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Monday, May 21, 2007

Hey all!
Sorry I haven't been posting, I've just been trying to work on school since it's been around the end of the year and all so I've been trying to maintain grades and well crt's and such have been coming up. Other reasons I haven't been able to post, I've been trying to hang out with friends when I haven't been worrying about school. Also spending time with my girlfriend as well.
When everyone has been busy or my girlfriend was out with her family/friends/ or busy with school work. I was at home playing video games! This past week one game importantly and it is most formally known as HALO 3! Yeah that's right I've been playing Halo 3! Well to put it in correct terms I've been beta testing it. Bungie does have a public beta out there, and easiest way in is buy the game crackdown for the 360 and it comes included with an invite to download the beta via xbox live marketplace. Oh but I didn't get in that way or through any of the contest Bungie had oh no I got invited personally by Bungie staff. That's right personally invited, you may be asking how but I am actually friends with two of the staff members so that helps. It's great game, but my job here is to find all possible glitches and bugs. It's fun, but you get easily side tracked from your goal when you're having too much fun killing people.
Also it's only an online beta, and I can't set up my own games, only matchmaking:( oh well though. At least I get to beta test it anyway.

Well that's about it for now. Maybe I'll be able to update more often since well school is pretty much done with now. L8er everyone!

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