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Hai there everyone,if u are visting my site please feel free to sent me some messages take some of my photo,or ask me a request.I'm a Mooslem and a Malysian and I'm proud to be one as well.Don't worry i'm just any other normal person just different belives and different livings..I'm here to be friends with new interesting people around the world,so make sure we will be good friends ok..

Monday, December 31, 2007

   Hai everybody
still remmember me i can't online now well i dont think i can on9 until 2009 because i have a very big test coming. this is a life or death exam kay...
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Saturday, November 3, 2007

   Hello Everyone
I know i haven't visit here a long time,but i told u already i don't have internet right now,i'm in my cousin's house right now so i just want to say hi i can't reply ur messages right now so please be patient.I can us the internet mybe this Dicember after my brother take his test,but is so looooooong!!!Its alll his falt i blame him everything!!!!!His a cruel person!!!!Ok bye....See u this dicember...
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

   OMG final exam is coming!!!
The final exam will be next two weeks,i have to finished all my subject this week.As in finished the hole text book!!!Next week will be our Holiday cause the form 3 students are taking PMR exam,so we have to stay home in order to not disturb the form 3 student...But the final exam is coming and my dad said that he won't pay the internet bills anymore!!!I don't want to live u guys i love u guys so much!!!Ur the only people who keep me company.Unlike my house i don't really like to talk to my family much.But my dad said if i get good score in my exam,he will pay the internet bills so i can't chat with u guys,but if i don't well,i have to go to the cyber cafe then.So that means i will be here very seldome,don't be mad ok but i still love u guys waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yaaaayy my mother finally bought new clothes for this Raya(Raya is after fasting month)When Raya i will visit people's house and get money.Well i'm not sure Arabic people do this kind of triditon.According to My mother arabic people just celebrate Raya but they don't get money,Malaysia get because we follow the chinese,just to make it more exiting...Well according to my mother though....Anyway do u think time really flies?I mean its almost the end of the year already...and its almost time to take last year examination test...Well i think so...
Well thats all for today and i have a questin for u but if u don't want to answer it thats ok..
1)Do u have family problems?
2)R u like a good guy at school or are u the bad guy at school?
3)Do u love ur friends???

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Today i'm not going to school cause nothing to learn about,i only have 4 subject today and all of the teachers are to busy...They told us yesterday that they going to be busy,so i take a day off...If i'm not mistaken this is day 8 that i'm fasting...Only 24 days left for fasting.Then there is no more fasting untill next year..*sigh*time really flies don't they?Oh well...See u guys later then..
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