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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Caption Contest Awards!

 8/18/04: Here are the results for the caption contest!^_^ I hope everyone likes their award and/or button!^^ (To let you know most of the buttons a abbreviated^^)







MidNight GC:







X Angel:


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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

If You Entered The Caption Contest Please Read!

 8/17/04: Yay!^^ I have laid out all of the submitted captions^_^
I will be judging this week so keep checking back^^ Also, everyone who entered will receive a button^^ I will send it to you or post it on the site. Thanks for entering^_^

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Sunday, August 15, 2004

The caption contest is over! I will tell you the results some time this week. I will email you or leave a comment if you win!^_^
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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

   Please Enter My Caption Contest!!!
8/10/04: How is everyone? I'm ok... If you go down some you will see that I have a caption contest going on^_^ Please enter! I will most likely judge them on Saturday and anounce the winner and give out prizes^_~ Well, please sigh the GB and have a great day^___^
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Friday, August 6, 2004

8/5/04: Hi every one!^__^† I fixed the captions so you can see them^^

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Thursday, August 5, 2004

 8/5/04: Hi every one!^__^  I'm starting a caption contest!^_^ I'll put a few pictures and beside it I'll have a name. Make sure you put which caption you are doing and if you want to do all that's fine! There is a prize for each caption^_^ Here are the prizes:

1st: Custom button, background, and award

2nd: Custom button and Award

3rd: Award

And here is the caption(s)!^_^

Caption 1


Caption 3

 Caption 4

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Wednesday, August 4, 2004

8/4/04: Hi every one!^__^ Well, I guess I'll tell you about some of my favorite sites!^_^

http://thefluffymag.net/: This site is sooo funny! LOL!^o^ It is a site called the Fluffy Magazine and is a Inuyasha and other anime site^_^ If you want laughs you have got to go here!

http://www.anzwers.org/free/mirokusango/: This is a site Dedicated to Miroku and Sango from Inuyasha. It is the best Miroku and Sango shrine on the net so far!^___^ If your a fan check it out!^_~

http://trappedspirit.com/: A really really really awesome site! A MUST visit!^____^

http://www.conan.esmartkid.com/: This is a big site dedicated to detective conan! You can find everything on Detective conan there! If your a DC fan visit this site!^__^

http://inukag.ff-and-beyond.com/: A awesome site dedicated to Kagome and Inuyasha! If your a fan check it out!^_~

http://isamu.dark-hope.net/: A really cool Inuyasha site^_^

http://mizu.shadah.com/: A shrine to the Dark Magician Girl!^__^

http://www.geocities.com/amagiciansheart/: Another shrine to the Dark Magician Girl!^__^

http://www.yugioh.esmartkid.com/: The best Yu-Gi-Oh site ever!!!^______^

http://www.cafemewmew.com/: The best Tokyo Mew Mew shrine ever!^__^

http://makebelievetink.cjb.net/: A fanlisting for tinkerbell!^_^

http://www.tinkerbellstreasures.fabpage.com/: A Tinkerbell fan site!^__^

http://www.dragonfly.mindlinkcore.net/: A site with a TON of Chobits manga art^__~

http://www.stationarydreams.de/: A awesome site! It was backgrounds, buttons, ids, and ect. Check it out!^___^

http://www.la-soldier.net/Graphics/: A Sailor Moon graphic site^_~

http://www.yoyos-website.net.tc/: A very popular site^_~ It has all sorts of stuff to do^_____^

http://pinkwish.com/: This site is called cherished love^_^ I really like this site. It has kawaii graphics and lots of stuff to do!^_^

http://www.dollielove.com/: I love this site!^_^ It has so many dolls! I just found this website. If you love dolls this is the site for you^_~

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Tuesday, August 3, 2004

8/3/04: Hi every one!^__^ Well, I guess I'll tell you about my first day of school^_^

