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Saturday, February 16, 2008

I just wanted to apologize publicly to the podcasters for having to deal with show creation under the umbrella of almost no content to cover. They have done an amazing job though given the circumstances

I really need to get out of the funk I'm in now. I've been so distracted lately that when I get to work it takes me hours to do something that normally takes only 15 minutes at my peak.

We're SO close to being finished, too.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day
This post is dedicated to all the girls who've helped me in small and big ways since last Valentine's Day, my 'Otaku Valentines' you know who you are.

Q & A Time:

When VV comes, will art and submissions support all image file types?

Nope - JPG only but I want to add PNG down the line.

What happen to adding a picture to your profile???

We're going to make it so you have to upload a 100 x 100 pixel avatar because it'll fit Version Vibrant's layout

When Vibrant arrives, will we be able to access both the Vibrant and MyOtaku backroom from theotaku.com? Like will it (theotaku) be a gateway to both backrooms?

You'll have to login to both separately, but with the same username/password you've always had. So you don't have to register a new account or anything.

The reason you have to login to both separately is because of how cookies work online. Right now logging into theOtaku also logs you into myOtaku, but it slows down the process (you see the "Please wait until we log you in" screen). By separating logging into both sites, we'll make logging into each one faster and more reliable.

If I stay with MyOtaku, can I still comment on sites that have switched to Vibrant? Just wondering.

Yes, you can still comment the same way as always.

Another question is about the html. Once you do this, "Viberant" coding, will we, who've been here for years, no longer be able to use our customized html codes? HTML is simple, and it's what we all know here, I don't know what most of us would do without it, all of our sites would look well...the same. My biggest consern is still having two blogs. I know if I'm unable to submit anything on myotaku, and I have to go through theotaku to do so, I'll move everything to the theotaku blog and cancel my myotaku. I'm not the only one nervous about this, I hope your next post is a long one that explains all of this in detail.

You can still use HTML on myOtaku and if you don't want to use our new system you can just stay with myOtaku. There won't be any difference than there is now. Submissions have nothing to do with myOtaku - you submit content through theOtaku, it's always been that way, though now you have to login an extra time

My main concern is not being able to upload artworks, wallies, and such from my old account. Like many have asked, will I have to make a new and separate account just to be able to upload drawings? Plus, will the drawings/wallies artist's still be linked to 'myOtaku' or will they not be able to link to myOtaku at all but only Otaku Space accounts?

Just one of many questions I'm hearing around here, Adam and I do hear some people getting pretty 'freaked out' in fear that if they keep their myO space, they wont be able to submit things anymore and/or now the latest thing I'm hearing is people will have to blog in 2 places. Many people want to keep their myO pages since we've heard that html wont be accepted into the new Otaku Spaces which alone, is reason to panic since people like to customize and personalize their pages.

Everyone keeps their existing accounts with their usernames and passwords. You'll keep the 'portfolio' link in the left menu so it'll still be linked to myOtaku. No one has to use our new blogging system, if you like myOtaku, you can keep it forever.

I went to my backroom and I couldnt find my comment manager.Where did it go? does it have to do with the separation? -wallpaperotaku

theOtaku's new backroom has its own comment manager.

My concern lies in the fact that the VV blog will detract attention from the people who choose to stick with the MyOtaku blog. I don't see why you wouldn't do away with it. But I like that you aren't because i get to keep it for memory's sake. :)

We'll keep MyOtaku running as a goodwill gesture to the community

Who gets the children on the weekends? MyOtaku or theOtaku?

It will alternate

Good job on optimizing the code while seperating. Well, ok after reading some comments I have a question so no html on the new blogs, but we can still use html on our myO sites?

Yes, myOtaku will remain exactly as it is now after we relaunch

1.When VV comes out, you said that the things that we have submitted will be linked to our 'spaces', does that mean that we will automatically have a 'spaces' account?
It's now going to be called 'Worlds.' and you'll have to create them, you won't have one automatically, it's optional

how come we can't go to "Member's List"?

