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Saturday, March 19, 2005

   new theme
yup. i decided to have a kare kano theme. i find it cute, both the story and the images. i'm not going to talk a lot here for now. i still have things to accomplish. i still won't have enough time to visit so please understand. i know you would. thanks ^_^ anyway here's some kare kano pics. hope you'll like them

Why not enjoy yourselves with this? WATCH VIDEO
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Sunday, March 13, 2005

   last day of theme
yup, this will be the last day of my theme Sorcerous Stabber Orphen ^_^ I'm thinking of a new theme now. i won't be here for a week coz i have to finish first my requirements. But i'll try to visit if i can. I'll miss you guys ^_^ here's the final SSO pic

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

   when the going gets tough....the tough gets going
waha! semestral break's near. of course, expect loads and loads of exams, final papers, reflection papers, etc. i know i'll get over these. thanks for the support guys. you're so sweet! that's why i love you all *hugs* nothing unusual happened today. ah no wait, there is this very unusual thing. mmm...i had an argument with someone in class. actually it's not a serious argument, it's a group discussion. but later on we're getting confused on where she stand whether she's against the topic or not. i just noticed my classmates giving her a what-are-you-talking-about look that's why i started telling the whole class my stand and questioning the speaker. i somewhat represent the class and it's really flattering. we're not yet done with the discussion and it's going to be continued on friday. well, i just hope it'll turn out good. anyway, i'll go visit now your sites. good day minna-san! *hugs*

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Monday, March 7, 2005

well, i hope you'll like my new theme. it's sorcerous stabber orphen. i'll try to visit next time okies? i'm running out of time and i have to get to school as fast as i could. but before that, i want to share you a scene based on experience ^_^

(In a jeepney-> a public vehicle used in commuting)
*beep beep*
Mark Raven: We'll be late! This traffic is driving me nuts! Our exam is about to start in a few minutes!
*jeepneys and ohter vehicles still not moving*
Mark Raven: I can't take this anymore! I'm walking! How about you guys?
Reigna: -_-
Rose Ann: Haven't heard of the saying "Patience is a virtue," dummy?
*beep beep*
Mark Raven: Well now it's not! So who's with me?...
Rose Ann: -_-
Reigna: -_-
Mark Raven: FINE! *stomps feet* I'll see you crying in school for a missed exam!*starts getting off the jeepney*
Mark Raven: BEEEEHH!!! *sticks tongue out*
Jeepney: VROOOM! *starts moving fast with Mark Raven left behind*
Mark Raven: o_0 *stiffened*
Reigna: I can see school over here! ^____^
Rose Ann: Is that the shool bell? Alright! \m/^_^\m/
Mark Raven: NOOOOOHH!! T_T

Well, that's it. -_- it's fun if you were really there. You should see Mark wailing! lol ^_^ Anyway, do you know what a jeepney really look like here?

In case you don't know ^_^;;
Well gotta go now. I'm sorry if i can't come visit your sites. promise i'll make it up to you the next time ^_^ Bye minna-san. Take care and love yah! *hugs*
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Saturday, February 26, 2005

   My apology
hey guys! i'm sorry for not being here for a week. the usual reason is my papers and exams -_- anyway, i hope you like the new theme. i'll try to change the look of my site and i've finished some fanarts but i don't have enough time to pass it if i can sneak from my books' annoying eyes o_0 so, see ya all the next time i post. i'll visit your sites now ^_^

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

   i'm hungry.....
i haven't eaten anything yet since last night...and it's 2:00 pm now *stomach growls* -_- i'm so wasted...i'm sooo worried 'bout my exams and papers to be passed tomorrow that i forgot to eat! anyway, hope everything's fine and see ya all. ^_^ i'll go eat now. have a nice day! I'm so hungry i could eat a bear!!!

Spirited Away ED
takes a while to play the whole song. If it stopped, just let it be. If it's not working, i'll let you kick me ^_^ coz i'm not sure about this XD

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

   still sleepy.....
DARN!!!!! The concert's not worth the $2!!! It's sooo ugly. They don't seem prepared. Alright I admit some of the part's ok. I even sing with it. But it's really terrible. I wish I didn't go. It started pretty late and of course ended up pretty late. I have to sleep early because I still have classes the next morning which is a while ago but i can't coz i was in the concert. I came late. And tried my best not to sleep in class. Waaaa!!! darn concert!!! Ok now, I spilled it out. I'm ok now. *inhale, exhale* ^_____^ I now present you Spongebob Squarepants. ^_^

I love the sound of his laugh. It's so darn cute! lol ^___^
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Friday, February 18, 2005

nothing special happened today. i think i need a nap. i'll go to a concert afterwards. I really don't want to go but we're required to go -_- in fact, they even personally sold the tickets to us. jerks -_- so, see ya all on saturday, i think. have a nice day ^_^ i'll leave you with this pics

T_T I thought Nube will be marrying his co-teacher, but Vol.31 says that he married Yukime and here's the proof T_T

I kinda hate this girl, she's abusing vampire Mosquiton

I love the opening theme of this anime (genshi-kun/flint hammerhead)^_^

This cyborg cat is so rude

And this little pervert is sooo cute ^_^

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

normal as ever ^_^
well, nothing much happened today. I admit I'm getting bored of my daily routines -_- But, the past two days were totally different and err...unforgettable?? ehehe ^____^ I received 2 bouquets, they're lovely ^///^ Some asked for a date but I refused to go coz I don't know them that much. A suitor tried to give me a necklace but then again, i didn't accept it. I hate suitors giving expensive things, what for? Another thing is, i don't really wear necklaces, they're itchy x_x I just stayed at home. I even ignored the Feb. Fair being held in the University. Regrets? nah, i don't really like mingling with people, I'm kinda shy ^___^ Anyway, I hope you had fun on your V-day and yesterday as well. I gotta go now, but first I'll go check your sites ^____^ Ja mata minna-san!!!

Here are some Rurouni Kenshin pics

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Monday, February 14, 2005

   Happy Valentine's Day minna-san!!!!
Fanart submitted!!! woohoo!! \m/^_^\m/ i submitted 2 fanarts today. Everything seems okay today except for my last professor....he looks weird today and kinda scary...i wonder what happened to him...anyway, happy valentine's day to all ^_^ has anyone here who got a date? lucky you! ^///^

Sweet pics!!

My japanese name is Ί Ishimaru (round stone) H Chiaki (very fine in autumn).
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