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Monday, September 13, 2004

here are just some little poems things that i have wrighten and yes i know i cant spell to save my life... o pleas tell me it you would like to see more thanks...

The wolf will show you to the road….
When it rains does not hide in side come out
And play
And when there is no one around just look up the path to the wolf and she will come and show you the path to the happens if you chouse to go
When it snows goes out and makes a snow mad and if you feel cold just look up the path and you will see the wolf and she will be waiting for you if you need her
She is the girding of death and life
And she will let you choose your path
Just trust you’re self and you will go the right way
The wolf will show you the road

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Your anime expression is content!

What's Your Anime Expression?
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Generate your Anime Style by Jena-su
Hair:Naturally multi-coloured.
Clothes:Long, super cool trenchcoats.
Special Features:Cat ears and tail
Sidekick:Small dragon.
Attitude:Evil. Just...Evil.
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You're a "Black Angel" which means your
an Angel of Death. You don't really care much
about people since no one was particularly nice
to you and now you want revenge for their
cruelty. You're always alone unless forced to
be with other people and you love to cause
trouble. You feel depressed a lot and don't
have something that could cheer you up like
most people. You don't find joy in people or
the arts or any item or some sort. You have
darker desires and you're very secretive.
(please forgive me if you cannot see the pics.
I'm having some difficulty with them. If you'd
like to see your result picture, email me @
soccerprincess@sunsemi.com and tell me ur

What Color Angel Are You? (PICS)
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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Guys just love...how shy and sweet you are!

What Do Guys Love About You? (with pics :3)
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Location Represents
A dream... you are sensitive, shy, and can become
attached to others when they get to know you.
Perhaps you should try making new friends, or
joining a club. After all, you can't live life

~ What Location Represents You? (cool pics)~
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   The cutese pirson i have ever seen ...
this is my best Friend Andrew. hes the on i can count on when i need some on to talk to and he makes me laught lots too... ok this is not realy a good pic but i do not care...

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You're a Winter. You very much enjoy your time
alone but do like other people's company
sometimes. You just need your space. You have a
few priviledged friends who saw past your
colder exterior to find the true you. You can
have pretty bad mood swings (though you hate to
admit it) so you could be soft one second then
storming around the next! But over all, you're
a very pleasant person once people take the
time to get to know you. You're a good friend
for in-depth talks. You're very talanted when
it comes to creative things.

What season are you? (pics)
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just some people do not get it when you tell them to back off.. and well what do they do they do it agian and then they get pomoled to the ground and still do not get it...
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Friday, September 10, 2004

It's perfect to be yourself...
You are a normal friend...the old and good casual
friend...it's nice to have you around...you are
funny and talkative...good company for all

What kind of friend are you?(anime pics)
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