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Friday, April 20, 2007

Okay yeah.
Okay so last time I think I said I would update a little more so here we go. Anyway not really much has gone on just been going to school, hanging out with friends and such but one major thing has happened. It was literally the day after my last post in February(i think the 26) me and my girlfriend broke up and found out that we are better together, and well we won't be getting back together... ever. It's okay though, before we broke up I met someone new, someone who well is pretty much exactly how I imagined that dream girl. We started off as great friends and it grew from there. After me and my girlfriend broke up we began hanging out more, doing things we usually never did. We had/have a thing were basically one night every weekend we go on a random adventure. We get some other friends to tag along with us as well, and well these adventures just brought us closer.

We are now officially together as of a week today(Thursday) and let me tell you it feels great! It's something new, and the way things go seem to change each week so this relationship never gets boring. Sure we've had some little arguements but who doesn't? I mean best friends have them once in a while, and really they are nothing to worry about. But yes it feels good, I really do think well more like know we will have a long relationship, how long I'm not sure but I know it will be long.

Ah it just makes me so happy, and well it's great to see her face I'll tell you that. Even if I've had the worse day in the world just seeing her smile when she sees me either pull up to her house in my car, or she sees me through a crowd of people in the halls at school just makes everything else seem like nothing. Everything she does is just fantastic, and just the way things usually work out I should be afraid that one day this may get old, but oh no I know it won't because she just means everything and I've found true meaning in lots of things with her.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

It's been a while
Yeah really it has. Well while I've been gone not much has happened. Well if you count end of third term in school, car starting to crap out on me and may get a new one, and me and my girlfriend finding out we are actually better apart isn't a lot then well yeah. So yeah thats really all that has happened. Maybe I'll go into details later but in the mean time I have to go, so later everyone.
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Monday, February 26, 2007

Well I'm alive that's about it, uh don't feel like really typing so I guess I'll update next time with a full update. Ha okay bye! L8r everyone.
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Friday, February 16, 2007

Not much to say other then everything is harder then hell right now. My grades never really improved no matter how much I tried, family ties are breaking, and my close relationship with my girlfriend has taken a sudden holt. My group of friends is breaking apart and we are at each others throats. Nothing seems to be going right and it's just too damn much pressure. I can't handle it anymore. I just wish their was somewhere where I could go away from all this for a while.
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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Well been about since New Years since I updated, so I thought I should update and let you all know what's going on.
First, we have school. The term/semester is quickly coming to an end, and after my not so great grades of first term I've tried so hard to raise them, and infact have greatly! They are a lot better but still could be better.
Outside of school, been working a lot. I work at a grocery store, the smiths that I did my grind on a long time ago! Yeah that one. Well I work there and it's fucking crazy, It's been way busy with the holidays and I don't just check or anything. I check, bag groceries, get carts out of the parking lot, stock the store, stock the backroom when we get new shipments of stuff, everything really. And I get paid way fucking bad, try 6.15 an hour. Yeah Hopefully if minimum wage goes up, then I will be paid 8 somethin because my position has to be paid so much percent over minimum wage.
Not working it's been great. Got a new digital cam so I've been doing photography like I've always wanted. I sorta trashed my dreams at being a pro skater and was following something more logical, but don't get me wrong if I land a sponsor ship I will take it but at least I have a back up plan now. I also want to mix my photography with graphics design since last year I've gotten photoshop and have been doing that. So that will make great business
Now without work, school, and my fun little toys, I have friends! Well recently lost one of my oldest best friends due to him saying I'm a snitch when infact it's not me and many others have told him. So yeah that isn't so great but I'm working it out the best I can. Also everything between me and my girlfriend are going fantastic! I mean we had a talk a while back, and well ever since then just little teeny itty bitty arguements that everyone has but we remember what we talked about and resolve them. Simple as that and we are happier then ever right now.

Well that's about it so that should be a good catcher upper post. Well see you all l8r!

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

   Happy New Year
Yeah well a day late, but still Happy New Year. Yeah I have a few resolutions which I plan to follow through with, so we'll just have to see at the end of next year. Well that's it for right now need to get to bed.
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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

   Hey everyone!
So thought I would drop by and say hey! I actually do come on, but I don't post, just browse the fanart and reply to pm's, so really if you want to talk pm me okay? Okay.

Anyway today was great! School went well, nothing bad happened, and to top it all of. A Halo 3 commercial aired during the football game tonight(Monday)! It was fuckin sick! If you would like to see it just go over to xbox.com, they have a link to it on the frontpage. Oh but bungie didn't make the commercial. It was a cg graphics company who did, but bungie asked them too, and they used exact models and everything that is actually in the game of Halo 3! Even though it doens't show actual gameplay it still fuckin rocks. So check it out

Well that's it for me today so I'm off. L8r everyone.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Well I'm alive, so don't worry. Just been working a lot, school, and a relationship has been getting in the way to update. So don't worry, if something serious happens to me, I'm sure a family member or friend will let you all know. Anyway yeah nothing really knew since last time, other than I went to vegas and on my way back to my hotel, I stopped at a mcdonalds because my gf got hungry(note: it's 2 am) well their lobby was closed, and they said their drive-thru was open. So we go through and they are closed period so I go to back out but some random poll out of no where takes off my passenger side mirror and scratched my dear a bit, it was weird because it was placed in the most random spot(middle of parking lot) for no reason, and it was perfectly in my blind spot so I couldn't see it, the only one awake in my car was my gf who was actually drawing me a picture at the moment. O well it's really not bad, just some touch up paint and a new mirror and it's fixed.

Well that's all so talk to you all l8r.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

1 whole month!
Yeah haven't posted for a whole month, so felt like dropping by and saying yes I'm alive, and yes I still visit. I don't update and I don't know why, but yeah just to let you all know I will pm you if you pm me while I haven't updated, because I still visit. Well that's about it l8r
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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Yep the countdown is officially over and well, damn didn't realize I wans't posting it here. O well. Well to to tell you guys what it was about.

Well I wanted a countdown, because about 12 days ago I was listening to currently one of my favorite songs. Out of nowhere I began to love it but I began to really closely listen to the lyrics and not just sing along. Well the song is basically about a guy who's relationship with the one he loves is beginning to die, not because of him but more because of the girl. He still loves her incredibly but he's not sure she feels the same. Well 12 days gone by since he last saw her so he decides to do everything in his power to win her over again, but what he decides to do is not just pay attention to her and stuff, but to take a step away and see if she comes back. Doesn't mean he won't keep contact but basically act the way she started acting before the 12 days started.

He did it becaue well most girls don't like that and will realize they are missing something greatly and go back. Well the reason I did my countdown because in a way the relationship between my girlfriend and I began to twist into that. I wanted to see if I would go 12 days without seeing her, and well it happened, but those 12 days would be the days I stepped back. Just infact yesterday, she began talking to me as she once did. I started to realize how true this song was in my case. Currently we are beginning to go back to the way it was and it's great. I let her know what I was doing and she was actually glad I did it.

Well there you have it. My whole reasoning to the countdown.

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