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Monday, October 18, 2004

Yes i have some new greetings up now ^_^ i so happy it took for ever to get them up ^_^ * douse a little dance * ok hpoe you all like them and i will be trying to get some more pu ok see oyui later bye bye
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nuthing to say
rright noe sadly i have nuthing to say... so i am goin to try to find so quizes to do so i can pit them to today then i might have sime thing to say lol ok i am off to school bye bye
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Saturday, October 16, 2004

my other friend
i have this friend and well she is weird... but in a goood why you know... her neamr stars with an S and well she sounds funny lol. well its a funny for up were we live... hey i even sound funny for were i live but the world gos round. ok i am douse telling you about my friend... lol have a grate day every one
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Friday, October 15, 2004

   this is me i think...
well i hate how i look and i am crying in this pic... the only think i like about my pic is MY HAT I LOVE THAT HAT and i have this gram and she wants to get rid of it... cry my poor poor hat ... well ok bye bye all have a good nights...

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

what i am to day
lol well to day i am a cat.... i am all gray with black stripes and bright bule eyes hehehe well ok i am out hehehe lol i am goin to hunt some mice hehehe.......
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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

ooo new greeting is up
o my god finoly one greeting got posted i put them up umm a week ago so well who knows when the other ones will be up well ok i am out bye bye you all have a grate night now...
Stacey / mave

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Monday, October 11, 2004

color or something i for got
Blue: You are a protector. You have unimagineable
inner stength, its no wonder people come to you
for help! You possess clairty of the thoughts,
and are capable of keeping your cool even in
the toughest situations. Though you think with
your mind rather then your heart, that doesnt
stop you from being as imaginative and calm is
as you are. You make things right, and rid the
world of wrongs. You believe in truth and
justice, yet you rarely put your trust into
others. You are the only person you rely on. A
typical super-hero!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!What colour is your spirit?(with great pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

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Saturday, October 9, 2004

i do not like this one what you think??

1, 2 ,3
wind, rain , flam's

i can see it all i nyour face
as i walk by oyu
this was your last chanse
and well you let it all
go to you head and well
you see my walking through
the flams as it rains with the
wind blowing in my hair and
you see what you have lost well
heres my good bye.

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poem... it douse not have a name
i walk down the stree
and see you
i just want to stop
and run to you but

i know it all over
and here i go
i am on my own
living in my own helll or
is this heavon??

where were you when
i fell and cute my hand open
i cryed for you all night
wishing that it was
all a dream
and i will for ever
be this way

i see it in your eyes
how lost you are
but i guess we
had to do it because
we could just not
tack any more
so here i am saying good bye
and if you need a friend
when your in the
dark i will be here
for you no mater the time of
day so this is were i have to walk right by you know
so here is my good bye...

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poem..... Moon light Dancer
i dance in the moon light where i am hiden from every ones eyes
i pray in the night where i am free from all that look down on me
i am just a demon angel

i can dance in all the
pine that the world
holds and if you could see in to
ny eyes you would die in the night

i dance in the moon
light where demons
and vamps sing and
laugh all there time away.

sing my song and
i will live on to
the end of time i
will be know as the
demon angel and i will
for ever dance in the
moon light.

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