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Thursday, June 10, 2010

HMMMM. My hiatus is lasting way too long. Not so much a hiatus from Art, but from drawing (yes), theO (yes), DA (yes)... but I've been painting. :D
I wish I could scan some but they're, um, too big for my scanner. But I'll take a photo of them. I have about two or three I'd like to share and one that is a WIP. :)

Just to show I'm not dead and whatnot. I miss the art community and being (somewhat) active in it. The combination of school, and painting and the Xbox have deprived me of not just home feedback and art class feedback but also world/community feedback. *sigh* Well I'll show you all what I have. Some or more n00bish than others, but they're all pretty n00bish. :)

Until then, buh-byez. :D

R A W R~ Happy Birthday to muh friend DANIELLE, who doesn't even know this place~~. . .

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