It might come back eventually

My sister was logged in over 'theotaku' and she got off the computer. Then when I got on I went directly to 'myotaku' and signed in, and that was okay. THEN, I tried to comment on someone's personal site and it did it through my sister's account. So it's using stuff for 'theotaku' towards what is now the seperate division of 'myotaku'.

You'll have to login to theOtaku and myOtaku and log out from each one separately.

ugh it wont let me set the profile on my site :( i wrote in on,..but it wouldnt let me see my site still !! :(

Try it now

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Someone noted that myOtaku loads much faster now, it's because when I did the surgery I optimized a few pieces of code in the process

Anyway, if you have any concerns about the separation please ask them in the comments here and I'll get to as many as I can tomorrow. Most problems are just related to not logging into both theOtaku and myOtaku separately

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Malware/Virus Ad Issue Fixed
Thanks to all your reports, I was able to identify the company that was able to sneak a malware advertisement into our network.

I've pulled the ad. Moving forward I will put an embargo on all advertising from companies that (1) I don't have years of experience with or (2) That aren't from fandom-related websites.

I do check all incoming ads for malicious code, this one was just VERY well hidden. The software I used to scan it wasn't good enough.

This was a scammer who setup a fake corporate website, pretended to handle advertising for another company, sent a banner ad for that other company (a decoy) and then hid evil code within it. From my research I've found that the scammer is based in Eastern Europe, which makes any sort of justice impossible.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Questions and Answers....
Wow, 80+ comments @_@

You can still submit wallpapers/fanart/etc., just click to the appropriate site on theOtaku and use the 'Submit' link over there. No worries.

The new theOtaku has its own backroom with a comment manager and all those things you're used to. You should consider this backroom only for myOtaku moving forward.

Everything'll make sense after we relaunch. The new theOtaku has its own blogging system, but we wanted to let you keep your myOtaku site the way it is, so that's why we'll have two backrooms now, one for theOtaku and one for myOtaku

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

What Did I Miss?
It's been insanely tricky surgically separating theOtaku from myOtaku to make room for Version Vibrant. I'm SURE I missed something or made a mistake somewhere along the line.

Comment here with your help, I need it...some links have disappeared from the left menu, that's because those links will be incorporated into theOtaku's separate, new backroom when we relaunch.

We're closing registration until Version Vibrant launches.

Also, moving forward, and this might be a little inconveniencing, but to access myOtaku you'll have to login separately from theOtaku.


UPDATE: Background images should work

UPDATE: You should be able to add friends again

UPDATE: Verdana works again as the default font

UPDATE: You can search again

UPDATE: Avatars/Midis won't work anymore until a few weeks after Version Vibrant launches.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

NYAF Photos
If you want to see photos from our three panels at NYAF, they are all online right here.
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Friday, February 8, 2008

Canadian Surgery Names
Be jealous of SomeGuy, he's going to be attending a Canadian animation/video game award show on behalf of theOtaku and will see Seth MacFarlane from Family Guy live. If only I was Canadian...

I'm working on surgically separating myOtaku from theOtaku. It's tough but going well.

I coined a new name for theOtaku's top-secret-unannounced new site. Surprisingly the domain of that name was available, so I bought the .com of it. It'll be HUGE.

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

AnimeFF Interview
I had an interview today about the whole AnimeFF fiasco. It made me realize that the whole thing happened only a year ago, can you believe it? It seems like an eternity ago. Quotes from the interview might be published in a magazine, that would be a nice piece of history.

Our handling of AnimeFF is one of the things I'm most proud of in life.

Here's a quote I heard on American Gladiators today... "tough times don't last, tough people do"

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I've had a stressful last 48 hours. I had to make a really difficult decision in my personal life. I might be a little out of it for a while. Sigh...
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