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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Night wherever you are. Well I'm back in Keyboarding class once again and the school is so empty because it was the Seniors last day yesterday so it seems quite lonely. Anywayz I wish it was June 18(whoops gomen::punches head:: I meant the 8th) because that's our last day and I really gotta make a yearbook. My friend was crazy enough to buy the yearbook which cost around $63 and they're not even colored why back in middle school ours were in color. She gonna buy one for every year. Me I just gonna get one in my senior year the best year to get it. So yearbook $63 or homemade yearbook $5::makes arms act like scales::I think I'll go with having everybody signing a notebook and take picturing then putting them in the notebook. Yes I'll do that.
By the way, I'm thinking of posting up different pictures from different animes since I'm running out of ideas for Saiyuki pictures hahahaha

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Okay today was somewhat of a good day. First I went to Physics which was okay but I have to finish a report which is totally late and I got 20 point taken off. After that I went to English which was a total BITE IN THE ASS!! MY TEACHER IS A BITCH I GOT IN TROUBLE FOR THE LITTLEST THING I THINK SHE GOT SOMETHING AGAINST ALL OF US BECAUSE OF OUR RACE OR SOMETHING then she has the decency to put my friend on the spot by calling her indirectly ignorant. THAT BITCH!!! Then I decided to skip US History(ssh don't tell anyone) partially because I didn't want to go and because I was kidnapped but anywayz I get to fourth lunch(they use to have three lunches but since the freshman class which is me GO 08!!! is huge they had to add another lunch) My friend and I decided to hang out near the exit that's near the library and note that my friend isn't suppose to be near my other friend because of a sorta of restraining because she afraid he might attack her again but she decided to hang out with him and I guess she now knows that my other friend and him are hanging out. So anywayz my friend is in ROTC which has something to do with the military and so I take his jacket and put it on which made me look like a dork hahaha. So anywayz I'm sick and he's a real germaphobe(he hates germs) and so to make fun of him I pretended to sneeze on him and cough on his jacket. Then all of a sudden we hear some yelling from the lunch room so I ignored my friend telling me to stay back and go to check it out and all of a sudden the kids start running towards us so we all yell out STAMPEDE!! and run outside. Apparently there was a food fight we was planned because it's the seniors last day and all and earlier my princpal ADOLF HILTER LOOK ALIKE!! comes over the PA telling us not to have any food in the class and whatever the teachers had planned in their classes like parties to cancel them. So after that I went to Algebra and all of a suddenly a fight breaks out this kid was being forced down to the ground by a security gaurd and another kid jumped the gaurd to get him off his friend but is pushed to the ground. I was like DAMN!!! So then I went home and I find my UNCLE HAS COME TO VISIT US HE'S SO COOL!!! Then I spent my day on the computer looking for this song and I ended up finding the song along with some other ones and burning them. Oh I just found out that a bus from my school crashed not far from where I live well it was actually hit by a cement truck then a car yesterday. I think I could've seen the bus but I didn't ride the bus that day since I walked to my mom's job. So actually it was another crazy day MAN WHAT A CRAZY WEEK SO FAR!!!

Oh and one thing I would kindly appreciate it especially for people that are seniors in high school or adults to please NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!! A few days ago a person from my school died in a car crash by a drunk driver and the car that crashed is displayed out in front of the school and with the upcoming prom I do hope that all the seniors are safe.

Well enough rambling for today!! Sayonara

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

   Nothing To Do
YAY IT'S A GROUP PICTURE OF THE SAIYUKI BOYS AND KOUGAJI AND CO!!! Anywayz I'm bored as hell in Keyboarding and I just hope this day is gonna be a shiity day and at least I'm walking to McDonald after school. Ahh the joys of having a fast food restauruant near your school. YAY!!!!::stomach grumbles:: Just thinking about makes me hungry.
Sanzo:Oh joy another Goku
Sanzo:Bite me
Me:Alright that's it I'm kicking your ass!!!
::jumps on him and both start fighting::

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Monday, May 16, 2005

Okay today was an average day but still good. First I didn't do much in Physics which of course is a bite in the ass. Then I go to English I had to do a test in there AGAIN but at least I had a subsitute so that made it alittle better and after the test I've spent the rest of the class joking around and shit. So anywayz on to History my teacher is so cool he gave us Twizzlers which before he was charging us $5 so then after that he all of a sudden said FREE FOR ALL and threw them out and everybody jumps up including me to get the Twizzlers and then he gave us some CHOCOLATE!!! Then he thought it was hilarious of how we all jump up to get the candy and went to get some more so we got even more then when it was FREE FOR ALL time again I was the first one to get it so HURRAY FOR ME!!! Then a boy I knew got the last one and in doing so when five other people crash into him he fell and broke the teacher's desk. HAHAHAHAHA At least it didn't break that much and Mr. Battles(he's violent sometimes how ironic) would've have been in a shitload of trouble because the classroom wasn't his and then the insane exorcist come and bugs me yet again and so when he didn't stop I stabbed him in his arm with my pen so I guess he's right that I am a violent person. So US History I went to Algebra which I didn't do alot of work and tommorow my teacher's last day since she's sorta of a subsitute so she going to a new job in Chicago or something and I'm gonna miss her cause she was a tight teacher and she helped to understand math better by staying after school with me::sniffs:: OH WELL I'LL GET OVER IT!!! And now I'm home writing this post so you could all say my day was sorta crazy hahahaha. Well off to watch more SAIYUKI til next post Sayonara::sits in front of T.V.::
P.S. Here's a picture for you guys ENJOY!!!

