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Hello. I'm Hazaa, I love videogames, animes are cool, but sports music nd starwars are better. Im pretty boaring, and have a tough time expressing opinions, but ill try my best. Im a yu-gi-oh card player. Yu-gi-oh is great, but my favorite anime is
Cowboy Bebop and my favorite manga is Onepiece. I love to play basketball, itís a beautiful sport. I enjoy wookies. Above all, my first love is videogames. Im not great at em, but I love to play them. Thatís me in a nutshell.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

High School Conclusion
Today wuz my last day of high sckool. this is really weird. ive made a lot of friends at high school, but also didnt talk to as many people as i wanted too. there was this one girl who i really liked. like i liked liked her a lot. i wanted to kiss her this one time in math class, and i almost did but she looked at me and i said i had to go to the bathroom so she wouldnt look at me. then i came back in the room with toilet paper on my shoe. ive always wanted to talk to her but she never even looked at me... im so freaking ugly... But next year im goin to syracuse for college. im gunna play intermural bball and meet kooewl peeple. i hope someone reads this... if not, i might kill myself... lol ^_^ jk. but seriously...

This iz weird.


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Saturday, November 5, 2005

Star Wars Extravaganza
I'd like to start off by asking if you guys can see my new bg. i finally changed it from the one that only about half of you could see, so im hoping more people can see this one.

Now that we've gotten that cleared up, let's talk some star wars. so tomarrow, im spending all day at darthcallahan's house to watch all 6 star wars movies, in consecutive order for (i just did the math, this is accurate) THIRTEEN HOURS AND FORTY MINUTES. that's two whole school days, plus another days worth of detention. I dunno if my body has the stamina to take it, im hoping so, but im having some doubts. well, either way, it should be fun. We've been planning this for months, and i cant believe its finally here. it'll take more than the whole day to get it overwith. i cant wait. i guess ill report back when its over, and tell you how it went, so until then, stare at these movie posters from each one of the films.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Finally i have something to post!! okay, to start off, i finally fixed my buttons, thanks to the help of sugar high nut. secondly, i'm taking one more stab at getting my bg to work. i got the same picture, but from a different site, so hopefully y'all will be able to see this one. Enuff about my site, cause that seems to be all i ever post about. NOW ENTER THE MYSTERIOUS WORLD OF HAZAA54 *spooky music appears*

well, yesterday was really good for me. we had an orchestra concert, and i got to miss the whole day of school for it (i play the stand up bass). we played 4 concerts, one at each elementary school in our town. it was really fun missing a whole day of school, but there is some downside to it. for one, i have a shitload of stuff to make up, and to add to that pain in the ass, i had to play each song 5 times!!!! most of you guys probibly dont understand the pain that causes me, but ill try to explain it to you. its like im soooo sick of those songs now, if i ever hear one again, i'll probibly SNAPPPPP!!!!!!!!!! alright, whatever, im cool im cool. overall it was a really great experiance though. the little kids seemed to enjoy it, and it was so funney, cause i was talking to this little kid while we were eating lunch, and i was wearing my halo 2 shirt, and he saw it, and he was talking to me about halo and stuff, it was pretty neat. but thats not the awesome part. the cool part is that when we were playing the concert, our teacher/conducter/wutever you wanna calle her asked the kids what the song reminded them of, and that same little kid who i was talking to raised his hand and said halo. now, im not one to use this word often, but i feel that this situation calls for the word cute to be used. it was so cute when he did that, and then he waved to me. that was cool

thats about it, sorry for the long post w/o pics or anything spicey. for those of you who accually read it, thank you, for those of you who skimmed, thanks for trying.

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