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Saturday, October 30, 2004

   yup anuth poem and pic..
you dance acrox my hart
i think that i am just a fool
i look at you and i fall into
the eyes of yours
when i am staning on a beach
i can her your voice in the waves.
i love you...
you danc eon my hate and i wish i did not let you go....
because i feel so lost...
i let you in to my hart
i know i shouldent have douse that
but what am i going to do??
i was traped in your blue eyes...
well here i am not think of you
i can see you face in the clouds
i here you voice in the wind
there are time that i would cry becasue i miss you
you danced on my hart...

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   i poem with a pics.......
i sing my song
to the trees
i dance
in the sunlight
when ththe cold winters come
i am here and i am ready...
i will be the flame that dances
i will be the light
that give hope
in the night
i fly in the wind
they gide my silver wings
when i fall i can look up to the
in the night i am free
to do as i pleas...
so i dance in the sky wereno one can see me ...
i sing my song....

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Friday, October 29, 2004

poem 2
danceing in the flames
i am the one that you see whats not wrong
but if you look closer you
will see it all
the pain
the sorrow
when i sing in the rain
think that i may not be what you see.......
think of the eyes of the black blue fur....
think of the wolf that your see in your dreams....
i will fall in to the shadows....
i will be one with the flames
i will hide in the rain

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poems 1
has there ever been a time that you just wish you would just vanish?? ummmm
well heres a poem for you all...

when the moon light glows in the shadows and the wold holws
just think of me
because you may see my body and not my mind
rember that life is fragol
when the wolf howls its sad sad song think of me in the glow of the moon
think of how i am free
think of the happy times...
think of the times that i told you all of my secrets...
when the moon light touches only the shadows
and the wolf howls in the night
pleas rember me...

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Thursday, October 28, 2004

   i have a dream...
lol it is a little dream but still it is in a way.. i wish to have my name in the top 500 list one of theas days.. so i can be happy and thank al lthat helped me get there but ok well have a nice night i am going to go off to be kk nigths...
zzzzz your friend

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i have add new greetings hope you like tem lots.. ok bye bye
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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

   more pics..
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   a pic
i love this pic lots..
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