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Monday, July 6, 2009

Summa' Time!
Ah! I love summer! And my fresh new layout! I haven't had a new layout in a long long time! It's my favorite couple of the moment. Dr. Temperence Brennan and Agent Seely Booth from the show Bones. (I love love love this show!)

Anyways, tomorrow I'm going on a "free spirited" beach trip with my mom. lol At least that's what it should be called. We are leaving in the morning and just going to the Cape Hatterus light house in North Carolina and hopefully we'll find a hotel and if not we'll go stay with a relative about two hours away from the beach. I'm quite excited an nervous. This will be an interesting trip to say the least. My mom has the week off and this is our bonding time before I start my Senior year in two weeks. (I'm year around so we start back WAY to early!!!)

Last week I got to go on my first no adults vacation with 4 of my friends. We got a hotel and spent the night too. It was so much fun! And we didn't do anything bad or anything like that. We're pretty good kids so hopefully this will allow for more trips without the parental units in the future. lol I'm hoping for a theme park visit the last week with a friend that's going off to college and some other buds of mine. Gosh! Imma miss that kid when he goes to college. He's one of my best friends. *sighs* I'm excited for him though.

My best friend just got a boyfriend! Her best friend for two years finally asked her out! Took him long enough...lol I think best friends who get together are so cute! And how he ask her out was they went on a beach trip with another friend of theirs and he took her camera and spelt out "will" "you" "be" "my" "girlfriend" in shells and she looked at them later and said yes! So cute! I'm so excited for her! It's almost like a movie romance haha

Well, I've rambled long enough :D

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

oh wow
Can't believe it's been over a year since I've been here! Gosh how time flys! :D

So, the past year has been great! I've earned alot of new friends and have grown closer to some old friends :)

I'm really excited about my SEN10R year coming up! I don't want to start school yet I'm excited at the same time! College is right around the corner!

Well, I hope to get back to using this site again. I miss it alot and I had a lot of funn using it when I was younger :)

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