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Hi and welcome to my little section of myOtaku! Please feel free to leave any type of comment if you wish I don't care if it's rude or not. Also feel free to pm too. Oh and please atleast read a little bit about me before you add me because I actually would like to know a little about others and have them know a little about me. Well thats about it so l8r.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

   Hey everyone!
Hey everyone, today is kinda an ugh type of day. I know I haven't came around a lot, and when I do most of you do actually come and visit and read my new blog, with that said only a couple of you actually comment or talk to me still. Well I've noticed the great amount of time I don't spend here, and each time I make a blog post it just seems that the time between each one just seems to be getting greater, so I've come to the decision that from this point on I may never post another blog here again.

Yes it is sad news for those who still wish to keep in contact and it is was a hard decision, but I just can't keep making promises of keeping you all informed when I'm just not doing it. I had a lot of memories from this site with plenty of people who which I will never forget. I know it seems kinda corny but yes I did in fact grow kinda close to many members of this site. I've been around since almost the very creation of this site, so I've seen this site go through lots of changes and seen many respected members come and go, well now I think it's mine.

I'm sorry to everyone that I'm leaving behind but with all the updates to the site and my consistent inactivity it's sad to say that I'm leaving.

I will though for the sake if I do make a famous return and actually continually update I will keep this website book marked, also for memory sake. Lets just hope I never have to reformat my harddrive or loose this computer!

I love and will miss you all!

If you would like to keep in contact with me there's actually a few ways since I do actually use the computer quite frequently.

1)MSN Messegner - fag_gto@hotmail.com

2)AIM - Naota snipergto

3)Xbox Live - Naotakun 148.

Hope to keep in touch with some of you. Bye everyone, and see you on the other side! If I never come back that is!

I Love You All!<3

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sorry I don't really add new posts much, I really don't have an excuse for not doing so. I could very well do so because I visit once a day and actually pm some members here! So if you would like to know what's up then leave me a pm, easier to talk to me that way. But yeah I'll do my best to actually update this but no guarantees.

Anyway not much really going on I'll tell you that, but got a new camera for Christmas. It's decent, gets the job done at least, but I just finished up with a real quick self-portrait touch up in photoshop. All I did really was add a nice filter effect and some nifty "neon" lights. Also for those who don't know what I look like here's you're chance!

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Monday, September 24, 2007

   Halo 3!
Wow so it's been forever!!! Sorry I've been so caught up in doing good in school for my last year that I had no time to post ever! I'm so sorry for not updating to at least tell you what was up but I'm making up for it now.
As many of you know Halo 3 is coming out Tuesday, or tomorrow night at midnight so Hell yeah! I'm going to midnight release and I'm way excited since it's the release of our lifetime. I'll hopefully be taking lots of pics so I'll show you them if I do. If any of you are doing so too let me know! Later everyone!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hey well yeah I'm back. Summer has been here and I actually haven't really had any time to do anything. I hang out with some friends on the weekends or at nights since I've been working a lot lately, but nothing really interesting happens. I mean we have our fun but nothing really new or really exciting. Everything is actually going pretty good and keeping this up for a two more weeks wouldn't be bad but after that I need a change! LOL

Oh also my birthday was June 9th for those who didn't know. Didn't get any happy b-days from here ;( meh only kidding didn't really expect any anyway because I didn't announce it to anyone. I did have a good birthday so yeah. Well that's about it till next time so l8r everyone!:)

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Hey all!
Sorry I haven't been posting, I've just been trying to work on school since it's been around the end of the year and all so I've been trying to maintain grades and well crt's and such have been coming up. Other reasons I haven't been able to post, I've been trying to hang out with friends when I haven't been worrying about school. Also spending time with my girlfriend as well.
When everyone has been busy or my girlfriend was out with her family/friends/ or busy with school work. I was at home playing video games! This past week one game importantly and it is most formally known as HALO 3! Yeah that's right I've been playing Halo 3! Well to put it in correct terms I've been beta testing it. Bungie does have a public beta out there, and easiest way in is buy the game crackdown for the 360 and it comes included with an invite to download the beta via xbox live marketplace. Oh but I didn't get in that way or through any of the contest Bungie had oh no I got invited personally by Bungie staff. That's right personally invited, you may be asking how but I am actually friends with two of the staff members so that helps. It's great game, but my job here is to find all possible glitches and bugs. It's fun, but you get easily side tracked from your goal when you're having too much fun killing people.
Also it's only an online beta, and I can't set up my own games, only matchmaking:( oh well though. At least I get to beta test it anyway.

Well that's about it for now. Maybe I'll be able to update more often since well school is pretty much done with now. L8er everyone!

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