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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I like it on the floor--more so thrown there after a long day where it will sit in it's place until I need it once more in all it's Navy blue wonder
I like it on the floor...

Yeah so I definitely died and fell off the face of the Earth. It's hard to get back into this site when you've got nothing to share. :(

I did this years back when The O was still grey and not blue as it is now. >.<
I'm so tempted to just start a new name. What do you think?

I actually have works I'm happy to show. It'd be great to get some nice feedback from them other than the ones I get at school. -___-"

My new love issssss INDIAN INK. MAI GAWD The stuff is wonderful! I have a series going on in my portfolio of skulls, and as a subcategory series I have this India Ink section where all I do is make lovely drawing paintings of still life objects (mainly skulls, human and other) amidst a really colorful background. :D

I like my first work. Can't Wait to show you guys. :D

R A W R~ I've had this name for years~ OoO Is it time for a new one? I am heading off to college (hopefully). . .

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