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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

   when the going gets tough....the tough gets going
waha! semestral break's near. of course, expect loads and loads of exams, final papers, reflection papers, etc. i know i'll get over these. thanks for the support guys. you're so sweet! that's why i love you all *hugs* nothing unusual happened today. ah no wait, there is this very unusual thing. mmm...i had an argument with someone in class. actually it's not a serious argument, it's a group discussion. but later on we're getting confused on where she stand whether she's against the topic or not. i just noticed my classmates giving her a what-are-you-talking-about look that's why i started telling the whole class my stand and questioning the speaker. i somewhat represent the class and it's really flattering. we're not yet done with the discussion and it's going to be continued on friday. well, i just hope it'll turn out good. anyway, i'll go visit now your sites. good day minna-san! *hugs*

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