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HI!!! my name is areo and I LOVE manga and the whole anime collections. I am fun to be around!
Manga and anime is what my site is mostly about if you do not like that then you can leave LOL just joking. I also have diffrent kinds of anime on my site and also all sorts of manga including YAOI!!. I have a wide rang of anime. But i am still a HUGE Loveless fan!! Please do not say anything bad about yaoi or about the other kinds of stuff here!! This site is for fan and fans only Lol well its for everyone... Just enjoy! I will have many topic to dissuce. I am also try to get a chat room for my site. It is still in progresses. I am trying hard to complete this site before the holidays. If any one has any questions you can e-mail me. I can answer any questions dealing with all sorts of things... well ill try anyways.If any one who can help me on makeing this site i would be really great full!! tell me how you like it. and if theres anything you dont like about it just pm me. I like to thank the people who helped me put my site together. THANKYOU!!



Thursday, November 29, 2007

Whats your inner beast??

What's Your Inner Beast? [pics]

The Feline:

The Feline is the symbol for Independence. You have a soul of a Cat inside you, which reflects a sensitive and independant behavior.

Strengths: Normal routines are common in this lifestyle as the Feline doesn't enjoy being brought upon something new because of this calm nature. The Feline is never really seen with many friends because of the indepenence it takes. A high awareness, overly observant, is also common. Some may call you an outcast at times, but you always seem to fit in wherever you are needed.

Flip Side: The past is like the present for you. The memories of long ago, good and bad, haunt your mind, and regret is always on the fringes of your thoughts. You can be very sensitive and shy when it comes to certain topics, and even around people.

Congratulations! You have a Cat inside!

pic (c) Christy Grandjean aka GoldenWolfen

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

   Fruits Basket
Ok i thought i would never read this manga.. i thought to myself that i would never pick that thing up in the entire would.. you know what i mean ..... but a new friend of mine told me that i should give it a try and now im sad to say tat im addicted to it.....>_< i know but i love fruits basket its awsome. i like it so much i plan on dressing for it as cosplay next year. im going as ayumi from it.. i know i know but i have to say this you have to give it a chance belive me youll like it. I really have to say i suprised myself about it.. its good that even my sis likes it and she hates anime .... can you belive that?? i can't i dont think thats even possible i mean come on... my step dad loves the stuff... oh yeah i finally have my own apt now... its finally finished im sooo excited about it...lol dork here but thats ok.. well im cutting this one short.. to all anime lovers out there never leave your anime cold and alone... if you do you should be ashamed of your self. lol ^_^
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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Video Game Music
Ok now i know there is great video game music out there. I myself love some of the songs that play on game. For instance i love the song 1000 words thats on Final Fantasy X-2. Then again i just love that song i will always love it. I also love the theme opening song to Chrono Cross and i also love the opening song to Legend of Dragoons. Now dont get wrong i mean there are some songs that really suck! Lol ok maybe i shouldn't put it like that. Ok they are good challenged. lol yes i know i put that. i dont know what eles to put. Lol well there. Ok now i forgot what i was talking about. OH thats right. Video game music. Luckly i have limewire. I can get all the songs i want for free. Lol :P i know i cheat haha. I need someone that could help me. I need to get a list of pretty good video game songs. T_T anyone please help m ^_^ i would really appericate it lol. >_< ok i think im going to bed i think.... muwhahahaha pancakes are going to take over your dreams...........you know somehting i actaully hate pancakes lol.
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Loveless~ The greatest thing since sliced bread!!
Ok Ok... this is just my ranting here.... lol >_< like always....
well ok i started to read the loveless manga ... they only have the frist three volumes out over here..... well i was shopping around and i stumbled on the loveless dvd's... well i got all three that are over here in america and i loved them... The only bad thing is i have never watched the frist loveless dvd...... when i went to watch it i took it out of the case and it broke on me T_T....... i absoluty cried!!! I have wanted to watch it sooooo bad... well now i can't.... so i went ahead and watched the other two and they were awsome!!!! on the last one it left you off wanting more! And me i want MORE!!! lol well.. since i have watch dvd number 2 and 3... i sooo badly want to see number 1... the only thing is i dont know where to look. i dont like odering online to much.... so i htought that i might try and look at walden or something like that.... Do you think that might be a good idea??? I so can't wait till tokyo pop relases number 4 of the manga.. Grant it not i like manga better than anime anytime... but the anime for loveless is just as good maybe even better. ok i think i was over doing that one.. * worships tokyo pop and their feet* LOL ^_^ I NEED MORE!!!! MORE I TELL YOU!!! oops sorry about that i let myself get ahead of myself on that one.... I was also wondering if anyone eles here is a loveless fan? As you can tell by my site! i have changed it soo dermaticly... lol i thought that i needed a change plus i like it the colors are pretty.... lol Man i have written a lot here lol. i was wondering how long i could keep this going until i started to repeat myself... im trying for a long on here. OMG i know what eles.... I just downloaded a bunch of anime and game songs!!!! And yes i download the opeing and ending of loveless... * hides head in shame* lol im very pathetic... more a less addiacted to it.... Its the greatest thing since sliced bread!! lol now that is a corny line there. No i was talking to one of my friends today and we happedn to get onto the subject of corny pickup lines... Our top corny pickup line is.......... *drum roll please* Are you feet tired? because youve been running through my mind all day! HAHAHAHA omg isn't that the cornest line ever... i would actually like to meet someone who has actually fallen for that. lol.... Now that would be a very gauible person... i think it would be... But honestly why do people like to use such cirny pick up lines.. i mean do they actually know there corny or not.. and if they dont... what the hell are you thinking... lol i mean sometimes they can be cute but on the other hand you look at the person and want to say oh just gage me now will you.... Muwhahahahahahaha i think i actually made a long one this time....well i should go ...and stop my ranting.. sorry i switch to so many topics.. i just write what comes to my mind 99% of the time.. i dont think on one thing to long unless its very serious. lol ^_^ how sad of me T_T lol ... ok im gone now. lol im off to watch a movie muwhahahaha .lol
crazy person out! ^_^

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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Deal with it for now
Hey i know my site is hard to read but please deal with it for now im trying to fix everything and its not that easy.. im haveing problems trying to figure out what i want... i know i know but please just highlight my text and its easier to read for now lol. bye and sorry ^_^
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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

New Yaoi just read
I just read a new yaoi and it was dam good!!! OK i just finished reading one of my friends yaoi's that she bought. Well llet me tell you.... IT WAS FREAKING AWSOME!!!! The art was supurb! I give it all the thimbs up. The manga is called Skyscrapers of Oz. I think if your a big time Yaoi reader youll really love this one..
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Hey i kow its been a long long time .... well ive been working at a new job and all. hahahaha well. anyways... My intorduced me too haven!!! LOL i know im being over dramatic. lol Well anyways im serious! I use to only read manga manga.. you know chobits and stuff like that. Well my friend intorduced me to YAOI!!! And now that ive been reading that i can't go back to reading normal manga >_< Man i knew this would happend to me! LOL well i was just wondering if there are any other YAOI fans out there. Lol .. One of my favorite yaois is Gavitation.. Well actually that was my first yaoi. any whos im sorry that haven't been on in a long long long long LONG while. lol.. i guess i'll have to come on more on lately. Well i'll try at least ^_^.. Ill see youall around....
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