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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dun dun dunnnnnn..........

Woah. I totally forgot about this place. ^^' I'm sorry. I feel really bad. There's not a good excuse as to where I was, I was just living. XD So! Let's see... Final Fantasy. Yeah. I was just rerererererererererewatching Advent Children and I realized I havn't really looked much into Zack.. or Zax. He has two names on the enternet. I don't know which to go by, but I think I'll just call him Zack. I hate it when you never for sure know how to spell the name. Like, Aerith. Some people say Aeris. Then there's Koga, and people write it Kouga. I'm always so confused. T.T I always upset someone. XC Let's see.... Christmas is coming up! A friend of mine told me that Enix is FINALLY remaking FFVII for the PS3!!!!! Not like I have one, but you can bet that I'm buying one when I hear when the game's coming out. I don't care if I have to buy it myself, using college money. BI I've had a couple dreams lately that've weirded me out a bit. Let's see.... There was the one about me dating James and us having a one year anniversary and celebrating by holding hands. For some reason doing this made us blush and it felt really... nice? I don't know. Anyways. Later in the dream, my friend Bubbie became Spiderman and I ran into a clown who turned out to be Robby Knight... and instead of his hair being curly and blonde, it was black, string and... he was dressed as a clown... yeah. That's weird. Anywho!
I'm surprised I didn't do a theme about Bleach since I've been strangely obsessed with it lately. Oh well. I've been seeing some really good Orihime pairings, too! There's Grimmjow, and ♥♥Ulquiorra♥♥ and Ichigo. I know that's pretty average, but it wasn't until recently that I was into Orihime pairings. Now she's one of my favorite people on the show. X333 Well, best be goin'. If you don't write, or read, I understand. I havn't been on in so long. ^^'' I felt the need to do something on here today.
Lurv ya'll!!

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