in the king of the seven sea's minus 7 HAR HAR HAR! :P guess that leaves me with the kiddie pool out back to wallow in. :P welp. *shakes hand* nice meetin yez, cya round the 0 and REMEMBER TO KEEP THE PIRATE SHIZZLE REAL! XO if you dont the midgets will take away your fignuton flavored oatmeal. :O"

How dare you sign my guestbook. D<

Sunshiney day you say?! HA. shurley you jest. D: It's rainy, dark and dreary with a forecast of more rain and blueberry Oompas later on this evening. Don't go in the kiddie pool! There be sharks living in those murky waters! Yes...murky waters of bloody death. *tummy gets rumbley* I hear a rumbly in my tumbly...time for a small smackeral of honey. And booze. *gets drunk like no tomorrow* Cap'n Chaos, I think not! v_v I dub thee Cap'n Crunch because of the cinnamon swirls on the inside. Anyways yes. It is nice to meet a fellow lurkerer in times such as these...rare things. *shakes foot* Pilaging. And FO SURE THOSE MIDGETS GONNA GET THEIR DAMN ASSES KICKED UP THE FASHIZZLE IF THEY DONE STEAL ME OATMEALS. ARRR! >:0

Bo...hahaha? ;o; Don't hurt my hermit crabbie babies!

Oh and your art is sexy. My naughty tongue wants to lick your gallery all over.

Tongue: STFU.

dark shryuuoken (03/10/06)

i never sighned ur gb sorry

PatienceAngel (02/26/06)

Hey thanks for visiting my site. Your site is pretty cool. Princess Mononoke is one of my favorite Miyazaki films.
Who am I kinding I love them all. ^_^
'counting the days till Howl's Moving Castle is released, 10,9,8...'
Hey South Dakota not that bad . . . I think? Originally I'm from Colorado, I'm only up here for school. :)
I hope that someday you can live in the country. I love it and I don't think I will ever be able to live in the city again. But then again I like the convenience of the city. I guess I'm a hybrid. :)

clockwork faerie (02/18/06)

this is a popular color, ne? ^_- i heard about you from silencethedawn, so i came to check out the site. i love it, and you are quite hilarious with your posts. :) keep it up!

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