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Saturday, November 15, 2008

so i've been fifteen for like, 8 months
so i definitely won't be getting my license when i turn 16. it's kind of embarrassing. all the people younger than me have their permits and i'm WAY overdue. my parents always say "this weekend, this weekend" but it never happens. i doubt i'll ever get my permit at this rate. i'll probably have to wait til i'm 20 or something. shoot, parents and thier baby of the family issues....

but anyway, school's been keeping me pretty busy with like, five million projects and such, so i'm sorry i haven't been on lately. our thanksgiving break is coming up soon so during break i might be on a whole lot more.

other than all that, nothing really is going on for me. just the usual. except it's a whole lot better for me this year than last. considering my parents caught my drift and let me transfer. i love them so much. =)

well can't think of anything else.
so sorry for the short post =)

take care

what's been going on with you guys tho? since i've been gone.

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