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Sunday, September 26, 2004

9/26/04: Today is my dad's side's family reunion! I'm not to excited because everyone is older than me besides my cousin Lesly's baby. Anyways, yesterday I went to tons of diferent doll websites and I adopted a ton of them! I also adopted some anime kitties!^_^ These are a few of my favorites^_^ I got the cats from here: http://www.anycities.com/user1/ghostofdawn/adoptions.html.

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Friday, September 24, 2004

9/24/04: Heya! Sorry it's been so long since I posted^_^ I've visited the site and I check it everyday but I just don't always have the time to post somehting. Anyways guess what!? I wrote another fanfiction^_^ It's a Kagura and Sesshomaru fic^_^ I really like it^_^ Here is the link:


And if you want to visit the part where I have all my fanfictions go here:


Please read and let me know how you like it! For supper we are having hotdogs, hamburgurs, and french fries! I can't wait^_^ I'm also getting better at my art! I would scan some of my pictures in but my scanner isn't hooked up. -_- Today I got 9 art request! I'll be very busy...

One of the requests was Spider Man. Since I had never drawn him before I did the cartoon version and I only did the head and the neck. I also had to do a kitty so I drew the cat from Kiki's Delivery Service. I've never seen it before but I just happen to stumble upon it^_^ I also drew Kuroneko from Trigon! (He's the little cat that pops up everywhere^_^) This one wasn't an art request but I drew him anyway^_^

Kuroneko is below^_^

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

9/14/04: I wrote an Inuyasha poem!^_^ My friend Marik2112 gave me this idea from one of her poems!^_^ I haven't written a poem like this in forever so I hope you like it!^_^

Do not make Inuyasha angry

Cause he値l get in such a fuss

Kagome will make him sit

And every bad word he値l cuss! 

Do not make Sango angry

Cause she値l catch on fire

She値l stalk you to your death

And a body guard you might want to hire!


Do not make Kagome angry

Cause she値l give you an evil stare

Then she値l make you sit

With out even the slightest care!



Do not make Miroku angry

Cause in his hand you値l go

When will you ever come back?

No one really knows!


Do not make Shippou angry

Cause he値l make sure you値l always know

That he is very hungry

And insane you will go!


Do not make Kirara angry

Cause she値l step on you like a bug

Then she値l bite your head off

When you try to give her a hug!


Do not make Kaede angry

Cause she値l put a spell on you

Then she値l make you work for her

Or she値l say sit three times or two!


Do not make Shessomaru angry

Cause you will be almost dead

Especially if you call him fluffy

He will cut of your whole head!


Do not make Kouga angry

Cause he値l annoy you until you die

He mutter something about his woman

And over a flame you値l fry!


Do not make Naraku angry,

Cause he値l make another incarn.

Then you値l be disgusted

Because it came from his arm!


Do not make Kagura angry

Cause she値l kill all you friends

Then they値l come alive

Cause of her dragons dance!


Do not make Kanna angry

Cause she値l make bore you to your grave

Then she値l show you her pretty mirror

And you値l be her spirit slave!


Do not make the author angry

Cause she値l make you pay dear

By making Kikyo and Inuyasha get together

You値l cry the entire year


Do not make Sango angry

By saying she likes the monk

She値l pick up her giant boomerang

And on you head she値l clunk!


Do not make the Inuyasha characters angry

Whatever you may do

Cause eventually they値l catch up

And slice you into two!