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

   Nothing to Post!!!
Not much to post today except this picture of Yoane ENJOY!!!!!!!!
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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Okay first here's a picture of Kougaji. Anywayz for all those whose Catholic I just got confirmed and after that I went out for a brunch or lunch or whatever so HURRAY FOR ME. Then after that I went to a baby shower for my mom's co-worker's wife. After that I went to Best Buy and got SAIYUKI'S DOUBLE BARREL 2!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I went to Starbucks for a Java Chip which can't be good without...CHOCOLATE!!!! And now it's raining and storming which of course I love. So I like it when it storms big deal. Anywayz that was my day and boy was it hectic. Til next post Sayonara!!
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Friday, May 13, 2005

   Yay It's Friday
Ok here's a picture for my friend Lirin!!
Finally today it's Friday but unfortunately I have to postpone doing the Saiyuki Scene of the Day until I get a new Saiyuki DVD and watched it at least five times. HAHAHA Anywayz I hope everyone else's Friday is going as good as mine. Okay I've posted up earlier that I sometimes don't like Friday and here's why it's because I sometimes get a test on Friday and I just don't feel like working especially in English cause I have this test for Romeo and Juliet on quotes where I have to name not only the person who said it but the Act and Scene as well. MAN WHAT A BITE IN THE ASS but at least it's open book so that's good. And my Spanish teacher has got me copying all these notes for the Final that I don't have to take or I do have to take but don't have to pass or WHATEVER!!! Man that's why I don't like Fridays sometimes in fact sometimes I just hate the end of the school year::sigh:: And tomorrow I'm getting comfirmed at church and so now I have to go to rehersal with my cousin/sponsor today and what not then get to the church by 9:15 A.M. on Saturday. Man I'm gonna be busy this weekend. I just wanna go to sleep...

Me::puts head on her desk and falls asleep::ZzZzZzZzZzZ
Tenpou::slams papers down on her desk::WAKEY WAKEY!!!
Me:AHHHHH I'M AWAKE I'M AWAKE!!!!::has a paper stuck to her forehead::
Tenpou::puts a pen in her hand::More papers....
Me:To sign right I got it I got it::sigh and starts signing papers::Shit...I'm gonna be busy,stressed,aching,tired, and pissed
Tenpou:All the joys of being Commander
Me:Shut up::throws a rock at him::
Tenpou:That why you missed::walks out::
Me:I have a life ya know!!
::continues mumbling to herself and signing papers::

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Okay this happened two days ago but I'm still sadden by this. I found this girl that goes to my school has died from cancer two days ago and she has a one month baby and even though I didn't know her I was shocked and sad. Well anywayz today was just another average day I didn't have to do alot of work today and my teacher wasn't such a bitch to me today except he got the violin on me because I didn't understand the homework he assigned us. At least he didn't collect it. Anywayz here's another Saiyuki Gaiden so cool ENJOY!!!! Til next post Sayonara!!!
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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Okay today was just an average day but at least I didn't do as much work today. Okay I get to English class expecting to finish this frigging ECR that's a bite in the ass but instead we get to watch the original Romeo and Juliet. At least it's a beautiful day today. It's such a good day

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

   Ok I Can Finally Post!!
Okay today was really hectic. First, I had to deal with the insane exorcist in my History class that thinks I'm possessed cause I wear this cat's eye jewel necklace and now he grabs me and pull me towards the other side of the classroom and there was a T.V. right next to me that could conceal us so people thought something else was going on but we ended up fight each other and my history teacher doesn't do anything cause he knew we were just playing but eggs us on. After school I had to walk to my mom's job which isn't far thank God and so I've decided to walk with two of my friends. Oh here's the thing one of my friends was the one who started the whole fist fight between my other friend and what not and my other friend is the one who was right in the middle of it. They made up and now are friends again but decided to keep it from my friend who got beaten up by him since she doesn't want us to hang with him. But anywayz we're on our way to my mom's job and they keep bugging me to buy them something from McDonald's and so I gave in and bought them an ice cream cone, a strawberry shake, and me a CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE!!! So after that my mom and I go to Kohl's to find me an outfit for Saturday since I'm getting confirmed that day but I'll talk about that later. I got this nice outfit it's black with purple flowers on it with these nice sandals. Afterwards I went grocery shopping and got a crap full of stuff to kill time til I got my nails done. Then I got my nails done and now they're a crimsom red and I LOVE IT!!! Now I'm here writing this post about my day. Phew what a day here's a picture of the Saiyuki boys. ENJOY!!! Til next post SAYONARA!!!::blows kisses::
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