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Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Hi everyone!^_^ I've had a lot of request wanting to know how I did this layout... Well, I'll make a page for it and I'll let you guys know when it is finished^_^
It might take a few days cause I have been swamped with projects and homework! I'll still try to update! Well, I'll tell you about my halloween later cause I don't have much tim!
Anime Girl

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Monday, November 1, 2004

Hi everyone! I'm in such a rush! I'll tell you all about my halloween tomorrow and other things. Chow for now!^_^
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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Hi everyone! I added a ton of greetings! Now I have 50 of them!^_^ Also, I am going over to Sarah's for Halloween! I can't wait! I'm going to be ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew! I have the link to the picture below:

Ichigo Halloween Costume

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Hope you guys like the new layout!
Check out the post below please!^_^

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Hi everyone! I'm able to post! I just had enough time to create a survey! Please try it^_^

Anime Girl's Survey!
A is for anime...what's your favorite?Inuyasha!
B is for barney...how much do you hate him?On top of mount Vernan! All covered in blood. I shot barney's head off. With a 380 spud...
C is for Cristian...what's your religion?Christianity!
D is for drive...do you?My dad's lawn mower
E is for everthing...everything to say but, nothing at all?True...true...
F is for Fart...yeah...-_-'''
G is for God...do you believe?Yes! And proud of it!
H is for Heck yeah!...do you want to see hot anime guys?Heck yeah!
I is for Inuyasha...wouldn't you like to tweak his ears?*giggles* Yes!
J is for Judge...who is yours?God...and my dad-_-'''
K is for K-mart...do you like it?Kind of Junky...
L is for Laugh...who makes you?Laura, Sarah, Who's Line is it Anyway?, and Anime
M is for manga...what's your favorite?Tokyo Mew Mew
N is for Norman...do you know him?No...
O is for odd...are you?Yep!^_^
P is for president...who do you want to win?Bush will beat kerry in the tush!
Q is for Question...who is your favorite couple?Miroku and Sango from Inuyasha
R is for Read...who is your favorite author?AVI
S is for Sango...do you think her and Miroku make a kawaii couple?OF COURSE!
T is for Tokyo Mew Mew...do you know of it?Yes! Ichigo is my favorite character^_^
U is for U better get away from me!...what about you?...*evil grin*
V is for Victory...when have you won?hmmm...
W is for Wallmart...do like it?I love Wallmart!
X is for...uh...any comments?Nya!
Y is for your pants are on fire...are yours?Why wouldn't they be?
Z is for Zebra...which has nothing to do with anything?Of course...


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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Hi everyone^_^ I had so much fun at the fair!^_^ But before I tell you about that let me tell you about this new anime that I saw!
It's called Read Or Die. (ROD) It's pretty cool! It came on carttoonetwork on Saturday. This was the movie ROD not the series^^ Anyways, I haven't finished watching it because I didn't tape all of it-_-''' Luckly my friend Sarah taped all of it^_^ I'm going to watch it when I go to her house next week^^

Now, About the fair... I'm so tired! And sore too! We went on a ton of rides! My favorite was the rollercoasters!^_^ Laura and I ment up with my friend Rachel there so we road some rides together!^_^ Anyways, on a few of the rides they took pictures of people when they were at certain points on the rides. Well, since we new where the camera was we decided to pose for it. So I sat in the front and Laura and Rachel sat in the back. So we did the Anime peace sign pose!^_^ It turned out great! I love it!
But guess what I ate?!?! Cheesecake!^_^ They had frozen Cheesecake covered in chocolate and served on a stick! It was so good! One of the best peices of Cheesecake ever!
I'm not allowed to go on the internet during the week days, so if you want to really get in touch with me just e-mail me^^ I'm allowed to check my e-mail^^
The reason because I have to go back to school and my grades need to be brought up! I go to school for 9 weeks then I get off 3 weeks!^_^ I love it! I'll try to check myO as much as I can durring the week! I might sneek in just 5 minutes at least^_~

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Yay! I'm going over to Laura's house!
I can't wait^^ They'll be here anytime^_^
We are going to the North Carolina State Fair Tomorrow^_^
See ya then!

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Friday, October 22, 2004

hahaha! Can't stop laughing!
Who's Line Is It Anyway? was so funny! The last song they did was hilarious! I'll post more later! Have to watch the next episode!

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I'm so tired and my thumb hurts! (go a few posts down to see what happened) I'm not sure what I should write... Oh well, maybe I'll type more tomorrow...
Oh! I forgot! Have any of you heard of the show called "Who's line is it anyway?" It's so funny^_^
You see, the host gives them seens and stuff like that they have to act out. It's like improv. They have to make things up as they go along!^_^ I love it! It's so awesome^_______^

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Hope you guys like the new layout^^

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