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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Goals Update
Over here I had made a post asking for goals people want to accomplish in November. Now's justice time: Did you take any steps toward the goal and how did they go?

I myself wanted Version Vibrant either to be finished or so close to finished it just needed polish. Sadly, I didn't get there, partly due to the draining and disastrous Otakulypse 2.0.

How did you do?

Also, what are your goals for December?

Mine is the same as November :).

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

On SomeGuy
I am so exhausted, am retiring early tonight (not 3 AM like normal)

SomeGuy is taking a course to help him evaluate his strengths/weaknesses. He could have just asked me, for free. Here are a few:

* Energy in spades
* Friendly/good attitude
* Insanely Creative
* Unique 'voice'
* Saves me a lot of time every week by posting the podcast

* Somehow got everyone to call me 'bossman,' when I'd much prefer something more understated/professional, like 'publisher'
* Unhealthily obsessed with Mario Paint's music composer
* Spaces out ellipses unnecessarily (i.e: . . . vs. ...)
* Makes people feel jealous by writing minute-by-minute details about infinitely long trips around the world
* His Kung-Fu; my Kung-Fu is more powerful ^_~

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Immigration Notes
I typed point #3 a little too quickly. Want to elaborate on it with some quick notes, my favorite format.

(1) There are a % of people who are violently against illegal immigrats because of racial reasons. Sadly this % is bigger than people care to admit.

(2) There are a lot of really smart people who see problems with our immigration system and want to fix it. These people wouldn't care if the illegal immigrants were from Mexico or Canada

(3) I think the people in group #2 have to be careful not to let group #1 tarnish the debate with extreme and emotionally-laden measures designed to punish people who are just seeking a better life for their family and have no other options; in a way, the US was founded by illegal immigrants

(4) I'm personally more concerned about legal immigration than illegal immigration. I think we should make legal immigration MUCH easier.

(5) Legal immigration in the US is a MESS and it's become much worse due to often silly 9/11 measures. If the US wants to stay ahead in the world, they should encourage the smartest people in all countries to come here. If you go to any University in the country, most of the professors are immigrants. Not a coincidence.

(6) It certainly would suck to lose your job to an illegal immigrant, but just because that happened doesn't mean that illegal immigration took your job. Jobs are a function of the local and national economy. And economies are mightily complex. Perhaps there are policies that have been limiting economic growth, forcing companies to hire lesser-qualified workers. Wouldn't it be more effective to fix those policies? Perhaps the specific industry you worked in has been shrinking over the years and another one you can jump into with a little more training is taking off.

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Three Political Rants
(1) The YouTube Presidential debates are REALLY lame and don't mean a thing. Here's why:

Over 5,000 questions were submitted

"Journalists" from CNN went through and picked a small handful to be played live

Um...why couldn't people vote for the questions that were played?

With so many questions, anyone could vicariously ask whatever they wanted. It's a total farce.

(2) As a New Yorker who was in NYC during 9/11, saw crowds running around in a panic, and had smoke from the WTC blow all over his dorm, I don't understand why Giuliani is doing so well in the polls. Most New Yorkers didn't like him when he was mayor. Supporting him is like supporting someone for 'parent of the year' when that person's kids despise them

(3) I think a lot of hubbub about illegal immigration is due to racism versus anything policy-related

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Version Vibrant Teaser Trailer Notes
I wanted to do something unique for our world premier teaser trailer, so I tapped an award-winning anime music video director to produce it

He didn't have much to work with. I gave him a handful of screen shots, a rough plan, and said "go" - he had to fill in the blanks and incorporate some nifty effects. My big requirement was that he had to make this video better than any he had ever done before

(BTW, now I know what a politician feels like. Every day for them must be like the day I took the spikey-haired mascot out of our header. They're paid to research and debate the nuances of these issues though; my expertise and influence is more in internet/business/industry matters, so I'll focus on that. It just shows the wide range of experiences and perceptions we all have. I regret evoking any unnecessary negative emotions in any of you, regardless of your side in the issues I mentioned)

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Teaser Trailer Is Done!
And it rocks! I watched it at least 40 times today. Since it's only a teaser, a lot is left out, but what's there should whet your appetite.

I'm thinking of premiering it at our theOtaku panel at NYAF December 7th (and posting it online simultaneously so people not there can also see).

The trailer is a minute and a half long. There's a few 'inside' bits in the trailer as well, for people who have been with us for some time

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm back in New York, so much work to do...

What happened to the eCard site? I'm looking at it now and see 3 new entries? That's unheard of

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Questions For A Panel
I have the honor of moderating a panel at the NYAF consisting of three amazing webcomic artists who've managed to go 'pro' with their work, on their own terms

Does anyone have any questions they want me to ask this A-list group? Post them here...

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Otaku Personality Wishlist
What otaku industry personalities would you love to see start up a myOtaku site?

Also: I was checking out what panels would run at the same time as ours at the New York Anime Festival...it turns out our friends at ANN have panels at the exact same time as our first two...

"theOtaku.com: From Dinky Fan Site to Epic Portal" VS. "Getting Into Anime Journalism"

"Anime Art Workshop: Color Me Perfect" by ElvesAteMyRamen VS. "The Art of Reviewing Anime"

Nothing wrong with a little friendly, honest competition (*cough* free pocky and maybe art of otaku CDs *cough*)

I truly have no idea how many people will show up.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!
Hope you enjoyed your day.

A question: What random skill would you like to wake up with tomorrow? Something impractical but fun/interesting

Update: I meant real skills, not super powers ;-)

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