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Thursday, March 20, 2008

   Hey everyone!
Hey everyone, today is kinda an ugh type of day. I know I haven't came around a lot, and when I do most of you do actually come and visit and read my new blog, with that said only a couple of you actually comment or talk to me still. Well I've noticed the great amount of time I don't spend here, and each time I make a blog post it just seems that the time between each one just seems to be getting greater, so I've come to the decision that from this point on I may never post another blog here again.

Yes it is sad news for those who still wish to keep in contact and it is was a hard decision, but I just can't keep making promises of keeping you all informed when I'm just not doing it. I had a lot of memories from this site with plenty of people who which I will never forget. I know it seems kinda corny but yes I did in fact grow kinda close to many members of this site. I've been around since almost the very creation of this site, so I've seen this site go through lots of changes and seen many respected members come and go, well now I think it's mine.

I'm sorry to everyone that I'm leaving behind but with all the updates to the site and my consistent inactivity it's sad to say that I'm leaving.

I will though for the sake if I do make a famous return and actually continually update I will keep this website book marked, also for memory sake. Lets just hope I never have to reformat my harddrive or loose this computer!

I love and will miss you all!

If you would like to keep in contact with me there's actually a few ways since I do actually use the computer quite frequently.

1)MSN Messegner - fag_gto@hotmail.com

2)AIM - Naota snipergto

3)Xbox Live - Naotakun 148.

Hope to keep in touch with some of you. Bye everyone, and see you on the other side! If I never come back that is!

I Love You All!<3

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