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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Today was definately an off day. As soon as I got to school, we had three fire drills in a row which we had to reply to them all by going out into the cold. Then we took a test in English and Biology. I think I fail both. T.T And...Well just tons of bad things. It's frustrating. *sigh*

You know how I said the Christmas Concert was gonna be a bad one? Well it ended up perfect! The band played perfectly, I got a chocolate cake that my sister had made the said, 'Good luck, Jess!' and she ended up showing up! She's the one that got lucky. Her work told her that she could get off with no pay, but it wouldn't go against her if she took it off. She agreed, but I didn't know she was coming until I looked up whilst talking to my friends and, there she was! It made me so happy! And so nervous! I wasn't as anxious until she showed up. I wanted to show her how good I was, so I played my ass off and it turned out great! I'm so happy! My dad even enjoyed it! He usually gets bored. I think it was the new auditorium. He said his butt was really comfy. XD

Well, that's it!


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Monday, December 18, 2006


Greetin's, cow ladies and males! How are you dooin' this fine, summer day? I'll tell yas, ANXTIOUS! XC I have to go to a Christmas Concert for band soon, and I'm kinda nervous! Our school got this new auditorium and in it you can hear EVERYTHING! I mean everything, as in every little squeak of a clarinet, every little slightly off time beat of a drummer, every little wrong note, EVERYTHING! AUGH! *Rubs hands together* If you're wondering about the hand thing, I rub them together when I get nervous. ANYWAYS! Ahh! Mr.Bartlett pulled out him mind whip today because he was nervous about the auditorium, too. He says he has faith in us and that he knows we won't screw everything up, but you can tell by the way he acts that he's trying too hard to act casual. *sigh* My sister made a cake for me. She's not going to be able to come, so she made a chocolate cake and wrote good luck in it with a knife. O.O Kinda scary now that I think about it, but I ended up getting a very large piece because I wearing heels tonight, and I need all the good luck I can possibly get!

Thanx for listening!


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Sunday, December 17, 2006

I found this. I like it.
Now I will make you suffer by telling you of my day... I sat around playing FF12. Then ate chili!. Now I feel sick... Oh! Friday was horrible. The band had to play at two games in a row... So alot of people from like, swimming, had to be at the school for about 16 hours since they had to get there at 6 in the morning. And now I'm surfing the internet. Looking for something to do. Does anyone know something to do to pass the time?

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Meow. So today was interesting. I forgot to bring back Kayla's trumpet from last summer. Then I accidentally brought my math book to my English class and had to stand up in front of the room the entire period. T.T Life sux! Grr.

Later today, I was planning to go to see the little kids' christmas program (still deciding if I want to) and I wanted to go with somebody so I wouldn't feel so out of place. I called Wolfy, and she said she didn't want to waste her precious internet time (which I kinda get since she can only get on once a week) and then i called Megan, and Kelsey, but they weren't home. And my best friend, Kristen is at her parent's house today. *sigh* If I go, i go alone.

Well, that's the just of it.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Apples and Bananas.

Greetings and well met! XD Just kiddin'! Wow. I really need to pick up some new subject names. *sigh* It's getting pretty bad when I have to say apples and bananas. It doesn't have anything to do with anything.

Yeah. So, today was interesting. I found out that I liked more guys than I though. My favorite's still hothead, though. I used to think I only liked him because he was better at trumpet, and I just kinda got used to that fact and respected him for it. Now I know for sure that it's not the only reason.

Another thing. It's raining! IT'S THE MIDDLE OF DECEMBER, AND IT'S F*CKING RAINING! WTF?! I have a feeling we're not gonna have any snow on the ground before Christmas. It'll be a sad one this year I have a feeling. I asked the parents not to get me a ps3 or a laptop like I originally asked for. They're way to expensive.

Well. I hope that this long day makes up for the last short one. See ya!

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hey. Today was lazy! YAY! I took a really long, really hot shower today and used all the hot water in the house. XD Yay! Then we ate Pizza Hut. Yay!
The End!

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Saturday, December 9, 2006

I adopted a Naruto chibi! ^.^

Name: Kakashi

Likes: Porn, reading, getting caught in the rain, and Chess.

Dislikes: Mean people (Itachi), drugs, and people with bags under their eyes. (Itachi)

Owner: Master Bloop

Click here to adopt your own Naruto chibi!

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I feel so sad! I missed out on going to Lauren's today with toni! T.T Life's not fair! My sister made me leave before I got a chance to call her this morning so she didn't know til' just now that I wasn't coming, and it's like 8 o'clock. SORRY LAUREN!
But I did have fun today, even if it wasn't as much fun as I would have had at her's. Me and my sister got to hang out without her fat, annoying boyfriend ruining everything. *sigh* It was awesome. I was four new manga that I wanted, including Fruits Bastket. X3
Oh! And my favorite post is the one below. I didn't feel like posting another picture today. Sorry! Maybe I'll modify my post tommorow.... prolly not. See ya!


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Friday, December 8, 2006

OMG! I just had a sneak peak (i know, not spelled right) at the new Final Fantasy that's comin' out next year! *eyes roll into the back of her head* The pictures above are a couple of main character that goes by the name of... well I have no idea. But he's totally hot! Actually, he looks like a Cloud Strife wannabe.... oh well. I'm really looking forward to this game, though I know little about it.
Here's the trailer!

and another!

Actually, after seeing that trailer, I'm not sure which one's the main character after all. Oh well.
It's for the PLAYSTATION 3 THOUGH!! XC NOOO! I may never get it! IT SUX MONKEY BALLS!

That's all I'm gonna be able to talk about for the rest of the night, and I want to do more research on it, so I'm gonna get off.... and I'll watch the trailer for it about 20 more times before I go to sleep. X3
See ya!

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Thursday, December 7, 2006

eh he... meow.

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So. Today was interesting.... again. Of course it was. Just like every other day in my life. Interesting. I had a cleaning spree last night. XD Have you ever been on one like that? Where you get to angry or happy that just sitting around isn't enough, and the thought of going outside... with the sun, just doesn't appeal to you either? So you just pick up a broom, get a dish rag, and start scrubbin'. It's rare that I ever get on these you see.

We also had a poster test today over the poster me and my nonexistant partner worked on. I say nonexistant because I did all the grunt work, she just pasted everything on. T.T Life's so unfair.
Anyways, I ended up with this one chick who I knew the year before, but forgot her name. ^^' It sucked! I was like, "Should I put both of our names on here?" she said yes, and I scribbled my name down and just stared at the sheet like it was foreign to me. "What's wrong," she asks. "Uh... what's your name again?" God it was embarrasing. She remembered mine, but no! I just couldn't remember one damn name.

I'm planning the rest of my night right now. It involves me, a heater blanket, food, and a good movie. Maybe I'll watch Oliver and Company. I haven't seen that for awhile. Well, see yall!


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