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Sunday, December 7, 2008

   Ahhh yes, nothing says i love shoes like the number 40

well i've noticed it's been a while since i've left a post and that it's time to update. haha. so where do I start?
during the time i was MIA i did bunches of things like:

1. i got my permit
2. i found out i own 40 pairs of shoes
3. i found out guys are dirt
4. i found out my cousin's engaged
5. i joined the spelling team
6. i decided to play tennis
7. i decided to start running from now on
8. i found out what ONE present i'm getting for christmas is
9. guys are dirt
10. i really hate baby class. (individual and family life class)

i'm thinking that's a shorter post than what it would've been. oh! and guys are dirt. btw. if you didn't know. yeah.

well other than that, i've checked up on a few new mangas and one i REALLY liked is called "backstage prince" it's AMAZING. i LOVE it. and i was SAD when it ENDED.

oh! i wrote two new songs too! called "lose control" and "secret" i still have polishing and a few changes to make but i hope that i can put some chords and such to them as well. so i guess you could say i wrote lyrics. and one more thing,
anybody know what i can do to become a teen journalist? my school doesn't have a paper and i want to start publishing articles and poems and such.
any input is appreciated.

well i guess that's about it.

and guys are dirt.

how've you guys been?

take care!

(p.s. i didnt notice till now that i misspelled "definitely" i put "definitly" instead. why didn't anyone tell me? T_T) lol. =)

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