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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Please visit this myotaku site and read the first post and please leave a comment.


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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Guess what happened to me today?
I was playing with Pnut and he was play biting me and he bit to hard.I pulled my finger to hard away and it make this really bad cut! We went to this doctor near the State Fair grounds to take a look at it. Thankfully I didn't have to have stitches! I have a wrap on it now.

When we were at the doctors mom had to talk to someone about Punt. They said, "You don't want us to take away your dog do you?" "No" mom replied. "Then what about the child?" they answered. (Meaning would they rather get rid of me then the dog...-_-''')

As Animeseeker always says, "Isn't it nice to have a loving and supporting family?"


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I fixed up the little place where you can request graphics and do other things^_^ So go check it out!^_^ (It's above)
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Monday, October 18, 2004

Hi everyone!
I'm back from the beach!!
Did you see Inuyasha and Wolf's Rain??? Inuyasha was sooooo good!^_^ It was such a kawaii episode!!! Wolf's Rain was so sad... Hige and Blue died... But when they showed the world starting over again they showed Hige but, not Blue!!! NOOOOO!!!! I want Blue and Hige to go to Paradise together!!! Oh, well...
Anyways, I've done all my e-mail junk and everything so I have caught most of my stuff up... Got to go to bed!

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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Hi everyone! I'm down at the beach on my dad's laptop! I've had a blast!^^ I caught 2 Spots yesterday. Earlier I cought a Black Bass, Blue Fish, and an eel. My uncle caught a 6ft. shark and over 100lbs.! But, he let it go... My dad caught 2 smaller sharks the other day! This morning he caught 2 spots and a Conche. A Conche is the animal that lives in a Conche Shell. We've also caught other fish but that is all I want to mention now^^
I can't wait for Inuyasha tonight^^
I taped it at home but, I want to watch it here too^^ I watched .hack//legend of the twightlight bracelett last night^^
Also, I hope everyone knows about the Inuyasha game comming out for the Playstation! I can't wait!^_^
Well, guess what I learned to do here at the beach!?! I learned to knit! I'm knitting a hot pink scarf right now! It looks really cool!
Cartoonetwork is getting ready to show this new Japanese show! I'm not sure what it is called because they haven't finished the site yet... But it looks really cool! It's www.hihipuffy.com
Talk to you guys later!^_^

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Toebe Died! NOOOO!!! So did Hub! *sob*
Well, at least next week's Inuyasha will be awesome!
It's going to be the episode where this proposes to sango and Miroku gets jealous!^_^
Also, I'm getting ready to leave for the beach! You can still e-mail me and stuff but I may not be able to get to a computer...
I'll let you guys know when I get back! Talk to you later!
~Anime Girl

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Friday, October 8, 2004

10-8-04: Finally I finished the little site thing you see above! I wasn't able to host it on angeltowns.com so I had to host it on freeservers.com. I don't really like freeservers anymore! I'm not able to do my websites without six-billion adds popping up! Oh, well...
I won a Kawaii site award from Joeyw23! If you go to the awards section you can see it!^_^ You can also win an award yourself so check it out! There is all sorts of stuff^^

Anyways, Sunday my dad and I are leaving to go to the beach! I'm so excited! But, mommy won't be able to go with us... She is taking off the next week!^^ I will be the youngest person down there. You see, it's my aunt and uncle's place and we are going to stay with them and a few of my other relatives. All of them are at least 15 to 20 or more years then I am! It's so boring with a bunch of grown ups. The only reason I really won't to go is to just relax and get out of this stupid house! At least I'll be able to work on my art request...

I can't wait till 8:30! Complete Savages comes on! It's so funny!^_^ It come on WB22 on Fidays at 8:30^^ I love this show! It rocks! Tonight .hack//legend of the bracelett and Cyborg 009 is suposed to come on. I sure hope it does! I can't wait^_^

Do any of you guys have favorite bands? I love Newsong and Avalon!^_^ They are both Christian bands but, the rock! My favorite song that Newsong sings is "More Life". It's the best song ever! My favorite song that Avalon sings is a tie between "Testify to Love" and "Wonder Why".

Lyrics to "More Life"

My cell phone's ringing and I'm running late
Morning traffic's got me
Time is ticking away
A few more hours is all that I need
Seems like there is just not enough days in a week

But then it hits me
Time is not the answer
You've given me all the time in the world
All that I need is

A little more life in my day
A little more of your life
A little more faith
A little more life in my day
A little more of your light
To show me the way
If I'm gonna be in this world but nor be of it
Lord, I need more of you
In all that I do
Put a little more life in my day

Sometimes I guess I get lost in the race
Trying to make a deadline just to keep the pace
I can't help feeling I'm always behind
So much that I can do if I could just find the time

But then it hits me
Time is not the answer
You've given me all the time in the world
All that I need is

Lord, don't let be in such a hurry
Trying to live my life
That I miss you in it
Help me to take the time to see
All that I need, yeah
A little more life in my day

Chorus (x2)

I just love that song!^_________^ It makes me so happy! It reminds me that in a busy day we should always take time to talk to Him. And if we've asked him into our hearts we have all the time we need. So don't just rush through the day worrying about everything but know you have all the time you need!

I told you I would give you a longer post didn't I?

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Hello everyone!^__^
Some of you might reconize this layout from along time ago^^
I felt like bringing it back because I liked the picture of Sakura^_^
I'll make a longer post tomorrow!

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Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Hi everyone! I just finished a new fanlisting!^_^
It's the Ringo Akaii fanlisting from Tokyo Mew Mew!
Please check it out.
And if you can please join!
You don't have to have a website just as long as you join!


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Sunday, October 3, 2004

Hi everyone!^^ I just finished my Blue and Hige from Wolf's Rain fanlisting!^^
Please go visit it at:
Please join if you are a fan!
Talk to you guys later!

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