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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

normal as ever ^_^
well, nothing much happened today. I admit I'm getting bored of my daily routines -_- But, the past two days were totally different and err...unforgettable?? ehehe ^____^ I received 2 bouquets, they're lovely ^///^ Some asked for a date but I refused to go coz I don't know them that much. A suitor tried to give me a necklace but then again, i didn't accept it. I hate suitors giving expensive things, what for? Another thing is, i don't really wear necklaces, they're itchy x_x I just stayed at home. I even ignored the Feb. Fair being held in the University. Regrets? nah, i don't really like mingling with people, I'm kinda shy ^___^ Anyway, I hope you had fun on your V-day and yesterday as well. I gotta go now, but first I'll go check your sites ^____^ Ja mata minna-san!!!
Here are some Rurouni Kenshin pics

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