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Hi, I am a christian and not ashamed to say so. Here are some things about me.

1. I definitely love guitar. (and boys who play guitar)
2. Coca cola is my favorite drink.
3. cheddar fries are my favorite snack.
4. I was born in the andes mountains.
5. I have silvery blue eyes.
6. I love anime.
7. I love to laugh and smile.

Rules to my site:
1. keep language at a minimum.
2. I do take art requests.
3. please don't send me chain letters.
4. have fun.

if you sign my gb don't delete it, i will get to you ASAP. please feel free to pm me and comment about my site or the way i run things. I would love to hear the viewers' opinions.

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketFriday, December 19, 2008

   happy christmas! (teehee!)
well im in dallas this weekend celebrating my older brother's 21st b-day. we went to applebee's for dinner. AMAZING FOOD. and one of my other brothers told the waiter it was his birthday. he got a dessert in a shotglass for it. xD haha. a kind of creepy thing was that i think the waiter called me "sweetie" twice. lol. either he thought i was five. or he was in a REALLY good mood. hahah.
well my b-day bro, we'll call him wes, brought us our christmas gift early. i wanted to open it cuz it sounded like he wanted us to. but my mom wouldn't let me. =[ haha.
right now wes and my other brother, indiana jones, are playing some game called khet. its a pretty cool laser game.

hmmm what else. oh yea! i performed a play yesterday and i got to throw a chair across the stage. i also got to plow over the chair when exiting the stage. i also bruised my knee. and i also fell off the stage. xD

it was still a good production though. there were two. "the elf rebellion" and "silence of the reindeer". the first one i was an elf named elliot. and in the second one, i was clarice. the reindeer. lol. and rudolph was missing.

well i guess i better sign off cuz it is wes's b-day and u know...all that fun stuff.

oh and thanks for the insightful comments. i haven't had time to work through it. but i will definitely take your advice. =]

take care!

p.s. oh and elvesatemyramen's birthday is sunday. happy birthday elves!

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

   Ahhh yes, nothing says i love shoes like the number 40

well i've noticed it's been a while since i've left a post and that it's time to update. haha. so where do I start?
during the time i was MIA i did bunches of things like:

1. i got my permit
2. i found out i own 40 pairs of shoes
3. i found out guys are dirt
4. i found out my cousin's engaged
5. i joined the spelling team
6. i decided to play tennis
7. i decided to start running from now on
8. i found out what ONE present i'm getting for christmas is
9. guys are dirt
10. i really hate baby class. (individual and family life class)

i'm thinking that's a shorter post than what it would've been. oh! and guys are dirt. btw. if you didn't know. yeah.

well other than that, i've checked up on a few new mangas and one i REALLY liked is called "backstage prince" it's AMAZING. i LOVE it. and i was SAD when it ENDED.

oh! i wrote two new songs too! called "lose control" and "secret" i still have polishing and a few changes to make but i hope that i can put some chords and such to them as well. so i guess you could say i wrote lyrics. and one more thing,
anybody know what i can do to become a teen journalist? my school doesn't have a paper and i want to start publishing articles and poems and such.
any input is appreciated.

well i guess that's about it.

and guys are dirt.

how've you guys been?

take care!

(p.s. i didnt notice till now that i misspelled "definitely" i put "definitly" instead. why didn't anyone tell me? T_T) lol. =)

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

so i've been fifteen for like, 8 months
so i definitely won't be getting my license when i turn 16. it's kind of embarrassing. all the people younger than me have their permits and i'm WAY overdue. my parents always say "this weekend, this weekend" but it never happens. i doubt i'll ever get my permit at this rate. i'll probably have to wait til i'm 20 or something. shoot, parents and thier baby of the family issues....

but anyway, school's been keeping me pretty busy with like, five million projects and such, so i'm sorry i haven't been on lately. our thanksgiving break is coming up soon so during break i might be on a whole lot more.

other than all that, nothing really is going on for me. just the usual. except it's a whole lot better for me this year than last. considering my parents caught my drift and let me transfer. i love them so much. =)

well can't think of anything else.
so sorry for the short post =)

take care

what's been going on with you guys tho? since i've been gone.

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