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Thursday, December 7, 2006

eh he... meow.

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So. Today was interesting.... again. Of course it was. Just like every other day in my life. Interesting. I had a cleaning spree last night. XD Have you ever been on one like that? Where you get to angry or happy that just sitting around isn't enough, and the thought of going outside... with the sun, just doesn't appeal to you either? So you just pick up a broom, get a dish rag, and start scrubbin'. It's rare that I ever get on these you see.

We also had a poster test today over the poster me and my nonexistant partner worked on. I say nonexistant because I did all the grunt work, she just pasted everything on. T.T Life's so unfair.
Anyways, I ended up with this one chick who I knew the year before, but forgot her name. ^^' It sucked! I was like, "Should I put both of our names on here?" she said yes, and I scribbled my name down and just stared at the sheet like it was foreign to me. "What's wrong," she asks. "Uh... what's your name again?" God it was embarrasing. She remembered mine, but no! I just couldn't remember one damn name.

I'm planning the rest of my night right now. It involves me, a heater blanket, food, and a good movie. Maybe I'll watch Oliver and Company. I haven't seen that for awhile. Well, see yall!


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