Ok^_^ Here we go...
I got to school at around 7:45. I went to my home room (Which is also my 1st
Period class)
and found my seat and sat down. She handed out a packet of papers to us for
our parents
and us to fill out and sign. She gave us our locker #'s and combinations and
we put our stuff
in our lockers. Next we went back to class and she talked to us about what
we are doing this year for
about 20 to 30 minutes. Next was time for 1st period so she handed out more
papers for us
to fill out and sign and told us what we would be doing this year in
Language Arts.
We did that for about 45 minutes and then we went to Math for 45 minutes. In
there she told us
what we would be doing in math this year and she passed out some more notes
for us to fill
out and sign. (Sound familiar?) She told us since all the Math books were
not in yet we would be
doing allot of fun activities for awhile. Alright the next part you need to
read carefully to understand it.
After periods 1 and 2 we either have Science or History. So on a regular
week Monday would be science,
Tuesday would be History, Wednesday would be Science, you get the picture.
This period last for 80 minutes.
Since we had to meet all of our teachers today after about 40 minutes we
switched to History. Ok?
In science she explained what we would be doing this year and she is very
strict. Today a boy kept disrupting the class
so she called his parents. She isn't mean or anything its just she is very
series about her job. She also handed out papers for us to sign and fill
Then we switched with history. The teacher is a army general dude. He's
really nice and taught us how
to read Army time^_^ He is also teaching us the army abc's. He too, handed
out papers† for us to sign and fill out.
Next we went back to out lockers and got everything we need to take home and
what we needed for the next
classes. We put our backpacks in home room and took our stuff for the next
classes with us to lunch.
It was so loud in the lunch room! Next I went to computer. She told us what
we are going to learn in computer and gave
us some sheets we needed to sign and fill out. Next was Health and P.E.
First 9 weeks we have health then the next 9
weeks we have P.E. and so on and so forth. She told us what we would be
doing in PE and Health and gave us
some papers to sign and fill out. Then we all headed back to our home rooms.
When I got back I got my
back pack and headed to car line. After that I went to my mom's work and I
fell asleep in the conference room.
I was sooo tired. I still am. I have a test on Friday in computer! She is
going to give us the study sheet tomorrow.
I had a ton of papers to sign and fill out!!!!-_-

And that was my first day of public school! I've always gone to a Christian School. I have track 4 by the way^_~

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Sunday, August 1, 2004

8/01/04: Hi everyone!^_^ I created a new quiz! Check it out!

You are Mai

You are Mai

Which Yu-Gi-Oh chic are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

7/29/04:† How is everyone? Right now I think I'll tell you about some of my favorite Manga books!^_^

Tokyo Mew Mew: This manga is one of my favorite^^ This one is by the same artist that did Zodiac P.I. Although she doesn't go by her real name. In the Tokyo Mew Mew series she goes by: Mia Ikumi. In the Zodiac P.I. series she goes by: Natsumi†Ando. All my friends have liked this series too. They currently have all of the first series of Tokyo Mew Mew available at stores. I currently all 7 books of the first series so if you have any questions let me know.

Mink: Mink is by: Megumi Tachikawa. Itís the story of a girl named Mink who one day hopes to be a real star. One day after school she and her two best friends went to a cd store to get the latest solo album of Illiya. Instead of buying the cd she accidentally bought a cd from the future called Wanna-Be. With this cd she could become anything she wanted to be! So she became a pop star! But she canít tell anyone or she might be deleted! This is a romance/humor story.

D.N. Angel: DN Angel is about a boy named Daisuke Niwa whose family has a dark secret. Whenever a boy in his family turns fourteen they gain an alter ego called Dark. Daisuke turns into dark at night to steal stuff. His family always tips the police off to where Dark is stealing next, but he has been able to get past the guards just fine except for a few times. To break the curse he must get the girl he likes to like him back or the curse will stay. But Daisuke has to be careful because he might turn into Dark if he gets near the girl he loves. Then thereís another problem. The girl Daisuke likes she likes Dark, but Dark likes her sister and†her sister likes Daisuke. But the girl Daisuke likes doesnít know he is Dark. So what will happen? Got to read to find out!^^

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little manga section^_^ If you have any more questions on these or any other anime or manga feel free to e-mail me @: webmaster@joeyandmia.8k.com.

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