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Friday, December 19, 2008

   happy christmas! (teehee!)
well im in dallas this weekend celebrating my older brother's 21st b-day. we went to applebee's for dinner. AMAZING FOOD. and one of my other brothers told the waiter it was his birthday. he got a dessert in a shotglass for it. xD haha. a kind of creepy thing was that i think the waiter called me "sweetie" twice. lol. either he thought i was five. or he was in a REALLY good mood. hahah.
well my b-day bro, we'll call him wes, brought us our christmas gift early. i wanted to open it cuz it sounded like he wanted us to. but my mom wouldn't let me. =[ haha.
right now wes and my other brother, indiana jones, are playing some game called khet. its a pretty cool laser game.

hmmm what else. oh yea! i performed a play yesterday and i got to throw a chair across the stage. i also got to plow over the chair when exiting the stage. i also bruised my knee. and i also fell off the stage. xD

it was still a good production though. there were two. "the elf rebellion" and "silence of the reindeer". the first one i was an elf named elliot. and in the second one, i was clarice. the reindeer. lol. and rudolph was missing.

well i guess i better sign off cuz it is wes's b-day and u know...all that fun stuff.

oh and thanks for the insightful comments. i haven't had time to work through it. but i will definitely take your advice. =]

take care!

p.s. oh and elvesatemyramen's birthday is sunday. happy birthday elves!

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