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Tuesday, September 7, 2004

   PLEASE READ!^___^

9/7/04: Heya! I'm sad to announce I didn't make the year book staff *sob* Oh well, I'll get over it... Anyways, there is this really kawaii Sango and Miroku moment I found at my favorite Miroku and Sango site! It is screencapters of a episode that has a ton of MirokuxSango goodness!^__________^ Here is the link to the place:


If you want her regular website address:


Please sign her guestbook!^_^ If you visit the site and that special moment please tell me what you think^_^ It is so so so so GOOD!^_______________________________________^

*Sigh* *Starts having dreamly, starry eyes*

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Sunday, September 5, 2004

9/05/04: Sup? I saw a really sweet Inuyasha episode last night^_^ Inuyasha went to the dude that made the Tensiga. (Can't spell his name -_-''') Inuyasha wanted a way to learn how to break through Naraku's Barrier. While Inuyasha was there he helped out the little linx cub^_^ It was so sweet! My favorite part was the ending. Here is the ending:

Note: Inuyasha had left early in the moring and no one knew exactly where he went.

Inuyasha: *Walks into hut* Dry your tears everyone! Inuyasha is back!

*Everyone is eating a ton of food*

Inuyasha: Where痴 my share?

Shippou: You were not here so I ate it.

Inuyasha: Give me back my food you little freak!

Kagome: Inuyasha sit.

Kagome: *Starts talking about how mean Inuyasha is*

Shippou: I might let you have some of my soup even though you don稚 deserve it.

Inuyasha: Oh you池e so considerate -_-葬

I just loved that part^_^ Anyways, I haven't posted in a while but I have been around the site! I check my otaku site every day so I shouldn't miss anything^_^

PS: I know this doesn't have to do with anything but I just had to share it^_^

This is from one of my favorite Doujinshi!^_^

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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

8/20/04: Hi everyone^_^ I have to write this children's story for language class to send in to this place where you can win prizes for the whole state of NC! I hope you guys like it and please don't steal or I'll sue you! If you are wondering how I came up with the idea it's because my mom used to always say, "You should write a story about I Forgot!" She would say this because I used to always forget things^_^'' I'm not as bad as the poem, but the last sentance in the poem is true-_-'''

I Forgot!

By: Anime Girl

I got this feeling that something was just wrong,

Come to find out I had forgotten something all along!

I had forgotten do my math homework and was in such a fuss,

That I tried to do it on the way to school on the bus!

Then I got distracted by the heat of the sun,

When I got to school I hadn稚 even begun!

I got to class and in the back I did sit,

Then the teacher chose me and I knew that was it.

The teacher asked me why didn稚 I finish it? It wasn稚 a lot,

Then I simply told her, 的知 sorry, I forgot!

Then come to find out my History project was due the next day,

I forgot about that, what else痴 new to say?

I told my mom and her face turned red,

After that I knew I was practilley dead.

She raised her finger and her cheeks puffed out,

She looked at me and began to shout.

展hat do mean you forgot? Don稚 you remember what you told me?

You said that you had nothing due this coming week!

I guess I forgot it about then too,

鏑ook here! she said, 的知 warning you!

添ou致e got all night and about nine hours to go,

Then the school starts you have time you know?

溺aybe you値l finish maybe not,

I値l give you a little help, but not a lot!

So, the next day I had finished the project with no time to spare,

I was a mess! I had barely any time to brush my hair!

I got to class and I did sit,

I had this strange feeling; I forgot my project that痴 it!

Oh no, what was I supposed to do?

I had worked on that project in the early and late hours too!

I had to do something, something at all,

But the bell rang I had no time to search the hall!

He started to take the projects up and got to me,

He looked around, no project to see!

哲ow where is your project? Where could it be?

展-well I stuttered, 添ou see..

泥on稚 tell me! You forgot it am I correct?

添es, sir, with all do respect.

的 did my project but I left it somewhere,

Now I don稚 have it! 的 do declare!

He shouted with his hands up high and sighed with defeat,

添ou are just having a forgetful week!

So on and on this story goes,

When did it stop? No one knows.

Who is this girl who can not remember a thing?

I think I remember, it has sort of a ring!

That痴 it! I know who this girl used to be,

Why that girl used to be none other than me!

Well, I知 not as bad as forgetting stuff as I used too do,

I usually just forget names, by the way, who are you?

