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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Meow. So today was interesting. I forgot to bring back Kayla's trumpet from last summer. Then I accidentally brought my math book to my English class and had to stand up in front of the room the entire period. T.T Life sux! Grr.

Later today, I was planning to go to see the little kids' christmas program (still deciding if I want to) and I wanted to go with somebody so I wouldn't feel so out of place. I called Wolfy, and she said she didn't want to waste her precious internet time (which I kinda get since she can only get on once a week) and then i called Megan, and Kelsey, but they weren't home. And my best friend, Kristen is at her parent's house today. *sigh* If I go, i go alone.

Well, that's the just of it.

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