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Friday, December 5, 2003

Who's Your Anime Boyfriend?

It's my birthday today so I thought of visiting Guru:) He just gave me a gift! Mamoru........

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   I like this one!

GOD'S GIFT by Alfred Noyes
There's but one gift that all our dead desire,
one gift that men can give and that's a dream,
Unless we, too,can burn with the same fire;

Die to the little hatreds; die to greed;
Die to the old ignoble selves we knew;
Die to the base contempts of sect and creed,
And rise again, like these, with souls as true.

Nay (since these died before their tasks were finished);
Attempt new heights, being even their dreams to birth;
Build us that better world,O,not diminished
By one true splendor that they planned on earth,
And that's not done by sword, or tongue, or pen,
There's but one way; God made us better men.

This is one of my favorite poems. I just thought of sharing this to you. I hope you like this one too. :)

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Sunday, November 30, 2003

you are... Eriol
You are Eriol! He is a transfer student who comes
to Sakura's class. You are a very kind person,
and seem to care very much about those around
you, whether they like you or not. You are
always willing to give advice to others. Some
people feel a mysterious aura around you, and
are hesitant to be around you. What do you
have to hide? You're just an innocent

The Ultimate CardCaptor Sakura Quiz!
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Sarcastic Fushigi Yuugi character selector
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hek hek...wow:( i am tamahome. uhm... not bad

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   Woo Hoo
You are chii! Kind, intentive, curious and loving
towards others! Hold your head high you are the
innocence of them all because you do not
disobey or lie.

What chobits character are you? (Long nice quiz)
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Saturday, November 29, 2003

I'm Gorgeous Rose! See which Ah! My Goddess angel YOU are...
You are Peorth's angel...Gorgeous Rose!

Which Ah! My Goddess Angel Are You?
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oh my! I am beautiful!

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