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Monday, March 7, 2005

well, i hope you'll like my new theme. it's sorcerous stabber orphen. i'll try to visit next time okies? i'm running out of time and i have to get to school as fast as i could. but before that, i want to share you a scene based on experience ^_^

(In a jeepney-> a public vehicle used in commuting)
*beep beep*
Mark Raven: We'll be late! This traffic is driving me nuts! Our exam is about to start in a few minutes!
*jeepneys and ohter vehicles still not moving*
Mark Raven: I can't take this anymore! I'm walking! How about you guys?
Reigna: -_-
Rose Ann: Haven't heard of the saying "Patience is a virtue," dummy?
*beep beep*
Mark Raven: Well now it's not! So who's with me?...
Rose Ann: -_-
Reigna: -_-
Mark Raven: FINE! *stomps feet* I'll see you crying in school for a missed exam!*starts getting off the jeepney*
Mark Raven: BEEEEHH!!! *sticks tongue out*
Jeepney: VROOOM! *starts moving fast with Mark Raven left behind*
Mark Raven: o_0 *stiffened*
Reigna: I can see school over here! ^____^
Rose Ann: Is that the shool bell? Alright! \m/^_^\m/
Mark Raven: NOOOOOHH!! T_T

Well, that's it. -_- it's fun if you were really there. You should see Mark wailing! lol ^_^ Anyway, do you know what a jeepney really look like here?

In case you don't know ^_^;;
Well gotta go now. I'm sorry if i can't come visit your sites. promise i'll make it up to you the next time ^_^ Bye minna-san. Take care and love yah! *hugs*

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