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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I like it on the floor--more so thrown there after a long day where it will sit in it's place until I need it once more in all it's Navy blue wonder

I like it on the floor...

Yeah so I definitely died and fell off the face of the Earth. It's hard to get back into this site when you've got nothing to share. :(

I did this years back when The O was still grey and not blue as it is now. >.<
I'm so tempted to just start a new name. What do you think?

I actually have works I'm happy to show. It'd be great to get some nice feedback from them other than the ones I get at school. -___-"

My new love issssss INDIAN INK. MAI GAWD The stuff is wonderful! I have a series going on in my portfolio of skulls, and as a subcategory series I have this India Ink section where all I do is make lovely drawing paintings of still life objects (mainly skulls, human and other) amidst a really colorful background. :D

I like my first work. Can't Wait to show you guys. :D

R A W R~ I've had this name for years~ OoO Is it time for a new one? I am heading off to college (hopefully). . .

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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Like,,, yeah,,, Awesomezzz


R A W R~ :D. . .

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Thursday, June 10, 2010


HMMMM. My hiatus is lasting way too long. Not so much a hiatus from Art, but from drawing (yes), theO (yes), DA (yes)... but I've been painting. :D
I wish I could scan some but they're, um, too big for my scanner. But I'll take a photo of them. I have about two or three I'd like to share and one that is a WIP. :)

Just to show I'm not dead and whatnot. I miss the art community and being (somewhat) active in it. The combination of school, and painting and the Xbox have deprived me of not just home feedback and art class feedback but also world/community feedback. *sigh* Well I'll show you all what I have. Some or more n00bish than others, but they're all pretty n00bish. :)

Until then, buh-byez. :D

R A W R~ Happy Birthday to muh friend DANIELLE, who doesn't even know this place~~. . .

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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day, y'all. :D

R A W R~ Glad it's not on a school day, 'cause then I'd feel left out DX . . .

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

   I found myself randomly in Google Search!

by typing, "creating a yonkoma."

Anywho, this week has been pretty.. bad. Takes mad long to type mess, so to make a long week short:
~Pervy guy jerkin' off while I was walking to school, drives off with the words, "I just wanted to cum."
~Inconsiderate people asking me if he was cute (WTF, I WAS TRAMATIZED)
~My friend only dropped me half way home because she wanted to get her guitar right then and there.. >:\ INCONSIDERATE BITCHES
~Basketball is our thingy in PE... I reallly do hate my team >:\ They play mad hard for no reason (not that I wanna play, but they don't let me play, and if I don't play I get a 0 for the day)
~During "band practice" in Music Club, we got a rhythmic, who had left another (mean) band for ours (they are also in music club). To make it awkward for our poor rhythmic, they sat and watched us... >:\ assholes...
I was in school. That's what made it bad =D
Hmm... IDK
I got to hit my friend for asking if the Pervy guy was cute and for ditching me.

Maybe it was only those two days... Tues and Wed... aw, well...
I'mma make another yonkoma. With furries... IDK wen, cuz I has no creative juices for cute scenarios right now. =D


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