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

8/20/04: Hi everyone^_^ I'm so so tired! I go to sleep early and I wake up and I feel even worse than the night before! I need some decent sleep! I feel teriable... If you have any ideas I would love to hear them! Thanks^^

Can I ask you guys a favor? Would you copy and paste one of these sets of questions (or all) in a comment or my guestbook and fill them out? I'm just doing a little random survey^_^ It would be nice if you could^_~

Survey #1:

Fav. Anime:

Fav. Manga:

Fav. Anime Girl:

Fav. Anime Guy:

Fav. Manga Girl:

Fav. Manga Guy:

Fav. Anime Critter:

Fav. Manga Critter:

Survey #2:

Fav. Anime Couple:

Fav. Manga Couple:

Fav. Type of Fanfiction:

Fav. Type of Manga:

Fav. Type of Anime:

Survey #3:

What type of contest would like me to do next?:

What would you like me to add?:

What improvements do I need to make?:

What manga summaries should I do next?:

Well, that's about it^_^ Thanks!

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Saturday, August 21, 2004

8/20/04: Hi everyone^_^Here are the websites that I got some of the pictures I use from^__^ But before here is what is happening in my life now...

I might be able to be on the year book staff! I have filled out my permission form and why I want to be on the staff!^_^ I sure hope I make it! And I had to make this poster for Language and the class would vote for 3 people that they thought had the best poster and mine was one of the 3! I was so happy^^ On Monday the teachers are going to vote and the winner(s)
get a prize! I hope I win^^ Do you guys do/didany after school activities?

Also,I havea site that has all my otaku awards^^ Here's the url:


Now here are those sites^_^:

http://isamu.dark-hope.net/:Lots of Sango Images!

http://www.anzwers.org/free/mirokusango/: Tons of Miroku and Sango Images!

http://www.inu-yasha.themoon.co.uk/: Msc. Images of the Inuyasha characters.

http://random.cynicallyinsane.net/: Random anime and/or mangaimage galleries.

http://www.kawaiikiwi.org/manganime/: All sorts of Kawaii anime and maga images^_^

http://www.atpictures.com/: All sorts of images!

http://conan-kun.com/: Lots of Detective Conan stuff and Images!

http://www.dragonfly.mindlinkcore.net/: Chobits images!^_^

http://www.cafemewmew.com/: Tons of Tokyo Mew Mew images and stuff!

http://kokorononaka.net/: Tons of Yu-Gi-Oh images!

http://violet-dreams.net/snow/: Tons of Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar images!

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Friday, August 20, 2004

 8/19/04: This little section is for Lie74. Alright, you asked:

Where did you get the pic. that you used for
Krazy Anime
Mid night GC and
Yasha chick

Well, I got those pics from this site:


Hope that helped ya!^_^

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8/18/04: I'm glad everyone liked their award and/or button! A lot of people asked me how do I use the button? There are 2 ways:

1. You e-mail me at: webmaster@joeyandmia.8k.com and tell me your otaku name and I will send you the html code for it.
2. Save the button and/or award to your own server and post it on your site. If you need a site to host your pictures on I sugjest you use www.photobucket.com.

Well, I hope that clears a few things up. I prefer you to e-mail me for the first option instead of leaving a comment because I don't want everyone to get your e-mail and you file a lawsuit at me because someone got your mail. I will not give anyone your e-mail. I promise! I'm a Christian and I would never do anything like that!

Also, I'm sure you all are wondering if I'm going to have another contest. Well, I am. I will host it soon so keep checking back!^^ I'm not sure what it will but it won't be a caption contest. (I want variety^^)

Another thing has come to my attention. A lot of people want to know where I got the images from. In my next post I will tell you. I can't tell you now cause I'm at my mom's friends computer and all those sites are saved on my computer.

Note: I'm having some problems with my internet so if it takes me a while to reply it's because my internet isn't working.

Well, I hope that covers everything^_^'

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