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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Today was definately an off day. As soon as I got to school, we had three fire drills in a row which we had to reply to them all by going out into the cold. Then we took a test in English and Biology. I think I fail both. T.T And...Well just tons of bad things. It's frustrating. *sigh*

You know how I said the Christmas Concert was gonna be a bad one? Well it ended up perfect! The band played perfectly, I got a chocolate cake that my sister had made the said, 'Good luck, Jess!' and she ended up showing up! She's the one that got lucky. Her work told her that she could get off with no pay, but it wouldn't go against her if she took it off. She agreed, but I didn't know she was coming until I looked up whilst talking to my friends and, there she was! It made me so happy! And so nervous! I wasn't as anxious until she showed up. I wanted to show her how good I was, so I played my ass off and it turned out great! I'm so happy! My dad even enjoyed it! He usually gets bored. I think it was the new auditorium. He said his butt was really comfy. XD

Well, that's it!


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